Reviews for Death to Spies: Gold Edition


Cool ww2 spy game

Oktarnash | March 31, 2014 | See all Oktarnash's reviews »

I do recomend this game, it is kind of fun. Although I should probably just go straight for the bad which is essentially the game is quite hard and there are some points where you will most likely run out of pacience and end up killing everyone, the game is old so movement is quite fidly, and the AI intelligence is a bit weird particulary with spotting, but the worst part would be the voiceover and the cutscenes, which are kind of painfull to watch.


A Lot of Promise That Clearly Was Short-Lived.

TimothyD | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

The game itself plays like and looks like a carbon copy of a Hitman franchise game. You control a single player through areas, avoiding detection by hiding, killing off guards, dawning disguises, etc. It sometimes feels as if the team simply covered Hitman series models with their own meshes and then produced the game with them. The game is sometimes falls prey to unfair glitches and crashes, generally without any warning beforehand. In some cases, you'll find yourself caught in the graphics or able to walk through a wall or sink into the floor. While these moments are rare, they are game breaking in some cases, causing you to need to restart completely, or from your last save point. The AI NPCs also sometimes act as if they are lacking a few brain cells. They'll watch as your nearly about to run them down with a car, for example. In some cases they'll also "spot" you when in cover and you should not have been seen. It is this bounce between stupid and genius that makes dealing with the AI (a major portion of the game) frustrating. The sound scheme is alright for a game of this type, but you'll wish you did not have to listen to the voiceovers. They tend to be lifeless, as if they were reading from a particularly boring book rather than the script they were given to read the lines. The controls respond well enough, but the driving segments tend to get a bit infuriating when the vehicles will not obey any command given to them. In short, opt for a different game if given the chance. If you want a close experience without the same story, look into the Hitman series. You'll want to skip spending this thirty dollars.