Reviews for Iron Sky Invasion


Not great but good

gasheadgeorge | Dec. 18, 2013 | See all gasheadgeorge's reviews »

Before I start, this is deeply based on the movie and at least tries to take on the movie’s comedy and cheesiness. There are little options to choose from as you start the game as there is no multiplayer element to this game which is heavily centres on the games campaign. Unfortunately this can be completed in a short time and once completed there’s no real incentive to play it again. Upon starting you are thrown into a spaceship in the basic tutorial where you first see the films influence in the form of some cheesy jokes from some bad but well at least I think intentionally bad video acting. If you can get over and see through this you find an enjoyable space shooter, controls are pretty easy to master so not anything too difficult for your standard gamer here! Graphics are good but there is little attention to detail up close which is expected. Overall a good game but not a must buy!