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Wonderful old school game

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

Earth 2150 is a real time strategy game , where the action happens in the future, after the destruction of Earth. Earth 2150 is composed of three separately published parts: Escape from Blue Planet , The Moon Project and Lost Souls . Earth 2150 talks about what led to the war between the two nations : ED - the Eurasian Dynasty and the UCS - United Civilizated States . Earth has Detonating nuclear charges made ​​that the Earth has lost the stability of the orbit , and this in turn led to a series of disasters. Earth 2150 is focused on the activities of the three nations , the two aforementioned and colonizers Moon LC - Lunar Corporation. The player has to complete various missions , which aim to save people and find a way to survive. Earth 2150 allows you to create databases , develop army , use of technology , creating ships and collecting relevant . It is awfully good production of the old school , which is playable to this day. If anyone is interested in this type of productions , you should start just from the title. Timeless game , definitely !