Reviews for 100% Orange Juice [Playfire]


Fun little party game

Locke | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all Locke's reviews »

Think of this game as Mario Party, only...without so much of the Mario. Well, really closer to Fortune Street than Mario Party, but you get the idea. The goal is to collect stars and beat monsters (and your fellow players) in order to reach the top level and beat the game. The stages and items are nowhere near as interesting as a game like Mario Party, and the mechanics are pretty simple too, but the sense of style and voice overs are pretty cute. Much like Mario Party, your fortunes can shift with one bad turn, which will get pretty annoying against the computer, but this game does have one thing Mario doesn't: online multiplayer. Would highly recommend this as a LAN party game, or get some friends together over Skype (or whatever you like) so you can do some trash-talking and have some laughs together when the guy in first suddenly meets misfortune.