Reviews for Two Worlds II


Better than Fallout 4; mechanic wise of course.

Quto | March 21, 2016 | See all Quto's reviews »

This is the only game I would play more of than fallout 4. Not because of the story, though the story here shines a little better than Bethesda's setup for fallout 4, but because of the gameplay and some of the music in the game itself. With the exception of weapons and armor, spell craft is incredibly diverse to where you can modify spells to do WHATEVER the hell you want! even then, the walls of text in the game help you by teaching you the effects of what combines with what to give a certain effect to allow you to experiment with it and create a spell to obliterate everyone around you. The fighting system, though not as diverse as magic, is acceptable enough to force players to change play styles in some forms of combat and the large open world to explore and go on your own quests. This game supports multiple players joining in on a world to go and have fun raiding a dungeon and beating things to an inch of their life, something not widely seen very much in open world games. If I had a problem with the game, its the polish put on the NPC's and the Hud. The hud looks like it came from the year 2001-2002 and the NPC's look like they we're eaten up, chewed and spit back out. Though the rest of the games mechanics balance it out for me. If Reality Pump does another Two Worlds, I can't wait to see what they do next with it. This game is worth the $20 price tag and then some.


Where orcs are the good guys...

Revexe | Jan. 27, 2015 | See all Revexe's reviews »

A pretty good Action/RPG containing an immense world with many adventures and places to discover. The single-player mode can be a little bit confusing in the beginning if you haven't played the prequel before. The controls and menu system was a little tricky for me, because I was used to Bioware and ElderScrolls games. Pros - Vast Single-player world. - Finely optimized, nice graphics. - Clever and fun magic/spell system. - No classes, you can shape your character to your own taste. - Multi-player community is really friendly. The guys there helped me a lot. - Co-op adventures can be played with up to 8 players! (Tougher enemies > more XP) - Many game modes in multi-player. Defense, Adventure, Duel, CTF etc. - Both in single and multi you can build and maintain your own village. Cons - Not many co-op adventures and because of this multi-player can be boring after a while if you're not intereseted in pvp. - Physics have some bugs, can be annoying sometimes - The use of bows are really confusing - Almost every attack you suffer incapacitates you, but your attacks won't do that to enemies. Really annoying! - You can upgrade your gear many times, but you can't buy resources for this - like in Skyrim. You obtain stuff only by dismantle found or bought weapons and armor.


Progress chasing progress

segrand | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all segrand's reviews »

Beautiful graphics , dynamic combat, and in addition rarely seen in this type of productions multiplayer mode . The second installment of the series Two Worlds Poles are proving that they can do a good action game with RPG genre . Two Worlds II is a great looking that puts the fight RPG . Hour after hour passed , and I was still sitting in front of comp, because I have a few points I lack the experience to a new level , I 'll get some coins and buy some better armor , etc. Unfortunately, addictive battle comrades average plot, uninteresting open area and SI errors . Too many elements is just average or just good to be able to say that the game is outstanding , but who knows, maybe the situation will change the third part of a series ( I hope that one appears) . Meanwhile, really nice to be able to honestly recommend Polish title. Applause for Reality Pump for good ( bit of a shame that not very good) job done . Although I do not like the struggles of the network, and certainly not in the games of the RPG genre , it is a multiplayer mode in Two Worlds II drew me more than I expected. It gives at least some , if not a few hours extra , rewarding fun. It is far from ideal, but they are on the right track in the future.