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Fun... fun but with problems

Nova4 | July 29, 2014 | See all Nova4's reviews »

This is the third entrance of the Prince of persia made by ubisoft, is a continuation of the PoP: Warrior within, and it starts with the fall of persia. This game is quite fun, brutal and challenging... but the last not for the right reasons...

The good:

+New a cool combat system, now you can preform silent take downs.

+New powers, like the wip atack and the explosion of time, all very cool.

+Interesting story... with familiar faces...and a epic conclusion.

+More character depelomet for the prince... is kinda cool, because all the choices that he made on the last 2 game come to hunt him.

The bad:

-Lots and lots of quick time events... and they are buggy as hell...

-Lots of will die alot because of it...

-Cheap boss battles... yes... they are quick time events...

-Awful check point system... it is punishing as hell..

This game is fun... but you need to be patien with it, care for it... and love it... If not... you will lose your mind trying to beat it. Be aware. this game is not for everyone