Reviews for Disciples III: Resurrection


Good, but...

Obsessor | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

It doesn't feel like Disciples or Disciples 2 which were, for me, way better than any HoMM games. I could never stomach HoMM or that kind of turn based strategy games. Disciples made me like those. But if I played Disciples 3 as my first game of the series, I would recoil badly. Still, when you, like me, give it a go, well, it turns out not to be totally bad.It retains some good old Disciples features while adding, reballancing or outright changing stuff. Game graphics is ok, nothing astonishing. Units are quite detailed, but move stiffly(not only the undead ones). Voice acting, meaning the narrator is terrible. Just that. Sounds like the man reading briefings tried to put some pathos into his voice. And failed. Utterly. If you're a fan of Disciples series as I am, or you're hungry for turn based game set in dark fantasy world, with undead playing the main role - go for it. Otherwise move along.


Great improvement over Renaissance

mahon | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

The Disciples series has always been a worthy alternative for Heroes of Might and Magic games, and some gamers even preferred it to the Heroes. Disciples II was a good game, which could easily outmatch Heroes, but Disciples III suffered from some technical glitches and problems with balance. Fortunately the Resurrection pack fixes many of them, rebalances some, and adds new stuff to the already interesting universe. Now you can also play a new race, the undead, and some new characters with their own storylines. If you liked Disciples II or Disciples III Renaissance, you will surely love this one. And if you are still not familiar with this series but are a HoMM fan - why don't you check one of the most interesting alternatives to the game you like so much?