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Before the X-COM

Veniu | Dec. 17, 2013 | See all Veniu's reviews »

Suprisingly we're not the well known Carter in the game, we're going to play as agent DaSilva. So you were wondering how it actually happend, that human kind can bear awesome spells and practice wizardry wihout long and pointy hats? Well, this DLC is an answer to you! Playing base game I had a feel that I need to understand how the powers in the game work and where they come from. In this DLC you have it all explained, moreover, there are new "spells" (lets call them abilities). There's a bit of old abilities of our well-known agent Carter, and some new ones. Suprisingly with new devastating field "spells" there are 2 new guns that FINALLY come into the genre. Mr. Ak 47 and MIcrowave gun (like refreshing your yesterday's dinner isn't bad enough...). How would I rate it? Well I'm not sure about the price though, its alright and explains alot about whole Bureau and the Agents, yet there's still something missing. If you're a fan of The Bureau, you need to get this, but it'd be more reasonable to wait for a little sale and use one of GMG's wizardy: Awesome discount coupons/codes/black magic. However this DLC has a huge meaning in the game. I'd recommend it if (like me) you're curious about the backstory of agents and their skills.