Reviews for Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden - Digital Collector's Edition


Great Adventure Game

Sciazs | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all Sciazs's reviews »

You play a young woman who has lost her boyfriend in a recent scuba diving expedition and goes on this underwater adventure to save him. Little does she know, she goes to unexpectedly discover a lost underwater city called Eden. Now I know what you're thinking. Stop right there and throw the idea of Rapture outside your brain. This is not a Bioshock copy. Eden may seem familiar as the setting is familiar. But Eden in its own right is its own city and with that is very much as enthralling and beautiful as any setting in this familiar premise. The gameplay is definitely nothing like Bioshock as this is more of a puzzle / point and click game. Regardless, the setting and narrative of the game will be slightly reminiscent of our previous adventures in Rapture. Despite this, I prefer a more hands on immersion rather than point and click but this doesn't take away from the beauty the game has to offer.