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Morrowind, Gothic 3, and Tons of Fantasy

yarow12 | July 5, 2014 | See all yarow12's reviews »

This review is only based on single player with the 1.7b patch which includes the Curse of Souls add-on. The multiplayer can be experienced whether other players are on the servers or not, though.

I haven't encountered many problems with Two Worlds, and crashing is a rarity. Exploring the ridiculously huge map is worthwhile, but only in intervals. There's so much to see that I have to force myself to uncover it all. The dialogue is well done, hilarious at times, and different from what I'm used to. Some people complain about 'terrible voice acting' when really it's the dialect being spoken that bothers them so much. The game 'Zeno Clash' is in the same boat. Some people like its dialect and some people don't. There are far too many side quests available. Completionists will suffer greatly by how much this game has to offer. I'm serious. If you have a problem with not doing every quest a game has to offer, this one will punish you for it. Harold Faltermeyer did an amazing job with the soundtrack. It's very diverse and surprised me at times. The three classes (Archer, Mage, and Warrior) can be used as pleased with very little restrictions other than the limit of skill point allocations. I've found magic to be the most useful, melee to be the best option, and archery to be the most limited. Fair warning about melee: This is no hack-and-slash; back jumping is there for a reason.

The only real problem that I've experienced with Two Worlds is the inability to ride horses up and down hills. They can only be properly ridden on paths, but can be whistled (called for) on any piece of land.

There is something about the game that may remind some of Gothic 3 and Morrowind. Anyone who enjoyed them will likely enjoy Two Worlds aswell.

Even though my laptop isn't made for gaming, Two Worlds runs perfectly fine. Need technical details? Presario CQ57-439WM Notebook PC Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Service Pack 1 HD Radeon 6310 Graphics (384MB) AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, ~1.30GHz 2048MB RAM (1642MB RAM available OS memory)


What Gothic 3 should have been.

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Story: Save your sister. Or something lame like that. Graphics: Decent for PC but not the greatest. Audio: Hilariously Bad Voice-Overs Missions: Your common RPG Quests. Controls: 3rd Person RPG controls. Nothin' New. Features: Teleporters, Uber Weapons, Etc. A.I.: Run at you, Attack you, usually die. Loading Times: Average. Multiplayer: Cool MMO-Ish Servers that allow you to carry over your single player character, fun with friends. Requirements: Medium to High. Weapons: Swords, Staves, Axes, Spears, Pitchforks, Etc. The Good: A decent and large RPG. The Bad: Another RPG. The Ugly: Your enemies. They ugly. Replay Ability: Low to Medium. The Bottom Line: This is what Gothic 3 should have been.