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They tried to do a good game. I really try to ...

segrand | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all segrand's reviews »

Long, long ago led a happy life Glade . Yes , there were some disagreements here and between them - and this one another cow abducted , and that someone Miss wolf beadle . There is , however tempestuous idyll . Until the time when everything went wrong . KnightShift is a real-time strategy . You think so probably that, as in any other real-time strategy put base , you train the army, bump into enemy territory , carved out its troops and smoke his village , ending the game. Well i .. Well, you're right. But ! Here, the basis of everything is milk. Literally - the milk . Starting the game you get a few cows , for which you need to take care , because only through them Your village will grow in strength. Another interesting element of the game , in addition to Slavic climates , is without doubt the RPG mode - if you want you can have an adventure worthy of a Slavic hero . I honestly really do not like this game . It does not look good, does not present playability . It is definitely a lot more games commendable . Behind the desire and the subject can boast . The rest are far too weak.