Turkeylakeboy | Sept. 27, 2015 | See all Turkeylakeboy's reviews »

This brought back a lot of memories. I loved the game back when I was younger and I am appreciative of the time and effort Square put into revamping this title. A great game!


Unexceptional presentation of hidden treasures

exopimus | June 3, 2015 | See all exopimus's reviews »

As with the re-release of Final Fantasy VII for the PC, little has changed from the original, which is now, what, over 15 years old? There's plenty good to be stated about that fact, for, if you're like me in that you've found that there are few titles that have been released in the intervening years that exhibit the qualities you liked about it, you wouldn't hesitate to pick up an even moderately improved version (particularly if you've been made unable to play the original) at a fair price with widescreen support, cheats, achievements, and cloud saves. However... The same complaints apply to this re-release. The 3-D models are improved, but the backgrounds are low resolution and make for a strange mix of sharp and muddy. It looks better than 7, but there has been no effort to really augment the product and it's difficult to condone. The soundtrack is in the same punchless midi that everyone's complained about in 7, worse than the original PlayStation tracks. Control is bad unless you use a controller (use a controller). There's no additional content to the main game (there's Chocobo World, originally a Pocketstation game which ties to the game in an optional way, here and launchable from the splash screen when booting the game). The story here is rich and intricate, with much room for speculation, even if the tropes to begin it are, indeed, tropes. Characters are rich, if underexplored, as is the world as a whole. The battle system is different and, in my opinion, flawed. In it you draw magic from the environment and your enemies and assign the spells to attributes like speed and strength through junctioning. While an interesting mechanic that limits the number of spells at your disposal and might give you pause when you consider using one that bolsters an important stat, spells are too easy to come by and the junction system is too easily exploited and leads to all characters being essentially the same. There is challenge to be found though, should you know where to look (or handicap yourself, but I don't believe you should have to do that), but I felt it on too few occasions and they were some serious peaks compared to the rest of the encounters. In short: Minimal updates to presentation (with music quality lowered). Highly interesting story and characters, particularly if you love to consider what is left unsaid about events, motivations, etc... Great speculation material. Hard to play without a controller. Battle system is easily exploited and tedious for such a long game (~30-40 hours). I really enjoyed it for the thinking it made me do, but the amount of fun is diminished by the lacking presentation and the gameplay ease.


Final not so Fantasy

anticerber | March 20, 2015 | See all anticerber's reviews »

When it comes to Final Fantasy I often hear people complain about the ps era which consisted of Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9, 8 was looked at as the black sheep. I feel like the style had to do heavily with this. The game has a bit more of a realistic feel than most, that is for everything..architecture, people design... It just feels a bit more realistic than any other, which shouldn't be a bad thing, but a lot seem to think so.... This game has the open world which after a certain point is free to explore in it's entirety....With so much to do, mini-games, secrets, and all sorts of cool things to come across...


Not as epic as the opening sequence was.

KingTed | Dec. 6, 2014 | See all KingTed's reviews »

In the world of FFVIII, young mercenaries (Known as the SeeD) are trained in three different universities. You're Squall Leonheart, a cadet from the Balamb Garden University, and you're about to take the final exam and become a full-fleshed SeeD. Your adventure will make your group of SeeDs travel around the world, discover dark secret and fight in a war against a Witch. The presentation is great (For its time. Remember that the game was first released in 1999) but the story is not as good in my opinion. The characters are annoying (Squall, Liona and Zell in particular) and it's some time hard to feel interested by the story and what will happen to the heroes. However the real issue of the game is its mechanics. The way you have to collect magic and use it to enhanced your stats (via the G-Force) is tedious at best. Furthermore, the game is not that hard (Enemies are scaled to your level) and it's totally possible to get through the majority of fights simply by using the summonings again and again. Not a terrible game but clearly my least favourite entry in the franchise.


A classic.

Kane987245 | Dec. 5, 2014 | See all Kane987245's reviews »

Played this game growing up and always felt it was the forgotten gem of the series or the last great game. Some say it is the best in the series and it is understandable why because it has a compelling story, characters, plot, and much more that grabs the player's attention and never lets go. If you are mildly interested, pick this up. Pick up even if you are not. It is a great game regardless. It is not my personal favorite, but it may end up being yours. Adventure into this universe and find out;


One of the best Final Fantasy Games

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

I really enjoyed playing this game as a kid, and to see it return with so much popularity is really cool. The graphics are still as "amazing" as I remember them to be (because they are actually amazing back then, haha) but to ask that much for a game this old seems a little crazy. I'm sure they already have this on the iPod store for people to buy for half the price it is here, but it's still a fantastic game, and plays (and looks) the same way I remember it to. A great game for anybody who likes the Final Fantasy series.


My favorite game as a kid!

adboyum | Sept. 18, 2014 | See all adboyum's reviews »

This game is absolutely amazing! If like you like awesome turned based, RPGs with an amazing story...then this game is for you! The best part about this game is the story. It builds and builds upon itself and it makes you never want to stop playing! All the characters are awesome, and you have a chance to customize each of their fighting styles, weapons, and G-Forces. Also, there are so many things you can do outside of the story line. My favorite is the card game. At first it seems kind of lame...but if you get into it you get addicted to all the things that you can do with the cards...and finding all the best cards that are out there. Great game!


A Unique Experience

Jericho417 | July 26, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

When discussing which Final Fantasy game is best, people tend to pick the one they played first. For me, it was 8. The game had a number of one-off features that never really reappeared in any other Final Fantasy game. Features like junctioning magic (attaching spells to stats for boosts) or having a salary based on rank (which could be raised through SeeD Exams). In most games, you focus all your efforts on to leveling your character. In FF8, it's far more important to level up the GFs (summoned spirits like Ifrit and Shiva) so that you can equip magic to your stats.You also have sections of the game where you experience the past and participate in some of the back story. I really dug the Triple Triad mini-game, a card based game with alternate rule-sets. You could even use a GF learned skill to turn cards in to incredibly useful and rare spells or items.


Different than others

Gosen | June 6, 2014 | See all Gosen's reviews »

This game has specific mechanics, which is pretty controversial. Tedious and bothersome drawing system could be a problem to get into it and focus on story, but apart from that the game has interesting plot, beautiful graphics (as for psx era) and music. The last one is unfortunately not fixed to psx original files, so pc midi files must be replaced by mod to enjoy full potential of those magnificent pieces. New release of this game adds only boost system, which helps avoid draw system at the start but it's nothing more than cheat which really doesn't solve anything. VIII is something different than classic Final Fantasy games. World seems more authentic, also thanks to actually explained lore in in-game encyclopedia, which helps in immersion. For instance protagonist gains money not from monsters but from salary and he is not some random here who is sent to save the world, but one of the students in mercenary school. He has to take tests, go to missions, etc. Definitely worth trying, but new release is actually nothing worth buying for those who already own it. Also have in mind that game mechanics require patience and understanding, when first encountered.


A great classic

Medragonmes | May 25, 2014 | See all Medragonmes's reviews »

I love this game, is one of my favorites, i can't recommend it enough for those who love the rpg's, the story is epic and the battles are intense, the only thing i don't like is the sound because is better in the original version.


One of a kind

rickyeatos | May 6, 2014 | See all rickyeatos's reviews »

The game still have that magic to keep the fan happy, a complete rpg mode with magic junctions in the basic stats of every characters can mean the different between win or die. you can earn this magic by drawing them from your enemy's, extraction points and with skills of your G.F. the game have a classic battle in turns system but the kind of skills and things you can make to hurt your enemy's is very unique, the GF can help you a lot not just for they devastating attacks but by they skills which can grant your characters with special commands in battle like health the status of a poisoned team mate or steal a item from your enemy's or even better they can make you more strong by adding a 30% of a stat or grant you with auto-haste to be more fast than your enemy's the graphics even when the game is really old. it's not a problem for ff VIII because he has one of the best graphics of the play station 1 and with the most epic intros and cut scenes you can ever see in others play stations 1 titles. (in my opinion this game is a complete play station 2 title) the music, even when i see a lot of bad reviews for this game on steam exactly for the music, this can't stop you to still have a lot of fun with this game. or at least i didn't even notice the music is a bit different from the original. Best game play, all a world to explore and secrets to discover. The mini game most addictive is the cards game when you can find a card of all the monsters in the game, GF, bosses and of course the cards of your characters and finally, the best story ever made for a game of the play station 1. this game is one of a kind in the ff titles. no matter in what console or pc you play it. you will enjoy it.



Infantaria | April 19, 2014 | See all Infantaria's reviews »

I was just a teen at the time and had never played an JRPG or any kind of RPG for that matter. I borrowed this game from a girl I liked (yes a girl that played FF back in the day), and instantly I was hooked. From the characters to the story, this is one of the best RPGs ever. Final Fantasy VI, VII, and IX really make you love and feel for the characters, and VIII is no exception. First time I played it took me 80 hours to complete, as I was searching for every GF and every secret in the game. All in all, a game that is no shame to still play at this day and age, since the combination of graphics, the wonderful songs by Nobuo Uematsu, the story, the characters still remain one of the best today.


Timeless Classic

damodarko | April 15, 2014 | See all damodarko's reviews »

This game is a must, out of the entire series, I believe it is the only rival to master piece that is FF7. Final fantasy 8 excels through its story, a complete journey through Squalls mercenary life. This game comes with twists and turns that leave me guessing to this day. The characters all have something to add to this epic. So many hours have I invested in this game. Not only does the plot keep you engaged, but the side missions, the collectibles and the mini games like cards that will keep you addicted. It is a truly complete game. It introduces you to the junction system, which allows you to completely customize your characters strengths. So much content that you are likely to miss out on something that will keep you coming back for multiple playthroughs. This however is only a re-release, nothing new and many of you will have played it before or already own it. I have bought it for the sole idea of having a digital copy so I can rest my weary overplayed discs. It's a better and less buggy re-release than FF7, but it could still do with a face lift. Easily, an 85-90 if it wasn't showing its age.


The game that changed my view on JRPGs

AkiMatti | April 15, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I'd never played a JRPG game before I tried FF8. Actually, I don't think I had extensively tried any RPG game before FF8. I thought they required too much work or that I couldn't be so invested in computer characters. Oh, how wrong I was! The game took hold of me fairly fast and at the end of the first cd I was floored and left wanting more. And even what I had experienced until the that would've been enough for the content of one game but the adventure continued for quite a while after that. Probably THE game that showed me how much games can affect my emotions through their stories and characters. Granted, I was a teenager at the time but the point still stands. FF8 soundtrack was also something that left a lasting impression to me. Funny thing is, the intro song didn't really feel so majestic before I had played the game through. After that, though, it hit me like a doomtrain. But enough nostalgia. Let's see how I'd review it today for someone trying it the first time. Graphics: Dated, very dated. The CGI movies are still good quality, but the character models look very crude in the actual game. Artistic direction helps a lot, though. Static backgrounds are blurry but just good enough. Sounds: Emotional, atmospheric, emotional. Though fight effects can get a bit repetitive since there will be many battles. Gameplay: Talking to characters, reading the story, running between places and having battles from time to time. In the battles the actions are selected from a menu during a timer count which makes it turnbased but intense. Story: Epic. Overall: If you are able to look past the dated outlook and a bit of grinding in battles you will have a wonderful experience with this game.


Another fantastic iteration of the FF series

Pr0SparUs | April 10, 2014 | See all Pr0SparUs's reviews »

I remember back when this game was first released, I felt like I could relate to Squall. A quiet, bull-headed boy with something to prove. Well it's this many years later and that same love and affection I had for this games remains as strong as ever. This game includes a beautiful story, wonderful characters, fantastic music, it truly is a winning combination. Everything you knew and loved about this game has been brought over. Overall, I can't recommend this game enough for those who are fans of JRPGs or of any other game in the FF series. A must have IMO!


An amazing game, even if is the same

CarlosX95 | March 30, 2014 | See all CarlosX95's reviews »

The first time I´ve played this Final Fantasy was in 2000, it was my first Final Fantasy game, this game can bring back many memories to peoples like me who grew playing it. playing as Squall, making your way as a Seed from Balamb. The graphic jump from FFVII to FVIII make it more lovely to see, and the story can make you drop some tears, a game that is whorty


Fun after all these years

taigatsu | Feb. 11, 2014 | See all taigatsu's reviews »

Still considered one of the classics of JRPGs, all these years later Final Fantasy VIII still manages to deserve its reputation. It's not a radical departure from the genre, but it makes enough tweaks and iterative improvements from the formula that remain compelling. The Junction system is a lot of fun to play around with. There are no set archetypes in the game, instead you can customize each character's role as you see fit, and unlock interesting new abilities as you play. There is never any need to grind, which is uncommon for this type of game, since enemies will scale with your party. Squall, Rinoa and all the rest are still a highly memorable cast, and the art direction is inspiring. A special word of mention is reserved for Triple Triad, the collectible card game-within-the-game which can easily eat up as much of your time as the main campaign. It's addictive. The inclusion of Chocobo World is a real treat, since this is a clever feature that was incredibly uncommon for Western players of the Playstation release. All that being said, there are several caveats that need to be considered in regards to the port to PC. The sound has taken a big hit, most considerably that the original music has been replaced with what appears to be MIDI tracks. There, of course, will be mods out there so that you can replace it, but the difference in quality is noticeable, particularly for a series long noted for its music. The graphic upscaling is hit or miss - it reduces the quality of the cut scenes, while making character models sharper. And in regards to gamepads, there is no true analog mode; instead, you are limited to only the eight cardinal directions, which can feel fairly clunky at times. It's still a rock solid game, and anyone nostalgic for it would be remiss to pass it over. The re-release does leave a few things to be desired, and how much you enjoy it depends on your willingness to overlook the poor port.


Classic gem, one of the best stories

solear | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all solear's reviews »

The first time I played FF8 I was a kid. I grew up in an age when we just imagined most of the worlds that we played in, because the graphics were so pixelated and ugly, but for us, who played these games there was sunrise and sunset, and heroes fighting in a world full of danger and excitement. This is one of the main reasons I gave Final Fantasy 8 a exceptionally high score (I admit). If I want to be an honest reviewer I cannot overlook the outdated PS2 visuals. Hard to deny since everyone who plays the game for the first time usually feels a bit deceived (especially because Square Enix is known for not presenting a honest picture in their trailers). Dear not, fellow player. there's more to FF8 than meets the eye. The first thing that all the people I showed this game asked: Why is it so ugly? To tell the truth after a while I have not even noticed. All I remember of the game is the fight music that always makes my blood boil and sets my mind in instant focus. Even after hearing it a thousand times those tunes have something in them. Something insiring. I remember (me!) carrying Riona on a railroad. And the Lunar Cry. and fighting with Tyrannosaurs. The many places we explored. And the never-before-seen monsters we faced and defeated. And the clumsy main character who was in a sense very much myself. (I don't think there's a bigger praise for an RPG then this) I definitely want to convince everyone who see this to play this game. It takes time to get used to, but I personally promise you that it WORTH IT! I've read somewhere that this was considered one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time. And in other places that it is not. I believe that those, who play it and see through the graphics will find one of the best adventures they have ever seen in their life. Be warned, some systems in this game are complex. Takes time to understand them and plan with them. It has it's own terms and "terminus technicus". Old school RPG fans know what I mean. Card playing with regional rules? Yeah (included minigames).. You need strategy and preparation? Most definitely! How many hours do you need to play it through? A LOT! I believe with an average appetite FF8 will last for WEEKS. Romantic interests? I describe this game as "A love story (with swords and monsters)" Being over 30 years old, and a player since the C64 age, I'm very pleased with my decision in middle school when I gave this game a chance. Still in my top list of best games I've ever played (along with Fallout 1-2, Baldur's Gate 2+ToB, Icewind dale 1-2) From technical part this "remastered" version runs without any problem, on any configuration that is still operational today. No glitches, no bugs (Last time I played it for over a week for Playfire (payed) achievements, never crashed, runs perfectly). Very unique story, very unique world, very different from any other game. ..And very much recommended.


Just a Re-Release

Mscigniew | Jan. 21, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Thats exactly what FFVIII is...Personally I am disappointed with it.It was a great game back in the day,but at the moment you can spend 10£ on something...well more fresh.Its still a piece of great J-RPG but everything in the game is outdated,graphics,sounds,controls...Get it only if your sentimental about it,or are into old sql games,otherwise take The Last Remnant.


Absolutely Amazing

Brotality | Jan. 15, 2014 | See all Brotality's reviews »

Definitely a wonderful RPG that you can waste countless hours on. I recently bought it myself, and highly recommend it to anyone that was into any of the FF games, or games with similar gameplay. Myself I have already played 21 hours and I haven't even owned the game a week. It's definitely well worth the money spent for the hours you can get out of it.


A Personal Favorite

xiluxpain | Jan. 13, 2014 | See all xiluxpain's reviews »

I've played just about every Final Fantasy game, and here's exactly why Final Fantasy VIII should be your favorite. When you begin the game, you aren't immersed in immediate danger. It is a slow paced game, much closer to an actual role-play game than an adventure or action. You actually embrace each character as well as their stories as you play. You start your journey as a student, playing as Squall. You are considered one of the sources of trouble in this game. Needless to say, you've found yourself a rival too. Along the road to doing missions with your class, you come across Rhinoa. That's where the game truly begins, speaking an action-filled romance that draws you to each individual character. Without spoiling too much, FFVIII has a different, but similar summoning system and magic you learn through battling. It is still turn-based, and filled with many mini-games, many other characters as well. By the time you're done, Squall won't be your only favorite character. Try your best not to love them all (even the "bad" guys).


final fantasy

scanner786 | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all scanner786's reviews »

This is a great game, very fun and enjoyable for hours of gaming, some players may even find this game to be very addictive, so you will need huge gaming hours to dedicate to this game to progress through the story. The story line is also very good but the RPG style of the game where you can upgrade weapons and skills and add many different styles of combat to suit you. I highly recommend this game. 9/10


A classic forever

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Launched in 1999 by Squaresoft , continuous landmark in this fabulous PSX rpgs saga . The plot puts us in the skin of Squall Leonarth , a student of garden Balam Seed seeking to become like their peers. His personality is cold and hard so it has a hard time relating to other people . Later will know other people like Zell Dintch , martial arts expert and do Conas , Rinoa , a mysterious and flirtatious girl , Seifer Almasy , her rival who is always poking , etc ... The plot hits a turn when the most important nation on the continent ( Galbadia ) starts a war in command of a witch with evil intentions. Squall and other garden members tried to stop him but the thing is not as we initially painted . As for graphics was a big improvement over its predecessor and incorporating 3D real bodies imitating characters , designs and prerenderizados funds and a CGS with quality infarction. All this adding the cool light effects of the magic or the breathtaking scenes video of the invocations (GF ) . The music is awesome, each item composite Nobuo Uematsu genuine . The sound effects do their task perfectly , every shot , hit, impact , etc. puts us squarely in the adventure as though we were living it right there . The gameplay presents a shift heavy battles where magic units will be as if they were items we can draw from the enemies and invocations we will cover your vitality while we casteando . The strength appears when we are low VIT , if this condition is met our character can execute a special attack that varies according to who is the executor of the attack, this gives a rate of something more frantic and original game that greatly increases the fun of battles. The world is vast in quantity, we can take hours exploring every town , dungeon , island, etc. . New to the series we are incorporated vehicles such as rental cars or trains or use pre- pay using petrol cans . The last details to refine his secrets are : to complete the game 100 % with all the cards , end weapons, special attacks , magic , GF take us a long time but worth it for every new item we got more power in battle or fragments of history we can heavy italics . In short it is a gem that any collector or Gamer videjuegos must have in your shelf and have enjoyed it once in your life with all its juice .


Classic rpg game everyone should play

Seibitsu | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all Seibitsu's reviews »

If you enjoy Final Fantasy saga, you must try this one as it's part of the classics. You play as Squall, a student who is training to become a special agent and you help him to train and of course passing the final test in order to become a true warrior. On his final test something goes wrong and he and his team mates have to fight against true killing machines. The battle mechanincs are really good: turn based combat, classic FF items and magic, but this time they have a limited ammount so you won't have a magic bar but a special attack one which, when filled gives you a powerful attack. You can also exit from a combat if you need so. Graphically, despite beign a little bit old for now, it's really amazing how games were back in the time, such beautiful graphics and models (yeah, this time you don't have square characters) At the top of that, it's one of those games wich gives you infinite hours to play in, as it has many extras like cards. Overall, if you are a fan of RPG, this is a must-try.


The Fantasy that grows on you.

Nigee | Dec. 7, 2013 | See all Nigee's reviews »

When FF8 first came out most people thought it was OK at best. Compared to FF7, the magic and equipment systems turned alot of people off. But once you come back to it, you notice that it has a great story, and the once quirky game mechanics become a welcome addition. Definitely worth trying out for the price, and will get you at least 50 hours of gameplay, but that is only if you dont stop to enjoy the extras


Epic romance story

lok0812 | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Another re-release of the Final Fantasy series comes to PC again. Final Fantasy 8 follows the traditional Final Fantasy formula with epic storyline, great character designs, awesome soundtracks, in addition, a romance story between Squall and Rhinoa. Gameplay follows similar to FF7 except more of a technology advanced theme. Combat is also the same with the turn based ATB with summons and magics. Many hidden features and unlockables for the players to rediscover as well as mini games to take your time off away from the main game. Overall, another great Final Fantasy masterpiece gets re-release for the PC.


Final Fantasy with the best love story

JetStreamJam | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all JetStreamJam's reviews »

This game was the first FF game me and my friends played. This introduced us to the world of JRPG. We spent countless hours with us alternating on playing while having a good time and we were able to enjoy the ride since the story is quite engaging. The GFs that you capture and can use was also very entertaining as well as your different skills that you learn from different weapons. The one thing that hooked me on this game is the way it introduced me to the story. You play as Squall and you try to piece together what happened and why things are changing starting within the balamb garden. I definetely recommend this game to any serious RPG lover since this has an engaging story and a superb strategy battles. Bring it on Ultima Weapon! Thumbs up!


A Fun, yet quirky Final Fantasy.

Antamania | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all Antamania's reviews »

In this reporter's opinion, not nearly as good as FF10, FF7, or FF9 (I blame this game for the general disregard of FF9) it's still a well made JRPG. There aren't enough of these on steam, so I'd advocate for this until better ones pop up. If you haven't played it before, it's a decent quality game. It would have been a good game on it's own without the expectations of quality that come from a Final Fantasy title (older one anyway.) There are a few gripes with this game that are pretty massive, this version does a decent job at addressing them hence the recommendation. A) The Draw system is probably the most stupid thing to ever exist, you need to draw spells from the ground (benches and other dumb things) and from monsters to use spells. The spells themselves are pretty limited, there aren't a whole lot of spells which is what I look for in any RPG. That said, in this version you can actually cheat and give yourself the spells so you can disregard this terrible system. B) The length of time to use a summon. You apparently are still unable to skip the graphics and they take an asinine amount of time to go off. Those are the two main gripes with the game. Those two gripes aren't enough to not play the game, they are just nuisances. I'd recommend picking it up for the fact that it's still a quality RPG all the downsides considered.


Another amazing Final Fantasy

Stebsis | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

People seem to have really mixed feelings about this game, mostly because of the gameplay mechanics, some love it, some hate it, but about all find it tedious. FF VIII protagonist is Squall Leonhart, a cadet in Galbadia Garden's military academy, who's sent on a mission with his friends and instructor. Game starts really slowly and the real story doesn't really start in a while, but once it really starts to hit, it's really good, though the ending is... confusing to say the least. You meet colorful cast of characters along the way and pretty good antagonists. There're story twists, really... weird moments and some really hard boss fights, I think overall this is one of the hardest FF games. What people seem to hate or at least find tedious is the drawing mechanic, you don't have MP that's used when casting spells like in previous games, instead in battle you use a mechanic called draw to kind of suck magic from the enemies, and this is counted as numbers, up to 100, and that's how many spells you will have. This gets really boring because you usually get like 1-5 at a time if I remember correctly so most of your battles early on will be just doing that same draw. If you decide you don't want to do it... that's not really an option because of another mechanic, Junction. This is used to link the magic you draw to your weapons and armor, making you deal more damage, elemental damage, take more hits, have more magic power etc. depending how much you have that particular magic. And if you don't do it it might even break the game completely if you have no way to draw magic from too hard enemies. I found this really boring, but once you get some magic that's enough, you don't have to get every one of them to 100 to have capable fighters, and you can't hold all of the spells in the game anyway because you can have only so much of different magics, so just use them and draw when necessary, I found this way more fun and less tedious. All the classic FF stuff are here, summons, secret ones too, hidden bosses, best weapons to find, airship, active time battle system, side quests etc. Also need to mention one of the best soundtracks in any FF game, in my opinion at least. Battle system is more or less same than in FF VII, you have 3 characters in fight at once, waiting their turns and then you choose what you want to do, magic, summons, attack etc. Characters also have special skills that're kind of like the limit breaks in FF VII, but aren't activated the same way. Basically the special attack can be activated any time, but the probability of it happening is much greater when characters health is on yellow, meaning very low. Then just spam the skip button enough until you get a chance to do it. Squall for example has one that shoots kind of like laser beam from his sword to space and hits the enemy with that, or Zell that runs around the world to hit his opponent... yeah, couple of them are a bit over the top, but really cool and I especially loved them when I was little kid. Overall I really like this game, junction and draw mechanics can get boring especially in the beginning and story is a bit slow to pick up, but just stick through it, this is a great Final Fantasy game that tried at least something new while still keeping to its roots, and didn't try to just copy the insanely huge success that was FF VII.