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Easy, simple, enjoyable.

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

The game itself is banal in its simplicity. Really. However, using here a little different perspective and visually looks really solid. It is a real "time killer". Only the best is just a game for any kind of cell, tablets and other wonders of today's technology. I do not know if I can in good conscience recommend this game to your computer. On mobile devices, the idea and the production is really brilliant. When traveling, by bus or on the road, a meadow, in the park, in the woods. Very pleasant apply this and other productions like her. Sitting at home but I do not know if I would in such a thing he wanted to play. Well, unless someone has a laptop, and it can travel. And that is why, for those with a laptop, I would recommend this and this type of production. Easy, simple, enjoyable. Without any fireworks. It is designed to loosen, break for a moment from everyday life and give some simple entertainment.