Reviews for Gorky 17


Not the best turn based strategy game around

Gmen | Nov. 27, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

You control a group of NATO soldiers who are called in to look into a paranormal situation, where some mutants have been giving the local populace a bit of bother. The exploration mode allows you only minimal room to move around in, and once you enter the action mode you control your squad, who each take turns to shoot or in some way inflict damage on the enemy. The graphics aren’t bad. Character models are decent enough as is the animation, but nothing mind blowing. The texturing of the surroundings you find yourself in could be better. This certainly isn’t the best TBS title I have played, but it can be quite challenging, so for TBS fanatics, I would say give it a try. For the challenge and the creepy atmosphere the game possesses, it isn’t that bad. Just don't expect a masterpiece of the genre. And it is rather difficult too.


Very good production ... so few words specifically.

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

The game is set in 2009 , somewhere in Poland ( from one of the designers we learn that the city is Lubin in Lower Silesia ) . Branch consisting of three commandos NATO forces ( composed Pole , an American and a Frenchman ) are designed to find out why the town was devastated , what happened to the residents and why previous intervention group did not give any sign of life . This is not a typical survival , as the game is organized in a tactic - RPG , but it does not mean that it loses its climate, and even the opposite. Pressing problem during the whole game is annoying lack of ammunition and therapeutic agents. It is true that sometimes run into the box from fantami , but found equipment must be divided into 3 -5 -person team . In total, the team members do not have any distinguishing features. Exceptions are women . They can not use heavy weapons , but it is the first I encounter on the road, is a bonus for treatment. Invariably, the team always stays Cole Sullivan , Jacek owicz and Thiery Trantigne , and other forms of exchange . During the fighting each character gets experience and proficiency wielding a particular weapon , depending on how much damage inflicted . With increasing experience increases the level and amount of damage and accuracy for a weapon . With each increase in level can increase your rates . All we visit look like in reality nothing had happened , only residents jumped out at the moment . So it might seem at first glance , but the impression destroys the already encountered the first enemy that resembles a crossword puzzle dog and a lizard. The second thing edifying atmosphere is pervasive gloom : portraits form to send a shadow, in most locations there is darkness , something seen only by some small lampeczce even figure in the inventory is half obscured by shadow . The game comes from the period when the game actually was still difficult, which additionally been building the impression of survival, and the dynamic story tells us trudge forward. I think you should play " Gorky 17 " from the ground that it will never be gaming at such a level . Very good production .