Reviews for Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive


Best strategy game I ever play

vva258 | May 19, 2014 | See all vva258's reviews »

I've played this game since I was 6, meaning 10 years ago on my cousin computer. At that time, I don't really know how to play, just simply backstab and shoot everyone I can't backstab. It was really fun, the only problem is I didn't know how to do the mission. Yesterday, my friends gift me this game on steam. It was awesome, the characters are strong in their own jobs, and the enemies can be stupid sometimes, but due to their large quantities, it's hard to play without strategy. The penalty of being discovered is very high, often reward in death of the character, whick make the game very interesting. I'd love to recommend for this game.


A Western Commandos

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

You can think of a Desperados as a western version of Commandos, a tactical isometric game where you control a selection of characters as you would in a real time strategy game, but each character is individual, with specific abilities and items. Despite being an older title it holds up well with a graphical style and music, each character has a range of actions available to them, often allowing for multiple ways to tackle a problem, whether it be shooting your way through bad guys or being sneaky about it. The missions have a decent amount of variety, both in objectives and style, making you utilise everything at your disposal. Not an easy game, and one that you can easily spend hours on, analysing patrol routes of guards and their vision cones in order to setup the perfect escape, highly recommended! :)


Commandos in the Wild West

Exhumator | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all Exhumator's reviews »

If you have ever played Commandos, this game is very similiar by its concept to this game. The main character is called John Cooper and as he goes, he takes other members to his group. Every member of the group has unique abilities that you have to learn and use on your way through the story. Desperados is like interactive film. This game doesn't have multiplayer and because of this genre, it doesn't need it. Desperados = Commandos + Wild Wild West. If you love this combination, this game is for you. If you love tactic, you will love it anyway.


Really good game!

Mikklo | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all Mikklo's reviews »

This game is about John Cooper and his team. The game is a stealth based real-time tactics game with a very good gameplay and story. The story takes place in the old Western! John Cooper is the leader in the group of six people. All the people have different things they're good at. You will unlock all the different characters as the game goes on and in the end you can play with all of them. The game is long and you want to play it again because it won’t be like the last time. There is lots of different ways to reach the goal with the map. John Cooper is a bounty-hunter and your goal is to capture the man "El Diablo" but first you have to collect your team. The story is very good and you enjoy it during the whole game and works good as a story-game. The mechanic is very good for being a game from 2001. The AI is totally okay and I can find games today with poorer AI. The controls is good too and it doesn't have long loading time either. The graphics is okay for the time and if you play it, you will get used to it. I find this game very good and worth the price of it. It is good fun and I will play it in the future to.