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Chess extremely interesting

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

Opposite each other are here because armies composed of animated bodies , symbolizing the individual figures . The game does not lack sophisticated attacks, magic and impressive graphical effects . Production offers both game modes for single player (including an action-packed Arena , where the player at the right time takes control units and self inflicts damage ) , as well as a multiplayer option . Struggles taking place on six chessboards , having in each case a different graphic , three-dimensional background . Buyers Battle vs . Chess can without too much trouble to adjust the difficulty level of gameplay to their skills - the creators have developed mechanisms based on a series of Fritz as many as ten different models to choose from . Still, this version of chess is extremely interesting and looks much better than the typical . I can not in good conscience recommend , because incredibly addictive ! PS : Also for fans of Harry Potter ! There was also a theme with live chess ;)