Reviews for Two Worlds II


Where orcs are the good guys...

Revexe | Jan. 27, 2015 | See all Revexe's reviews »

A pretty good Action/RPG containing an immense world with many adventures and places to discover. The single-player mode can be a little bit confusing in the beginning if you haven't played the prequel before. The controls and menu system was a little tricky for me, because I was used to Bioware and ElderScrolls games. Pros - Vast Single-player world. - Finely optimized, nice graphics. - Clever and fun magic/spell system. - No classes, you can shape your character to your own taste. - Multi-player community is really friendly. The guys there helped me a lot. - Co-op adventures can be played with up to 8 players! (Tougher enemies > more XP) - Many game modes in multi-player. Defense, Adventure, Duel, CTF etc. - Both in single and multi you can build and maintain your own village. Cons - Not many co-op adventures and because of this multi-player can be boring after a while if you're not intereseted in pvp. - Physics have some bugs, can be annoying sometimes - The use of bows are really confusing - Almost every attack you suffer incapacitates you, but your attacks won't do that to enemies. Really annoying! - You can upgrade your gear many times, but you can't buy resources for this - like in Skyrim. You obtain stuff only by dismantle found or bought weapons and armor.


Progress chasing progress

segrand | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all segrand's reviews »

Beautiful graphics , dynamic combat, and in addition rarely seen in this type of productions multiplayer mode . The second installment of the series Two Worlds Poles are proving that they can do a good action game with RPG genre . Two Worlds II is a great looking that puts the fight RPG . Hour after hour passed , and I was still sitting in front of comp, because I have a few points I lack the experience to a new level , I 'll get some coins and buy some better armor , etc. Unfortunately, addictive battle comrades average plot, uninteresting open area and SI errors . Too many elements is just average or just good to be able to say that the game is outstanding , but who knows, maybe the situation will change the third part of a series ( I hope that one appears) . Meanwhile, really nice to be able to honestly recommend Polish title. Applause for Reality Pump for good ( bit of a shame that not very good) job done . Although I do not like the struggles of the network, and certainly not in the games of the RPG genre , it is a multiplayer mode in Two Worlds II drew me more than I expected. It gives at least some , if not a few hours extra , rewarding fun. It is far from ideal, but they are on the right track in the future.