Reviews for Payday 2: The Armored Transport DLC


Amazing stuff

Krukov777 | April 10, 2014 | See all Krukov777's reviews »

The A.T. DLC is a great and unique addition to the heists that Payday 2 already has to offer. It adds 6 new heists and one of them is my personal favorite, the train heist. Finding this heist in one of the trucks brings me pure joy and happiness.

The weapons are also great. The best weapon is hands down the AR. It looks, sounds and kills those cops pretty cool. The Swedish K SMG also looks amazing. The 4 added presidential masks are hilarious to see too!

In short: This "Heat-lookalike" DLC is the best dlc so far and should be bought by everybody who owns Payday 2!


The right choice for a good robber

Matlair | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all Matlair's reviews »

The missions this DLC adds to Payday 2, inspired by the 1995's movie "Heat", are fast paced and very enjoyable - stop the armored trucks, crack them open, get everything that's inside and make a quick getaway. The only con is that you even get one more mission, which you can play only by grinding the Armored Transport missions and hoping to get Blueprints, which will activate the mission. Despite that, it's still a nice addition to an already awesome game.


More of the same goodies

michalmichal | Dec. 12, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Some say Payday 2 is the best co-operative game ever made. Although I am not so hyped about it, I still consider it great, possibly one of the best. If you are hungry for more, the Armored Transport DLC offers more of the same, but don't you think it's any kind of boring or monotoneous! It's as good as the base game and simply adds more of everything. You want new heists? Sure, it has them. New achievements? Check. New masks and designs? Sure, check again. You want new weapons? Of course they're there. So while the addon is not surprising in any way, I think it's a good thing because the game is simply build of good things, so adding more of them simply makes it even better and more replayable.


Play This If You Enjoyed Payday 2...

juxtaposed_j | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all juxtaposed_j's reviews »

Pretty much more of the same, but that's no bad thing- if you thoroughly enjoy(ed) the original Payday 2 experience you will be right at home here.

Added in the downloadable content are extra heists, more weapons,masks, materials and achievements for those achievement fanatics.

This game is enjoyable as a four player co-op, similar to games such as Left 4 Dead- you can really get your criminal mind on.

If it ain't broke, do not fix it.