Reviews for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1


Buried indeed

vipe_1 | Dec. 4, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea will wow you. It will bring you back to Rapture, and give you what feels like a great rendition of a untouched, working Rapture devoid of the despair and destruction that the city has felt by the time Jack arrives in the beginning of the first game. Elizabeth is a force in this additional content, and so much is well done. Even so, Burial at Sea may be a total letdown for you. Under that shiny surface is a game that looks that part, but isn't. Be warned, Burial at Sea will start you on a path that may invalidate the original game for you. Plasmids don't exist in this Rapture. Other familiar elements are gone, replaced by Infinites vigors, weapons, and gameplay style. Does it make sense? Probably not. The story is off, and without giving anything away, seriously impacts the canon of Rapture. As a stand alone purchase, Part 1 is hardly worth the money on top of my other misgivings. Just when it begins to take off, it will cut and move to the next DLC. Honestly it should have never been two parts, and should be better. Fans of Bioshock should play this, but will have to decide their own feelings on it afterward.


Short, sweet and a little overpriced

0aky | May 31, 2014 | See all 0aky's reviews »

My review originally for Metacritic The dlc is great not as good as the full game but still great. It tell a short but sweet story with a very nice twist at the end that sheds new light on the characters we know and love from the full game. As it is so short though the asking price is a little high if bought on its own but as part of the season pass it is well worth even if just so that you get the story leading up to episode 2 which is amazing by the way.



MarkDeejay | April 16, 2014 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

At last. The return of the Big Daddies. Burial At Sea is a short, but sweet experience that's not worth the asking price. It would be an awesome deal if it were about €7-8, but since they ask twice as much for it I would suggest to wait for a discount or to buy the season pass which is a lot cheaper. The world of Rapture has been successfully recreated with the Bioshock Infinite engine. Everything looks really sharp and clean and it's amazing to see the world of Rapture before its downfall. The story is truly interesting, but the whole experience is so short (it only last a few hours) that you can't help but feel disappointed. It would've been so much better if it were only a couple of hours longer. The action scenes feel too short and the story feels a bit too rushed. Which is a shame because it has yet another cool twist. That, and the fact that you get to battle a Big Daddy. Let's just see what episode 2 brings us.


Get it with the season pass.

TETfromLondon | Jan. 16, 2014 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

This DLC is a great reminder of the previous games from the franchise. It brings back many of the gameplay features from them, such as the huge arsenal of weapons. The DLC feels like something that's worth owning rather than a cash in because it allows you to see Rapture before it became ruined by splicers, which the previous games didn't do. There are also many more familiar features returning such as the Big Daddies and little sisters. It also sees the return of Booker and Elizabeth, who are still just as well voice acted and animated. The DLC looks just as good as the main game, and the story is still very well written. I recommend this to any fan of the franchise.


A short But spectacular story.

brenker99 | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all brenker99's reviews »

As a Fan of the previous Bioshocks, It was truly magnificent to see Rapture as its Best. But a 2~4 hours gameplay doesn't worth the 15$ this DLC cost. I finished the DLC in about 3 hours, and i searched Every corner. The story itself is really good. well to sum up. Story 6/10 (it could be 10/10 if they wouldn't have made it a 3 hours play time) Its not less because the story is really good. Gameplay is exactly like the regular Bioshock, so if you got that you know how the gameplay works. (9/10) Anyhow, like any other comment ever made to this DLC, I would recommend buying the Season pass and not the DLC alone.


A return to the past - and all too brief a return indeed.

icole8 | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all icole8's reviews »

Burial at Sea: Episode 1 brings you back to Rapture at the very end of its glory days, starring (again) Booker, along with a seemingly older and more mature Elizabeth. The story was fascinating, and definitely something to enjoy - but it left more questions than answers. Why was Elizabeth in Rapture? Why was she looking for Sally? Why hire Booker and not go alone? Thankfully, this is only the first half of a whole - perhaps Episode 2 will provide the answers craved. It was also somewhat too short - 2 hours and a bit more of gameplay is not quite something one expects to pay 14.99 USD for, while the Rapture variant of the Skyhook seems a strange decision to include; it stuck out like a sore tongue, and perhaps a return to the wrench (or an entirely new melee weapon) would have been a better idea. Respawning enemies in previously-cleared areas was also somewhat annoying. Should you buy it? Well, I'd say yes - but get it discounted, whether you buy the episodes separately or all in one go via the season pass.


There's always a man, always a lighthouse, always a city

MrSpatula | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all MrSpatula's reviews »

I had very high hopes for this, having loved Infinite. My expectations were only partially met. Returning to Rapture is a nostalgic breath of fresh air, and environments are varied enough that combat doesn't feel tedious or repetitive (unlike Infinite's sometimes became). Narrative-wise I was disappointed. What I liked so much about Infinite was its open-ended conclusion that thematically tied the Bioshock universe together. The revelation of Burial At Sea Episode One takes one of many potential strands and forces the player along it, negating the impact the main game's ending had. Despite these flaws, this is a solid, well-crafted DLC, and I'm intrigued to see how Levine and Irrational conclude our time in Rapture.



wheat108 | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all wheat108's reviews »

I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite. Burial at Sea is a disappointment. Given the possibilities available from a premise involving infinite universes and configurations of reality, what Irrational Games chose to go with is more Rapture? In my opinion, this is creatively bankrupt, especially given the high standards of world building we received from Infinite. Apart from that, what you get with Burial at Sea is a very short experience, a few scattered enemies, and very little eve or ammunition making it actually difficult to enjoy the shooting mechanics of the game itself. Irrational will just say they're making it more challenging, changing up the pacing and strategy of combat. That's all well and good, but unfortunately it makes the game a lot less enjoyable. After all, the reason we're playing is to have fun right? The first half of my two hour play through involved walking around Rapture and looking at things. This is great in a full length game, but when the TOTAL play through is two hours it just doesn't cut it. The second hour involved re-visiting all the things I looked at the first hour, but this time looking for a "Key to the Door" and killing a few bunny hopping splicers who happen to be crack shots. I guess splicing improves your aim, and gives you extremely annoying attack animations. The fact that they are charging 15 dollars for this is ludicrous and insulting. It amounts to the short prologue of what will be fleshed out in the following DLC, and it has left a bad taste in my mouth.


Back to Basics..

XGpredator | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

The adventure is involved at the beginning and the end but suffers a good time not necessarily exciting goals serving only on traversing a succession of rooms inhabited by enemies. Sure, the gameplay is still enjoyable and achievement, whether graphics or sound, is always of great quality. The apocalyptic turn of Rapture is not yet visible and the episode deserved maybe more carefully staging. Remains whether the second part will raise the level.


Great, but short

FaPaThY | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all FaPaThY's reviews »

As a fan of Bioshock 1, this DLC really took me back. You'll see some familiar sites and meet some familiar people as you play as an alternate reality DeWitt who takes on a missing persons case from none other than a super serious(and hot) Elizabeth. Obviously, it's recommended to play through the base game beforehand for this DLC to make sense. During the first part of the game, you'll get to walk around in a living, breathing Rapture before everything went to hell. The 2nd part has a similarly creepy look and feel to the original and will be mostly fighting. Seeing Rapture(more in-depth) in Infinite's engine is pretty awesome and it looks and sounds as great as ever. Combat is a mix of Bioshock Infinite and the original, with some of the same weapons and powers from Infinite, but with a lot more of the dangerous, personal and tactical encounters that the original had. You'll want to take it slow and stealthy because you really can't take much damage here and, at least for a little while, ammo is scarce. Or more accurately you can only carry an extra clip's/magazine's/whatever's worth or so of ammo with you so you need to make your shots count. Like the original, there are also quite a bit of opportunities to use your powers and eniviroment to efficiently wipe out a group of enemies. For example, using the tried and true 'Shock versus bad guys in water' maneuver. While there's a sky-hook equivalent and rails to ride, outside of some traversing and a few specific battles, you'll mostly have your feet planted on the ground. Your weapon and power selection is really limited compared to Infinite, and the Original for that matter, but there are a few new additions to your arsenal. Old Man Winter is your Ice attack you'll be using to freeze enemies and water, which will let you get past obstacles. For weapons, you got the Tommy Gun(which is pretty much the machine gun equivalent) and the Radar Range, which lets you fry enemies until they explode. There are some new upgrades for all your powers too that are different from the Infinite upgrades and also some new equips. Oh and Elizabeth can now summon in fricken Samurai from tears, which I found to be both funny and awesome. Finally, they added in the much requested weapon wheel, which lets you swap in and out any weapons you've picked up already. Just hold down your weapon select key.(Protip: If your weapon select is bound to the scroll wheel, you'll need to rebind or secondary bind it to an actual key since you can't 'hold' scrolling) This DLC isn't without some faults though. The length of the game leaves a bit to be desired. It's about a 3hr ride if you take in the scenery and go for all of the achievements, maybe 2hrs if you rush it. It's a quality 2-3hrs for sure, but for $15 asking price, that still seems a tad short to me. Although, I guess it makes sense if you use the heavily discounted 'Season Pass' pricing. Also, the pacing of weapon and power acquirement seemed a bit off as well. You get the Radar Range and Bucking Bronco powers REALLY late into the game, and don't have much time to use them. On top of having like half the powers and a quarter of the weapons Infinite has, it didn't leave room for much variety. So ya, I totally recommend this for fans of Bioshock. After that ending, I can't wait to see where the story goes in Episode 2. Due to the pricing of the DLCs, I definitely recommend grabbing the <=$20 season pass to save $10-$15 or more off over buying them separately.


Pretty good

Stebsis | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Burial at Sea is really interesting DLC. You return to the Rapture from Bioshock 1 and 2, but to time before it fell and became Splicer infested city. You play as Booker again, but in different universe from Infinite. Booker is private eye who gets a job from Elizabeth, and you tour the Rapture for some time, experiencing everything around you and listening to the story. After this the combat begins which is as good as it was in Infinite, but without sky-rails. You also have noticeably less ammo so vigors, or plasmids as they've now calle again, have bigger role as you can set all kinds of traps for your foes. This is solid DLC, but the story doesn't really get interesting yet and it clocks around hour and half to two hours depending how much you explore, so it's really short DLC and really pricey considering that. I'd seriously consider everyone to wait for the second part and buy the season pass then, it's just way cheaper that way and you'll know from reviews if the second part just screws everything. The most hardcore fans have most likely already bought season pass though when the main game launched in spring and this has been in the top sold charts so many, like me, just couldn't wait :) Overall I'm a bit disappointed what they did here and especially with the length, 90 or so minutes for 15€. Hopefully part 2 will be a lot better.


One more time... RAPTURE!

segrand | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

If someone fell in love with the underwater city, is now a moral obligation to invest in this DLC. Yes! Then he gives us the opportunity to return to the famous Rapture! Already this should be advertising in and of itself, but no move on. Graphically downright ludicrous. Climate underwater city back in a new installment better and makes you want to visit every corner of this beautiful place. Well, Elizabeth, who is even more beautiful in person than in the original game. The model looks better, performs better. In all respects, is better. Could anything be better? Of course! The news that this is not the end of the story, and once again return to Rapture. I personally can not wait and I sincerely recommend this DLC, because it is really great. Any fan of the first two Bioshocków, you must visit this version of the Rapture and see with your own eyes, what a beautiful creators managed to do. Quickly Buy from. I recommend and greet.


You should be ashamed for not owning it

siktirgit_115 | Nov. 16, 2013 | See all siktirgit_115's reviews »

This magniefiecent piece of art that is called a DLC, i don't think i even need to explain why to get. not only is it as good as the main campaign, but it's in Rapture.. If you are like me and like the other bioshocks more than infinite, then you just have to get it. The Story is as, if not more, promising as the story to infinite! No money, you're broke? well this DLC is worth even becoming a mayor drug runner. So, what are you reading this for, go get the game!



Matt43 | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all Matt43's reviews »

It does not change the course of the narrative, which develops according to the canons of the series, but it gives a very clear understand who will wonder what is going on at this time. " What's wrong with these kids ? " - Elizabeth exclaims , seeing a group of young Adam gatherers . And Booker immediately wondered where it was all along. To him it seemed that Elizabeth was more than up to date : it is she came to his office and hired to search for the missing girl , Sally, who finds himself DeWitt dead . This is not the first child, disappeared without a trace in the city, and it is unlikely private detective , often having a drink at the local bar , is able to single-handedly solve this crime . The ending is no less striking than the final BioShock Infinite But Elizabeth believes in the importance of their mission and pulls Booker to the informant , who , of course, is an old acquaintance . Do not be afraid to see in this text spoilers - you can spend hours walking around the story of Burial at Sea, but did not tell the most important thing. And the ending is no less striking than the final BioShock Infinite, and also makes a look at everything that has happened quite a different angle. The first episode of the Novels ( in the second part we will play for Elizabeth ) was created around the same principles as the additions to the story Dishonored, and offers not only a separate story , which is closely associated with the events of the previous BioShock, but also shows that in listening Irrational Games to feedback from players and the media. Original criticized mainly boring shooting - and now she's almost boring. Of course, to completely change the game mechanics did not. Moreover , the rails and the hook of the heavenly city , and suddenly found themselves underwater , but you remember the constants and variables ? But the battle ceased to be unnecessarily prolonged , and cracking down on opponents each team can in a matter of seconds . Dynamics does not spoil even need to sit in shelters waiting for regeneration board: usually enough enemies Vigorov volley and a pair of traps , and the remaining splicers can shoot a shotgun or a revolver. Although not all the vigor of Infinite migrated to the Burial at Sea, added the now familiar to the first BioShock freezing, which in conjunction with a machine gives devastating results. Burial at Sea - in many ways exemplary addition Longer necessary , and run through polurovnya for patrons : although the stock of ammunition is now even more limited ( two stores for each weapon ) , with each other, like in the first game , you can carry at once the whole arsenal - now do not have to choose between a shotgun and a rifle . Grenade launchers and rocket launchers there, but there's a new instance of that emits waves that turn enemies into Giblets. However, a powerful weapon here and do not need: even the final battle , in contrast to the Infinite, completely distracts from the story and does not make a ten minute ride on a huge map . Burial at Sea - all largely exemplary addition : more beautiful places , more dialogue , more than Elizabeth , less aimless running around , repetitive battles and digging in garbage cans . Even a pity that so fast ends: let you set a goal to find all 17 audio diaries , watch all the movies and see posters were everywhere , the passage is still unlikely to take more than three or four hours. However, if the second part of the Burial at Sea will be no shorter than or worse than the first questions to Ken Levine and his team almost left. The more sessions to exit Episode Two abound: the final shots offer such a rich space for interpretations that they have a long debate over the internet .



Dave2527 | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all Dave2527's reviews »

If you loved rapture in Bioshock 1 and 2 then you sure are going to love this, the amount of creativity put into this is what is expected from Ken Levine. Elizabeth is a more darker character compared to her counterpart in Infinite. The events of "Burial at sea" occurs before the events of Bioshock 1 and 2. The only con of this dlc is that it is short, takes a maximum of 3 hours to fully explore everything, but it's just the first part, there are two more parts to come to bring the story together. It stills holds the line of the quality over quantity.



alex986 | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all alex986's reviews »

The fans of Bioshock 1 and 2 will absolutely love this.In this DLC you play as Booker Dewitt,same as in Bioshock Infinite,but this time you are in rapture.Not that broken rapture from 1 and 2,but an underwater city full of life,but also full of bad guys.If you liked playing Bioshock Infinite you will definitely want to play this one as well even though its a bit short.1-2 hours if you play on medium and 2-3 hours if you play on hard(depends on how good you are in games). Looking forward to episode 2 and hopefully it will be longer than this one.


Great DLC

nanbun | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all nanbun's reviews »

Placed in a nostalgic setting, Burial at Sea takes us to the place that started the BioShock franchise, but seen in a whole different light before its fall. In this DLC, you get to explore Rapture right before the Civil War, and see it completely different from the damaged and ruined Rapture in BioShock 1. The gameplay is just like Infinite's, but you can now hold multiple weapons at once with a few new ones being introduced. As expected of Ken Levine, the story is outstanding and will keep you mind-boggled for quite a while. Ultimately, if you liked the BioShock series so far, this will not disappoint and should be played despite it being on the short side.


Back to Rapture, back home!

Pradlik | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all Pradlik's reviews »

Once again, the story is pure gold and witnessing Rapture before its fall is just wonderful and I loved every part of it. The story is lately the main reason for my love for Bioshock franchise, the combat with vigors/plasmids and weapons is fun too, but brings nothing new. and this is the main phrase which suits this DLC too - Brings nothing new. Apart from the brilliant story is one new-old freezing vigor and one new gun (viva la Saints Row IV) just not enough. Last but not least the gameplay time was about 3 hours for me and I was taking it really slowly. If you're a fan of the franchise, buy it in the season pass, if you're not, substract 20 from my rating because otherwise you might be disappointed - for 15 dollars it's just not sufficient.


Love it!

Lasiu2 | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all Lasiu2's reviews »

Im so happy that i could finally play this DLC. "Burial at Sea - Episode 1" is the first part of the story-driven downloadable content of BioShock Infinite. The whole game was really exciting, thats why i bought this DLC. And i didnt regret ;) Its as good as original story. Graphic/Soundtrack/Gameplay are the same as in "Bioshock: Infinite" what is logical. Only plot changes, giving us more hours of the best game i've ever played. I hope you'll agree with me ;). Should you buy it? If you liked original one, yes, you should. If u didn't, I think this DLC won't change anything. I also think you should buy it as far as it's only 15$ :).


Outstanding execution, but a bit short

FreeMan85 | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Burial at the Sea DLC contains everything what most fans want: return to Rapture - again - , see the city it's golden age, done this with stunning graphics and the mix of Infinite new gameplay. The story contains too much spoiler and twist, so I don't mention much, but you will get answers what Elizabeth and Booker doing in Rapture that time. The story twist at the ending keep you stunned hours, I played all BioShock game, but I don't expect this! The gameplay make a mix of BioShock and BioShock: infinite. You will wield vigors plus a new one Old Man Winter and weapons from Infinite plus a new one Radar Range. What's new a game wheel, if you press and hold Q or E you can choose your prefered weapon/vigor. You can carry 5 weapon this time. What reminds more to the first game is the scary atmosphere when you encounter the Splicer. You will have limited weapons, ammo and cash. You must plan your attack well. The sound is great, you can hear all the familiar sounds from the first game and new ones from Infinite, making a great mix. The music is the same: Garry Schyman mixed both game tunes to create a new atmosphere. Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper gives an excellent performance, Courtnee even gives better then the main game. The DLC only setback maybe it's length, for me at least take more then 3 hours on hard to beat it. But still missed 5 achievements, which means a few missed audio log too. If you own the Season Pass there's no reason to miss this DLC. If you don't I recommend get it, since it will much cheaper then buying the episodes invidually Hardcocre Rapture fans will love this DLC.