Reviews for Might & Magic® Heroes® VI - Gold Edition


Not as bad as some say!

mahon | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

Might & Magic Heroes VI - Gold Edition is a great way to get into the Heroes franchise if you are not familiar with it (well, if you are, you most likely have this game already). The game is a great mix of RPG, strategy, exploration, city building, and more. This all is packed in great graphics and sound, and expanded by two adventure packs released for the game. If you liked any other Heroes games, or maybe King's Bounty or Disciples, try this game, and you will be lost for many hours to come. It's addictive and enjoyable, even though some people tend to call it the weakest game in the series I disagree. Some technical glitches aside (they may or may not happen to you), this game is not half as bad as some say, so I'd recommend that you tried it and judged it by yourself.