Reviews for Godus


most people will disagree with this but i would recommend this

blustar1 | Aug. 1, 2015 | See all blustar1's reviews »

hear me out i know most people don't like god games but also this is not the best god game to. but personally i like god games and liked the look of the of the game when i first saw it like most people because i really like god games and sense i like god games it's easy for me to say i at least like it. hears what i like about. the spells i find interesting t use to have a giggle. also the chests that you find and how you use them are also cool for a god game but i just wish there were more unlocks. what i don't like it the terrain manipulation it is sort of hard to use. so to wrap it up i say the game deserves a 60/100 but remember this comes from the perspective of a guy that likes god games.


Not worth it

Venhiem | Jan. 7, 2015 | See all Venhiem's reviews »

This game was appearing to be a promising God simulator, in which you control your people through time, hardships and terrors. It is not. It is, at most, a clicking simulator. The art is good. That’s all that is good about it. Avoid this game at all costs. Maybe, after early access, it will be a playable game, and then maybe you should think about getting it. Right now, it is a terrible clicking mess. Like some horrible Facebook or flash game. Also, too highly priced, for such a mess as it is. 2/10 Do not buy. Wait until it leaves early access.


Godus: Game or Clicking Simulator?

mrminecrafter1 | July 6, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

This game has drawn quite the controversy. Gameplay mainly consist of clicking which is pretty boring for me at least. Artistic style is unique and reminds me of Tearaway's artistic style. It's pretty boring as you play a God that is supposed to help your population of followers through the times of history. Sound design is pretty decent and the soundtrack isn't necessarily good or bad. Overall it's pretty boring. Unless clicking is your thing, avoid this early access game. Another early access game that's pretty terrible. Shocker.


Not sure if would recommend

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Godus is an early access game that already sparked a lot of controversies. The gameplay itself consists mostly of a huge amount of clicking. Click on trees to chop them, click on stones to mine them, click on terrain to change it and so on. Looking at where the game is heading it might turn out to be fairly good if you have a strong finger on the mouse button. It is a god simulation where allegedly you will have different tasks through the ages. So far only the first two ages are ready where you expand your tribe most of the time so it would be too early to judge how this turns out. So gameplaywise it is not too bad (if we keep it in mind that it is early access) - I personally have some other issues with it. Mr. Mulyneaux the mastermind behind Populous and Black and White decided to use Kickstarter to launch the game - you know, that site that is for small startup developers to be able to launch some projects if they don't have the capita to do so. I think it is pretty unethical from someone who designed some highly succesful games before. Then they started to sell the game as early access, though it will be free to play. I could see the point of this, communicating with the community to make the game better, "buying" the privilege to be part of the development. The problem with this step is that as far as I know the communication between the devs and the players is pretty weak at best - so the whole thing kind of looses the point. To top this all off the game, once its ready will have a shop where - you guessed it - you can buy gems that will be necessary to unlock later game content. Now it seems to me that the main focus of the game is cashing in as much as possible at the startup, development stage and after the release. I have funded games at Kickstarter. I have bought games. I have played freemium games before. but if you ask me to combine all these three has only the goal of milking the same cow dry. So if we forget about all my ethical concerns and the fact that the game will be free once its ready, well, I would recommend to get it if you are extremely into god simulators. It is a fairly good game - not brilliant, but good for wasting some time. But to be honest I think its smarter to wait for the ready and free version and invest your money into some other game .


Avoid at all costs!!!

tyrrin | Dec. 4, 2013 | See all tyrrin's reviews »

This is the biggest joke of a game that I have ever played. It has nothing in common with its predecessors Populous, or Black and White. It feels like a Facebook game gone wrong. Its received NO developer updates since late October, and no dev communication as to why. This game is not fun in any way shape or fun, all you do is click, click, click. No player control, no real interaction what so ever. Do yourself a favor, get on YouTube and watch some "lets play" videos, and see for yourself. Avoid this mess at all costs.