Reviews for Megabyte Punch


Punchin' Pixels and Takin' Parts.

TimothyD | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews ยป

I'm unsure as to what this game could be called a mixture of. A little RPG, a little platformer, a little brawler, all mixed into one delicious stew. You'll find yourself laughing as you are punched from platforms or knock an enemy out in this pixelated romp. The art style of retro-gone-bad paired with a jumpy electro soundtrack are paired perfectly together to draw you into the world of fighting and picking up parts. The character creation system is varied, and you will never run out of combinations to use as long as you play the game. Each part gives a new advantage over another, leaving the player up to pick the parts that will best work with their style. It makes for a sense of accomplishment as you look at your "finished" character, and then use them to whoop up on someone, only to get a new part that you like better, taking you back to square one. The controls respond well, which is a plus for a fighting game, and lag was not very much of a problem while playing the game. It all makes for one great experience, worthy of any fight-gamer's time. If you find yourself playing flash games on the internet, play this instead. It's worth the heavier asking price.