Reviews for Total War: Shogun 2


Strategy First

yngdr | March 15, 2015 | See all yngdr's reviews »

Shogun 2 is a great game for combat strategy. for a turn based game the graphics are very good. Music and sounds are better then what you would expect to hear in a game focusing on visuals. On sale or full price a great deal anyway you can get it.


Total War Shogun 2 | A Focused, Unique, and Great Total War

officermuffin | March 11, 2015 | See all officermuffin's reviews »

Total War Shogun 2, after Empire and Napoleon, is a refreshing return to the focus on more primitive weapons. The combat is as strong and satisfying as ever. My particular favorite unit tree is archers, which feel amazing to use. The impact of the arrows on the enemy is outstanding, and I have never felt it in a previous Total War game. I like the setting, though it is largely subjective. However, I feel the setting was a good fit for a Total War game regardless, though it loses some of it's grandness when not fighting somewhere like America or Europe. The time period, which was rife with betrayal, alliance, war, and general diplomatic shakiness, definitely matches up with the behavior of the AI and makes for an exciting game. The game-play in general is great; it has all the mainstays of the Total War franchise, and most added or tweaked features are great and enhance the experience. The features, whether they were in other games or not, some of the features I particularly liked are these: You can make other clans vassal nations if they have very few provinces and they feel threatened; Your armies suffer attrition during the winter months; The family tree comes back, a little. The AI does feel a bit less rational to me then before, but I may be imagining things. Diplomatic relations are good as ever, though in my games I have felt the AI gets hostile very quickly, which I personally do not mind, but some people who prefer a diplomatic game might dislike. The graphics are great, though there is not a huge improvement over previous Total War games. It runs fine on my machine, which is a high-end to medium gaming computer as of time of writing this. I occasionally lag with particle effects, and there are occasional unexplained lag spikes, and I have had one crash. However, these are far and few between and most definitely do not hinder game-play. The modding scene stands out to me. With a small amount of effort, you will almost surely find mods to fix whatever gripe you have with the game, as well as mods to improve it. I personally run Darthmod along with a few workshop mods. I honestly cannot find anything I dislike that is sensible to complain about. It is a great game, though it does not totally feel like a Total War game at times, and would be a great addition to anyone's strategy game collection.


Full Circle

romenjack | Nov. 14, 2014 | See all romenjack's reviews »

As Shogun Total War was the first of the total war games i had ever played it had a very close place in my heart. So when they were making a second one I was both very excited and concerned and after how terrible of a game Empire Total War turned out to be I was worried that maybe they were starting to loose their touch. But it seems like they have learned from the mistakes of their past and have made one awesome game. There are a few flaws to be sure. like the fact that artillery in this game never seems to miss and will just wipe out an entire unite, for the most part the the battles are solid. Managing the world is fun and you dont have to use cheat codes just to stay in the black in your finances. all in all if you are looking for a 4x game or like other total war games then there is no reason you shouldn't buy this one.


Epic battles with Samurai - what more you need?

Zaggeta | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

For fans of the Total War series, Japan, 4X and Real Time strategy. Shogun 2 ties together the empire building of the Civ games with the intense strategy of many RTS games. Shogun 2 is a hardcore strategy game. You're going to be building an empire where one mistake costs you the game. So many factors can dictate your success that it may become a little overwhelming. For the competitive type, there is a solely-RTS multiplayer mode, allowing you and a clan of your friends to takeover a ficticious Japan.


Captivating All Around

ash_arani | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all ash_arani's reviews »

I have been out of the 'strategy games' loop for so long. I grew up playing RTS (franchises like C&C). After seeing many glowing reviews of Total War: Shogun 2, I thought it might be time to invest in strategy again. And what an experience this is. The Total War franchise excels at bringing the best of RTS and Turn-Based Strategy. It is one thing to be planning out economic and development plans. It becomes a completely different experience once you go into battle and the real-time element kicks in. Also, given the niche (Japanese history) it revolves around, it is well executed. I am no expert on the accuracy of the facts, but I am enjoying it nevertheless. Given I am a newcomer to this type of games, it took me almost 8 hours to go through all the tutorials. Those were an experience of their own. The game features a good variety of units and I am particularly happy with wars both on land and in sea. Overall, I really like both the depth and breadth of this game. It manages to cover most bases when it comes to strategy. Highly recommended!


Absolutely stunning

desperado28 | Aug. 21, 2014 | See all desperado28's reviews »

If you are fan of Total War games, you should be very familiar what this game done to the this genre and reminded everyone how a proper RTS game should be made. Its absolutely stunning in every way, starting from art style, soundtrack, to the hole atmosphere of 16th-century Japan, it will leave you speechless. This has quickly become my favorite game in the genre and is definitely must have for any total war fans out there


Another Fantastic Title by Creative Assembly

Archeer | Aug. 20, 2014 | See all Archeer's reviews »

Shogun 2 combines the strengths of previous successful titles and streamlines a lot of the flaws suffered by the older games. The combat is more focused, offering a wide variety of strategic options both in open field as well as siege battles. The UI is refined, with a lot of clunky elements removed from the older titles like Rome and Medieval. The game features a Japanese Sengoku-era samurai style world. Although it's not exactly new in the industry, it's very rare to see work based around this theme that's well done. If you were a fan of CA's work from previous series such as Rome: Total War, and Medieval 2: Total War, there is no reason not to grab this game.


What's so good about this?

adrianching7 | Aug. 15, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

Shogun 2 Total War brings you a realistic battle simulator that uses ancient Japanese army to help conquer the warring states that have taken place in that era. All troops have been accurately drawn and their abilities are also similar to what real ones would have. The graphics and gameplay overwhelmed me when I started to play this game and slowly but surely, I got addicted to it. Whether you are an aspiring strategist or a casual gamer like me, this is the perfect game to get hooked to!


An amazing game

Shipp32 | Aug. 12, 2014 | See all Shipp32's reviews »

Total war is an awesome game series, always have been a fan of the series. The game is great because it's historically accurate! The game is insanely fun and very competitive, I recommend this game!


Is this game worth the money?

adrianching7 | June 13, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

In my opinion, this game is definitely worth it. As someone who loves the Japanese culture, I have learned many things just from playing this game and controlling your units during combat is the most exciting thing to do. The sheer amount of work and special units they put into this game (Like ninja's) is most surprising as I can get a feel of what Japanese warfare is. Out of all the Total War games in the series, This is definitely in my top 3 list behind Rome: total war and Empire Total War


An Awesome Game

Tryst45 | June 11, 2014 | See all Tryst45's reviews »

I have been introduced to the Total War Series only from the Empire. The improvements from the previous installment has been tremendous. The AI is not a push over. The battle sequences are fun, and you have to think on your feet in order to win the day. The hardest thing in this game is to start out correctly. It might take some time to learn, but I guarantee you will love this game as much as I do.


One of my favorite strategy titles

lap229 | March 5, 2014 | See all lap229's reviews »

As a new player to the Total War series i was unsure about purchasing this game but, when playing, this game feel like the perfect mix of turn based strategy and fast paced, tactical combat. The artwork, graphics and attention to detail in this game are phenomenal form cherry blossom leaves falling in the spring to unit formations called barking pine tree. This game stands out from previous total war titles with the much needed co-op campaign, no longer in a multi-player campaign must the players turn on each other at the end to reach victory, in Shogun 2 victory is fully cooperative. All in all Shogun 2 is one of my favorite strategy games and stands out as the best in the total war series.


Definitely not a shamefull display

vaderbe | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all vaderbe's reviews »

I've been a big fan of the Total War franchise since I first played Rome back in the day, and kinda left it when Shogun 2 came out. I thought the setting wouldn't really be my thing, boy was I proven wrong... I bought the Grand Master collection, which includes Shogun 2 + a lot of DLC. I definitely recommend this collection to any Strategy-fan out there. The campaign is brilliant, and without a doubt the best ever in a Total War game. The family trees really make a father out of you: you just want your sons and daughters to do good. It"s really immersive. The battles are epic, especially with the blood and gore pack, which I strongly recommend. Every unit is well balanced, and every clan in the game has its own speciality so you will have to know your enemy to succeed. The graphics and animations are also the best ever. You can easily just watch 1000 samurai go at each other for an our, and not get bored. The game runs really smooth as well. Normally I give a few negative remarks at the end of my review for a good game, to put things in perspective. But I just can"t think of any. If you're a fan of the genre, it's a sin not to have played this game. So go get it and bring honour to your Daimo!


One of the best strategy games ever made

Sganotak | Jan. 16, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

Shogun 2 is not only the best Total War game ever made, but also one of the best strategy games of all time. It's set in the 16th century feudal Japan and your ultimate goal is to become Shogun by conquering Japan.You play as one of many available clans, with each one having a different specialty (the Chokosabe are superior archers while the Shimazu have the best katana samurai for example). Your starting position and neighbors play a large role in the initial challenge so each clan needs to be approached differently The game is significantly harder than previous Total War entries. This is mainly owed to the fact, that the economy of the game is very strict and hard to manage and requires clever managing. The AI also is a lot more human like and it will provoke to establish an alliance or trade agreements with you through Diplomacy. What I really love about the AI in this game it wants to become Shogun as much as you, so it can try to trick you, manipulate you and blackmail you. The game is equally challenging in both early game and late game, as in the beginning you will have to build a strong foundation for your clan while in the end game you will have to defend yourself from the other powerful clans that will try overthrow you after witnessing your rise to power. The graphics are amazing. The environments are beautiful and the attention to detail is outstanding. Each unit is very detail and when two armies engage in combat the battle animations are awesome and immensely satisfying The art direction is one of the strongest points of this game. The UI, the Map, the menus are all hand drawn in japanese fashion which really adds a lot of immersion to the game. The ancient Japanese music that plays during the campaign or during battles also fits the game perfectly. One minor issue I had with the game was the little number of units available. I know this is supposed to take place in a single continent but the devs could easily make the troops of each clan have a unique design. Fortunately there are lots of mods that can address that There is also an updated Multiplayer component for the game which features a lot of new additions, like Co-op and head to head campaigns, an avatar conquest mode and real time custom battles. To conclude, Shogun 2 elevated the Total War franchise to a new level and it's certainly worth a purchase, whether you're a casual or hardcore strategy fan.


An Honorable Title

xiluxpain | Jan. 10, 2014 | See all xiluxpain's reviews »

For those who are familiar with the Total War series, Total War: Shogun 2 is the one that could be labelled as perfection. In Shogun 2, you play as one of the many factions in a quest to become the Shogun, and to ultimately unify Japan. What makes this title the absolute best of its series is the balance. In previous titles, you could easily be out-performed by anyone who focused on production. Those who loved to war would be out-classed by the factions who worked on finances and pumping out much higher tiered units. It was impossible to use the weakest unit to defeat the best unit,. Shogun 2 offers the balance to collapse that very mindset. In this title, the weakest unit is known as an "ashigaru," which is similar to peasants. Believe it or not, it is very possible to win with an ashigaru only army from start to finish. Total War: Shogun 2 steals the audience with ease through their family organization and promotion of generals, separate skill trees that give a unique play each game, and unique faction bonuses which give you many methods of victory. Alliances are no longer useless, as many will keep loyal to their oaths. It is no longer a straight-forward kill and win game, but one that requires careful planning, or face the wrath of early realm divide.


My Favorite Total War

Bytrine | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all Bytrine's reviews »

This may be the best Total War yet. You're a Shogun of a clan, one clan out of the many you get to choose from. Each clan has it's own set of perks and abilities which make you really think what you want to do as a leader. Not only that, you have two distinct paths to go down on. Want to follow the art of war? Or Chi? Well, each trait you unlock helps you. Issues? Well, the AI does get bugged out most of the time, sometimes the AI cheats on Naval Battles, and there is 'Realm Divide'. Realm Divide is when you get so much power all of the clans (Allies, Vassals, Enemies, Trade Partners) will turn on you. It's extremely hard, but there has been mods created to dumb down the effect. I recommend you buy this game, it's well worth it.


The best total war ever

fingerchain | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all fingerchain's reviews »

as a hardcore total war fan for me this game has been the best. the overall experience that this game brings had me hooked up especially the online multiplayer. single player campaign is fun and challenging as well. from maps with lush environment in which real-time battle happens to customizing your units,clan logos and more, clearly you will feel immerse to what the era of game is set. if your new to the game or to total war try this game its obviously a must have without a doubt.


A Masterpiece

Valtiel1 | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all Valtiel1's reviews »

Shogun 2 is a fantastic game. As a long time veteran of the total war franchise I have been playing them since the original shogun. The graphics of the game, provided you have a machine powerful enough to run it on high, are astounding. I do have a complaint about the engine though; Shogun 2 is largely single threaded. So even high end machines can struggle due to the game only using a fraction of their resources. The gameplay itself is divided between city building and rts, both are realistic and complex, however shogun 2 is much more accessible than past entries to the series. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a deep and satisfying strategy game, and to fans of eastern culture.


The best Total War

DunkerGZ | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all DunkerGZ's reviews »

Returning once again to feudal Japan, Shogun 2 makes everything right. From a great inmersive theme to its stuning graphics, the game success on every detail. As a hardcore strategy gamer, i found the campaing very challenging and at the same time, accesible for new players. The multiplayer, on the other hand, is where the game trully shines. Play against other people while slowly conquering Japan with your custom avatar or simply go for an unranked match against a friend. If you like strategy games, why don't you have this game yet?


Best Title of Its Series

whitebutler | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all whitebutler's reviews »

The game is really great, but the third expansion of the game, Fall of the Samurai, is really hitting on its spot. So much epicness for one game. The Clan Family system, the General's Skill Trees system, and also its theme. It really reminds us of one of Hystorical Events that changed Japan, Meiji's Restoration. The modernization from Western really impacted Japan from every aspects, that's what we could learn from this game. This is how Total War game should be. Anyway, this game is a "MUST OWN GAME" for every strategy-games fans. Score : 93/100


A worthy successor to Shogun: Total War

fverret | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all fverret's reviews »

I first experienced the Total War series when I received the first game, Shogun: Total War, for Christmas. It was a surprise, one for which I was very glad: conquering Japan had never felt so good and hasn't been bested since. Enter Shogun 2. There are several clans to choose from and their location on the map determines the early difficulty of the game. There is certainly a feeling of pride when you grow your small clan into a force to be reckoned with, controlling so many provinces that every other clan is turning against you, and, when you seize the title of Shogun and manage to hold it until the end of your campaign, it will feel like you earned it. The core gameplay of the series is still great, but I wish the diplomacy options were more fleshed out or that you could control trade in such a way that other clans would think twice before attacking you. Regardless, it is one of the finest turn-based strategy games you can experience.


Easily the Greatest Total War

MPixels | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all MPixels's reviews »

I had the good fortune to pick this up for nothing in a sale, not expecting anything quite so solid as I was treated to. The game easily immerses you into Feudal Japan. Naval combat is neatly implemented and land combat is robust as ever. It's simply the best you can expect from a Total War game and none of its expansions fail to impress either!



THE_KILLIONAIR | Oct. 21, 2013 | See all THE_KILLIONAIR's reviews »

This is the best Total War game to date, everything is top notch. The graphics are amazing, if your PC can handle it, and the campaign and multiplayer are the best in the series. You can be one of many multiple factions in the campaign either siding with the Shogun or Imperials, and you fight for Japan. The entire war is turn-based like Civilization V, but the battles are real-time. Your are able to control thousands of units at a time, you actu/ally feel like a General leading your troops into a battle. And multiplayer is great too! You are able to use customized troops that actually gain experience as you use them in ranked games. You're able to change their appearance and customize their skills. There are so many features that were in this game and should've made it to Rome 2. Total War Shogun 2 is the best Total War game in the series and that's why I gave it a 95/100.


Just great

rjb789 | Sept. 30, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This is easily the best Total War game in the series to date, or it certainly is in my opinion. It takes everything that made the previous games so addictive and brillinat and refines everything. From the insane graphical fidelity in each of the thousands of battling troops, or the redefined control system which makes controlling your fighters and battle units a breeze. The game offer up plenty of strategic situations and missions which vary and make you assess each situation differently and challenge yourself. This game is a complete and Total (pun intended) must for any fans of strategic games which have great concepts and missions. You should go and get this game!


Back to the start

Glyndwr | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Glyndwr's reviews »

With this Total War game we go back to Japan and the original setting. For me Shogun just feels like it IS Total War more than any of the other games, I think the original setting is the best one. The graphics are a notable step up on Napoleon, the campaign map has become more streamlined and stylised. Battles continue to be an enjoyable experience although for more hardened players some of the old quirks are still present. Sea battles in the vanilla game are the weakest point by a long way, I tended to just simulate then. They are much improved along with other excellent additions in the Fall Of The Samurai expansion which brings a lot of extra interest to this game.


Impressive !!!

Angelos79 | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all Angelos79's reviews »

This is one of the best the Total War series has to offer. The best map yet, it is almost alive. I have been around since the first Total War, and i can certainly say this is worth it's money. It does not have the scope of Med/ TW and Kingdoms, but it takes a specific era and details it to exhaustion. Buy it and kiss your evenings goodbye for a couple of months or more. Of course, this should be accompanied by all its DLCs and the Fall of Samurai campaign. Still, don;t hesitate on this!


One of the best

bala1201 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all bala1201's reviews »

It is a Total War game, the remake of their very first one. It is simplyfied to the roots with a very limited range of units, mostly the same for every faction, so you must rely on your skills to win your battles. Save often. :-D



pm11 | Aug. 29, 2013 | See all pm11's reviews »

Great game, great graphics and user interface. Could use some work with compatibility with laptop GFX cards, but other than that runs great!


Must have

mcofdiablo | Aug. 29, 2013 | See all mcofdiablo's reviews »

It is Total War game. I shouldn't even add anything else. It's the best historical RTS series, in my opinion. I can't even tell how long I had been playing Rome: Total War. Then there were not so well-done Empire and Napoleon games. And then we had this one - Shogun 2. First of all, it's one of the best-looking games I have ever played. Incredible level of details (which developers will surpass in the Rome 2, I am sure), the game looks wonderful, especially with Direct X11 turned on. Secondly, the game gives you a variety of possible strategical movements: there are land battles and sea fights, espionage and peace treaties. You choose the way to play. Isn't it the reason to play it?


It's good... for a while.

thejoakim | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all thejoakim's reviews »

The battles and castle defences are great fun and you steamroll the enemy hoorah! And then you play it on the hardest setting. Which kind of ruins the whole deal because the ai will stack armies on the armies on the armies whereas you can only have one army. So you might rout/wipe out 2 ai armies and when they send in the 3rd (same battle) you just cannot win due to morale and fatigue issues. This would be the time to sub in your other full army sitting right next to you but no. The only one allowed to reinforce like this is the ai. Gamebreaking. Another thing that is unforgivable is the grand strategy map ai. They make ridiculous demands when in weak positions and do not even accept the most generous of terms unless of course they came up with them. Furthermore, the ai will betray you in a heartbeat no matter if you have been allies for a very long time and have close ties.They will betray you even when hopelessly outnumbered and isolated. They hate you so much that they'd rather die and disappear from history than coexist. The illogical ai and generic maps makes the replay value of this game low. 91 for battles, 71 for ai. Average 81.


Best Total War Game Yet

Stryker989 | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all Stryker989's reviews »

My friend had always been bragging about this game and bugging me to get it so I finally did, and I didn't regret it. I've put many hours into this game developing my own personal strategy to take over all of Japan, and it gets addicting quickly. The details put into the game are amazing. For $30 you will EASILY get your money's worth back out of it.


Awesome Strategy Game

Phildor | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all Phildor's reviews »

The best Total War game, especially with both major expansions. All sorts of styles of combat are possible, depending on the choice of clan. The highlight of the FotS is of course the third-person control of the artillery, which just adds to an already great game. The only small downside is the less straightforward multiplayer, but I still like their system.


Best from CA!

blofeld | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all blofeld's reviews »

I recently picked Shogun II up after having played other games for a while and wow what a good game this is. Forget every bad thing you heard of Empire, this game delivers! In my current game I am loosing, but that is actually fun. I am putting up a good fight against the strongest clan, in the support of the current Shogun! The AI is actually good, and makes good decisions. Sure, it can never match a human, but it is not so stupid as it where in previous CA titles. My only problem with Shogun is that it is very demanding when it comes to graphics. I am runnung the game on an i7 CPU rig with a 560ti GPU and the noise from my GPU is as high as the graphics setting. Even though it runs great on Ultra, the noise is just not ok. Hopefully this is taken care of in Rome 2, which is my next buy.


All Out Warfare

toasteddude | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all toasteddude's reviews »

An awesome strategy game that allows you to field thousands of units at once and watch each soldier battle. Recommended for anyone looking for a tactical real time strategy game. Minus points only because it needs a strong PC to play smoothly, particularly your CPU. Still, nothing beats defending a citadel against a massive force.


Good For It's Era

jairoelpuro98 | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all jairoelpuro98's reviews »

Shogun 2 is truly a great game for its stature. For me all it was missing was a bigger map kind of like Medieval or Empire.


If You Are a Returning Player You'll Feel Right at Home

noobboy191 | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

If you have ever played any other total war game you know exactly what you are getting into. A very strong strategy game with in depth and detailed units that will have you're jaw dropped. Something a little bit new in this installment is the animations, hand to hand combat has never looked so good. Other than the looks, the actual game will have you sit down in your chair and have you think about the future of your clan, truly a thinking man's game, have Christianity spread through your lands and you may have a split in society, some saying you have lost your tradition, others praising you for open mindedness. Anyways this is a great buy!


Best RTS game ever!

Isagris | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all Isagris's reviews »

Beautiful graphics, great gameplay, stunning battles. What more can you expect from THE perfect game?


Great Game Should Be in Any Strategy Fan's Library

HylianLegend | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all HylianLegend's reviews »

Shogun 2 is another very solid entry into one of the premiere strategy franchises. The game boasts impressive graphical considerations over previous entries as the campaign map portrays Japan in beautiful detail. The battles are where those graphics truly shine as the individual soldiers are well animated, especially during battle sequences. The downfall of Shogun 2 is only that the differences between factions are very minimal, creating fundamentally the same experience, regardless of what faction you are playing. Granted, there are bonuses to certain areas for each faction- for instance, the naval power of the Mori clan or the katana experts of the Shimazu, but these bonuses don't change the fact that everyone is fielding unit after unit of the same katana or yari (spear) samurai. Points for realism about this as, after all, the game is set in a period of civil war, so the armies would be rather similar. However, compared to entries like Rome and Medieval 2, the unit variety is lackluster. There are DLC packs out there to boost some of the variety, and this reviewer highly recommends grabbing some of them to add some life to the game. The total experience of Shogun 2 is amazing though, and I have spent over 300 hours playing the game, despite the aforementioned drawback. The game play and interface system is more seamless than any Total War game before it. This franchise, and particularly this entry, is a must have for any strategy fan, especially those like myself who can't wait for Rome 2's launch next month.


Brilliant game

bartinkopl2 | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all bartinkopl2's reviews »

Again, great Total War game from greeat Franchise. Probably one of the best strategic games that have ever been created. Great graphics, awesome soundtrack adn hundreds of soldiers under your command - what else do you want? So - buy it!


The best Asian experience!

Thomazen | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all Thomazen's reviews »

This game is an essential part of every gamers collection! Despite the lacking support from Creative Assembly, the community has backed up around this game, and now the fruits of labor is just for the picking! You can essentially customize your experience with MODs and with the already amazing existing gameplay, get a perfect strategy experience!


An Essential Co-Op Experience

Hintzke | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all Hintzke's reviews »

If you've played a Total War before there isn't much different in this game from previous entries into the series, with the obvious exception of settings and units. As is the campaign is solid and has all the things that make a Total War a solid game. However, it's true shining moments are in the Co-Op campaigns. There is something about marching your armies against common foes and struggling in battle as thousands of units clash just to have your friend come from the fog of war and rally to help turn the tide. It doesn't happen a lot unless your partner plays pretty close, but it is definitely worth the money just to experience these moments. The cons to the game is its optimization. I think they could have did a better job, and at times it's recommendations for your settings are pretty bad and will cause terrible frame rates, so it may take a bit before you get a solid un-bogged down battle. All in all, it is a very solid entry and is a great place to start as well.


Awesome strategy

ConorEngelb | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

The Total War series is the apotheosis of strategy gaming. Awesome graphics mixed with great turn-based and real-time gameplay makes for one of the best gaming experiences ever.


Total War games are good, but...

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

I would have to say its not the best game the Creative Assembly have made in the Total War series, but its better than some seem to give credit for. At the same time, I don't agree with everyone handing out 5/5 and dismissing the complaints of others. Steam isn't a perfect platform to use it on and I sympathise with those out there who are unable to get good download limits who are then effectively forced to download it despite going out and buying the disk version, but by and large I've had no major issues with Steam; its easy to set up and use and a convenient place to get your games. The soundtrack and art style are excellent and the battle AI, both in land and sea battles, took me by surprise; of all the Total War games, it has the best land battle AI, a significant improvement over that of Empire and Napoleon, especially in siege battles, which was the Achilles heel of the previous games. I've watched the AI pull of some spectacular tactical coups, often working its ways out of well thought-through strategies and even overcoming superior numbers or better quality troops through careful management of its forces. Naval engagements are much better, as there is much more strategy required and it doesn't come down to who has bigger ships/guns. I feel though that ultimately, the real weakness of the game is the campaign AI and indeed the whole way the campaign works. Its a breathtaking map when you first see it, but I've been deeply disappointed by way the campaign works. The AI is rather consistent on all but the hardest difficulties and enjoys unfair advantages over the player on all difficulties such as suffering no unrest in newly-conquered provinces. The realm divided mechanic makes late campaign play ridiculously hard and unpleasant and put me off playing another campaign. Unless you can expertly carve your way across the country and win every battle you fight, you are likely to fail before the campaign time-limit expires. Like the last few games in the series, the pace of the campaign is mandatory aggressive and the AI still completely uncooperative, willing to betray you at a moment's notice, even when it is disadvantaged and unwilling to accept even generous terms, making unrealistic demands when it is not in a position of strength. To date I've had tremendous problems with multiplayer and I've still not had a session that didn't end in connections failing, despite having a strong connection. Overall its an above-average game, but the key area (for me), the campaign, still hasn't been improved compared to the previous games.


Best strategy game I have ever played!

xSh4d0wXx | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all xSh4d0wXx's reviews »

This game is an amazing edition to an already amazing family of games! It is really fun to play online with friends but the singleplayer mode is where it really shines. It is very addictive and forces me to be tactical in my thinking. A very rewarding game to play!


Best strategic game out threre at the moment.

Iluminatro | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all Iluminatro's reviews »

The title says it all, thats what I think about the game. The difficulty levels can be adjusted to new players or hardcore players, enabling a good experience for everyone. The strategical depth is on par with games like Civ5 and it excells in its wonderful battles. Hundreds of soldiers at your command, historically accurate equipped to fight for you cause. So gather your clan of choice and decide to fight for your shogun or to take the throne yourself!


If you have ever played a strategy game, this is for you

Sharpshot94549 | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all Sharpshot94549's reviews »

This brings me back to when I first played the original Shogun, and its even better. Not only updated graphics, but enhanced game play and battles so detailed that you won't believe it at first. All of the glory that is the Total War series is back and better than ever.


Total War fans rejoice

lok0812 | July 31, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

If you are fans of the series then you will find Shogun 2 to be very familiar with the older entries of the series in addition to more polishing making it the best Total War experience ever. If you have not played any Total War game, they are turn based RTS games utilized large armies and terrain environment. Aspects like those gives a wide variety of tactical decision when commanding your troops. The graphic and the sounds of the game are top notch and can easily be distracted by it. Overall, this is a must get if you are a RTS fans and should give this a try even if you don't pplay RTS.


Must Play Title

Jonot86 | July 23, 2013 | See all Jonot86's reviews »

I've been playing Creative Assembly games for years, ever since the first Shogun Title on the PC and even the 3rd person combat game (which was awesome too) on the console. This game is not for everyone thou with it's tactical turn base thinking on politics with real time strategy elements in the battles. While most players want the action right now and thinking they can plough through everything with overwhelming force will be in a sudden surprise. If you like some slow pace planning with quick thinking leadership in battle, pick this game up for one epic journey.


Probably one of my favourite games of the last few years

odren | July 22, 2013 | See all odren's reviews »

I've played a lot of it, probably too much, yet it is a great way to spend time if you have nothing else to do. managing your faction so that you survive the turmoil of the period of sengoku jidai is interesting, and the battles themselves are large and quite engaging, with each individual fight dropping into motion recorded animations making it seem as if the AI are actually fighting (It works a lot better than it did in Empire) the game has nearly limitless replayability so i recommend it a great deal


Best total war game in the series

Saggy1 | July 12, 2013 | See all Saggy1's reviews »

Shogun 2:Total War is a game in which you control a clan in an attempt to take over feudal Japan. Pro: The game has tons of units and skills for you to use. It also has poems from generals or quotes from Sun Tzu's art of war in-between loading screens. Con: The game runs on a rock paper scissors concept: Spear-men kills mounted units, a swordsman kills a spear-man and archers and matchlock units kill basically anything.


Amazing !

Arvel | July 7, 2013 | See all Arvel's reviews »

Take care, because this game will slowly eat your time without your even seeing it. It is really deep, and you have to take care of every aspect of your clan : economy, morale, army, diplomacy, if you want to ensure victory. Otherwise, you will most surely fail. The strategic part is really good and I sometimes find myself thinking about what to do next in my campaign ! The battles you play on the field are very well rendered (playing on Ultra, you can see the face of every single guy in your army, and the animations are really nicely done). Here, the AI is sometimes a bit lacking skill and if you play the battle yourself, unless you are severely outnumbered, you will most certainly win, at least in Normal difficulty. But in higher difficulties, you are in for a challenge. Icing on the cake : this game makes full use of Steam Workshop and you have plenty of various mods to change or improve your game experiment.


Made playing a chore

DeathRowMax | July 6, 2013 | See all DeathRowMax's reviews »

As a long-time fan of Age of Empires, I succumbed to buy Shogun 2 as I couldn't find a bad review about it. After about 10 minutes, I just got the impression that the never ending rules and information served the purpose of scaring off anyone but the dedicated player. After reading pages and pages of tutorials, I finally wanted to get stuck in but find myself actually stuck! No buttons I clicked or keys I pressed allowed me to leave the tutorial screen. So I force quit the program and start it up again. I do a battle and, once it's done, same thing: I can't leave the summary screen. These apparent glitches aren't aided by the long loading time of the game - even on a purpose-built gaming PC. In summary, I have given up on this game because playing seems to be such a chore. Unlike many other games, the controls are intuitive and I just can't invest so much time just learning rules for a game I will play on my own when I'm trying to relax. For me, long rule-books should only be for board games or party games, not for kicking back in front of video games.


RTS and Total War fans will love this

conkerj | June 22, 2013 | See all conkerj's reviews »

This is most certainly the best Total War game so far, the graphics are amazing for the shear scale you see. The battles and animations feel so good to watch, nothing beats seeing a line of samurai with spears charge full speed down a hill and smash into a line of enemies. If you love war and strategy, do not hesitate to buy this. My only complaint? I personally hate load screens and for me I feel there are quite a few and some are rather lengthy. Other than this, amazing game.


Worth every penny.

drafek | June 21, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

This game does have huge battles! You can get 10,000 units and attack the enemy. The game does have some unique elements. The graphics are amazing! I never have seen graphics like this in a strategy game. One downside is the AI is a little dumb, they basically just let all their unit die. The storyline is fun and will take you hours to complete. After that you just can play online or maybe if you want offline. Worth full price!


Awesome game

lolnuts | June 19, 2013 | See all lolnuts's reviews »

I own every total war game except for the first shogun and medieval. This one is great! The graphics are very pretty and the battles play very well. Everything is very simple so it makes it a joy to play!


Best strategy game i've played

LDM | June 19, 2013 | See all LDM's reviews »

i'm not to big into strategy games because i'm not that good at them lol. But this game made me want to get better at them. When i saw there was a total war game about japan and becoming shogun i had to get this because ever one want's to be a samurai and have a army of them. when it comes to game play it can be hard at first because of all the things they throw at you but the game does a good job at telling you what does what and how to get better.If you ask me i say this game is a must buy.


A Brilliant game

psbj129 | June 17, 2013 | See all psbj129's reviews »

A great strategy game, with several improvement over others in the series especially the AI, it also improve other factors such as the real time battles and unit replenishment.


Grand strategy

tumador | June 13, 2013 | See all tumador's reviews »

If your a fan of the series you probably know what to expect, if not i think its a great place to jump in. This and rome total war are personal favourites. If your unfamiliar with the typical total war "grand strategy" it can be a little daunting and the game doesn't do an amazing job of helping the player acclimate. Stick with it though and you start to appreciate the complexity of its mechanics, due to its slower pace every move matters and there is always a multitude of factors to take into account (facing, fatigue, general placement, formation etc...) Thee appeal comes from how apparent the strategy is, even to a new player. You aren't required to learn crazy build orders or click 1000 times a minute to get to and appreciate the act of outsmarting an opponent. Graphics wise the game is beautiful (if your pc can handle it). The game is a bit of a hybrid between civilization and more traditional RTS, so if your a fan of civ (alongside the obvious RTS) i would give it a try.


Fans will enjoy it

DanielZo0 | June 12, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

Shogun 2 Total War is not really a new instalment in the Total War franchise, more like a polished version of the first one, with a batch of new features and fancy graphics. But thats not really a bad thing, the Total War franchise has been a dominant player in the Turn based strategy gaming world ever since Rome: Total War. This game has no real story, the only objective is very simple....take over Japan. There are a couple of problems with this though, the developers pushed hard to emphasize that you play "however you want" through diplomacy, espionage, or through total military action, but the only way you will EVER win is with total military action. Another lingering problem that has haunted the Total War series is the incapable auto-managing AI, which will constantly raise taxes to the maximum level whenever it is engaged. This lack of any support from the AI to help manage your towns and cities is stressful at times, and doesn't add any real fun to game play, only frustration as you sit their trying to prevent rebellions and not going bankrupt. Another problem is the lack of any diversity between factions, as is, their isnt all, they are virtually the same faction with different coloured armour and a few special bonuses to a select few major factions, unlike other total war games in recent memory, you will get extremely bored with each faction, and sometimes, even forget what faction your actually playing at times, although the developers cannot be specifically blamed for this since, well, it takes place on Japan, and diversity on a secluded island doesn't really exist. Other than those little nagging issues, this game is almost identical to other games in the series, with nothing really new added onto it, but it's still a damn good game, and will take up hours of your day at a time once you get really into it. And with better looking graphics and a simplified interface, this game should go on any Total War fans "To buy" list.


Fight for the country of the sun

DunkerGZ | June 10, 2013 | See all DunkerGZ's reviews »

Total war seriers are bact to their origins, returning once again to feudal Japan. If u like clasic japanese history and aesthetics you will really enjoy this game. Gameplaywise the game inproves in some aspects and the campaing mode adds this time brand new and interest caracters. Mut-buy for every strategy fan.



captainstark | June 9, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

This game is one of the best total war games there is, you must buy this if you love any total war game and if you love Japan. The computer player can be improved but that doesn't stop this from being a great game.


Huge battles, Huge game.

sabukovecz | June 7, 2013 | See all sabukovecz's reviews »

Excellent game. Huge battles with thousands of soldiers are epic. The strategy map is the best in the game, but the game will get bored after a while, it begins to be stereotyped.



metallicfire | June 5, 2013 | See all metallicfire's reviews »

Shogun 2 is probably the best in the Total War series to date. The world is rich and authentic. Strategy and careful planning really matter. The AI still isn't perfect, but has largely improved. Overall a largely entertaining, rich experience. Buy it.


Shogun 2

StevieOnline | May 27, 2013 | See all StevieOnline's reviews »

Shogun 2 is one of the very best strategy games to date. There's not many games set in the medieval Japan era so it's a breathe of fresh air. The game is epic and really is a joy to play. The graphics are of a really high standard and downloadable content has been very forthcoming with new units, missions and clans. Multiplayer is exceptional. If your looking for a great tactical strategy game then you wont find one better than this. There's elements of turn based strategy with real time action battles.


Shogun 2 amazing game

victor99 | May 27, 2013 | See all victor99's reviews »

Shogun 2's turn-based single-player campaign stands on its own merits as an excellent strategy game. You play as an ambitious daimyo, or leader, of one of the 10 most powerful clans in Japan. Each clan has unique strengths that you have to master if you plan to capture Kyoto, the nation's capital city, and unify Japan as its new shogun. For instance, the Chosokabe have superior bow infantry, while the Mori are master shipwrights, and the Hojo get building construction bonuses. The choice of clan is an easy one compared to the many difficult decisions you have to make during the campaign. One example is the allocation of your research efforts, which must be carefully divided between the chi and Bushido arts (the civilian and military tech trees, respectively). A strong economy based on chi is needed to pay for a powerful army's upkeep, but a narrowly focused autocrat, however enlightened, may be overrun by a militaristic brute. Furthermore, sound economic planning is necessary for success. Your economic potential and buildable units are limited by the types of buildings in your provinces. The size of a province's castle determines the number of possible buildings that may be constructed there. Since larger castles consume more food, you have to carefully plan your upgrades lest you inadvertently cause mass starvation. Temporary prosperity is possible through honorable trade relations with other clans, but these arrangements rarely last.


lords of war

Soimu | May 27, 2013 | See all Soimu's reviews »

one of my favorite total war game mainly because of the thematic cause it includes samurai and i love that era i love the mechanics the battles and stuff and the best thing i think this game offers is the multiplayer


Awesome Game

Voodoochild | May 23, 2013 | See all Voodoochild's reviews »

Awesome game that I would definitely recommend. Buy it!


Not my favorite, but FUN!

guywiththegun1 | May 18, 2013 | See all guywiththegun1's reviews »

This game in the Total War series is not my favorite, but its a blast to play online. Pros: -This Total War game gets more people to play online than all the others with its new Avatar mode where you construct your own general. -Land gameplay is fun, and each unit type has its own simple role for fast and bloody battles -The campaign is fun, especially with its new 2 player online mode. -Works on both low-end and high-end machines alike -GREAT tutorial, this really makes a good game for anyone starting the Total War series. -If you're new to the game, this is THE best strategy game out their! You won't find anything else like it! -Thousands of units on the field at once! Each battle is unique! Cons: -Unit variety is rather bland. Unlike the other Total War series, in Shogun2, each Clan has access to the exact same unit, which lowers the replay value if you're doing a single player campaign -Sea battles are a little crazy. When you finish one, you're thinking to yourself "What just happened?" But, it is fun to watch. -Less appealing if you have played previous games in the series ; but no less, a good game to have at hand! In the end, I highly recommend this to anyone who is new to the series. If your experianced, and have played many other games in the series, I recommend saving your money for Rome 2 Total War (get this game if it is on sale though!). Not my favorite, but a blast to play!


A game guide or manual is a must if it's your 1st TW

wongheungwing | May 16, 2013 | See all wongheungwing's reviews »

First of all, this game is not bad, not at all. The fighting animation is very good, as shown in the demo video and sample photos. It's just that the text size of the in-game instruction is ridiculously small, making it very uncomfortable, and maybe impossible, to read the instruction. It's so helpless to the point that I don't really know how to play the game as it's my first Total War. Just Google "small font size" and "Total War Shogun 2", and you will know that it's not just my problem. My conclusion: Maybe 80 if you have played other TW games, but just 60 or lower if you have not. I will try my best to learn how to play this game and revise the review later. But I'm quite sure my review is the first impression of those who are new to TW.


My Favorite Total War

ElitistCuisine | May 16, 2013 | See all ElitistCuisine's reviews »

As I stated, this is my favorite Total War in the series. It is one of the most polished, I have observed, out of the rest of the series. The sieges are fantastic, defending and attacking, the campaign mechanics are engaging and rewarding, and the game is downright beautiful. When you look upon a whole castle burning, it doesn't just feel like a pretty screensaver that gleefully makes you feel like an excellent commander.


A game of drones

cesog | May 15, 2013 | See all cesog's reviews »

This game is a great grand strategy game for those interested in Japan and massive armies. The Graphics are outstanding, including individual soldiers being pierced by swords, spears, and arrows. The blood pack makes the game incredibly gory, which is potentially a great thing. The AI is bad, but fixable by downloading Darth mod. I would recommend this game to strategy players.


A great game

hieufox | May 10, 2013 | See all hieufox's reviews »

A really fun game. It makes a new way Total war games are meant to. With fall of the samurai it adds more guns which is even better. The SHogun 2 itself is much like the original with those great clips of the assassinations. The events in the game really make it great. The clans are pretty unique too. It is fun to experiment with units in the game. The graphics are great on maximum settings. Best total war to date.


Total war shogun 2

Calwong | May 7, 2013 | See all Calwong's reviews »

One of the best total war games I have played. Beautiful graphics campaign maps and the battle maps are as well also the animations when soldiers are fighting are great as you can zoom in very far to see all the action. The only problem I have with is is that you can't play more than 2 players on multiplayer campaign (co-op) as I would mind waiting longer for my turn, since I'm a person how likes to watch and I just like the option there to have more than 2 players, its would be more of a challenge if it was pvp and more help if you're new to this game and need quite a lot of help.


Best TW game in a long while

Infiltrator | May 6, 2013 | See all Infiltrator's reviews »

Best Total War title since MW2, arguably since Rome. Everything that was keeping the previous entries from being amazing was fixed. The AI has gone from ridiculously stupid to surprisingly clever. They'll lure you into traps and they know when to push and when to retreat. Naval battles are much more straightforward than in Empire/Napoleon, and so are significantly more action-packed. This is helped by land masses and coasts, which provide a much more dynamic battlefield. The campaign is much more focused and has a pseudo-RPG feel, immersing you even more than before. The scale is smaller than Empire, but that much more detail has been packed into a smaller region. It's also worth mentioning that siege battles are much less straightforward and therefore much more fun than in traditional European-esque fights. Multiplayer was a great surprise. You can easily create a clan with your friends and find fights, moving over different regions and gaining new skills. As you progress, you can customize your general and his attributes with a rather large skill tree, you can add various perks to certain units (as well as damaging perks against your enemies), and ultimately you really do feel like you're leading a conquest against real people. The game isn't perfect, and most of its failings fall to the technical department. There are a few connection issues, but those are to be expected this early on. More disappointing are the visual settings. In its best, Shogun is easily the most beautiful TW, with amazing detail on each unit, great backdrops, and more detail all around, especially in the trees of the environment. Unfortunately, we won't get to see Shogun at its best for a while. Anti-Aliasing, higher Shader models, and DX11 features are completely absent from the release product; CA tells us that these will be added in a patch scheduled to arrive in 2-4 weeks. That's not really acceptable, and it feels like they were trying to meet a deadline. That aside, there are many optimization issues, especially with Phenom processors and AMD cards. Hopefully these will be addressed as well, if not by CA then by AMD and Nvidia. Overall, this is a must-own for strategy fans, or fans of historical warfare in general. Easily the best Total War game in a long while.


The most extensive Total War experience

dead_zombies | March 22, 2013 | See all dead_zombies's reviews »

Total War Shogun 2 is strategy game that lets the player control a clan in feudal Japan, striving for control and dominion over territories with military might, or clever diplomacy. The gameplay is a hybrid of turn based clan management (Civilization players will feel right at home) and spectacular real time military engagements. The AI does an awesome job on the battlefield and off it always forcing the player to adapt to new strategies and the challenge of it has kept me hooked. The level of control the player is given is adequate without being overwhelming which is hard to do when you're making a game catering to the fans of the series while also making it accessible enough for those newly taking up the sword. The graphics are nothing short of amazing. The campaign map shows the lush geography of Japan, with the flowing tides, swaying trees and artful details here and there. The battles are equally as gorgeous if not more; seeing thousands of individuals, each one with fluid animations and intricate armor and facial details fighting it out brings the immersion of Total War battles to a new level. The UI is rich with Japanese art and calligraphy that also adds to the immersion into the time period. The multiplayer is as remarkable as the single player with an all new Avatar Conquest mode where you create your own General and fight human opponents. Your general levels up and you pick his skills to gear your army as you see fit for your strategy. I have long been a fan of Age of Empires/Mythology and I am hooked to this game because it is so familiar, yet adds so many different things. Shogun 2 is one my favorite pc games and I recommend it wholeheartedly to be an addition to your pc library as well.


a nice addition to creatice assembly

Mikagee | Jan. 18, 2013 | See all Mikagee's reviews »

This game is a nice strategy game for those who love sword combat and really realistic graphics. The graphics of this game are really outstanding and still amaze me today, some of the best computers will still be unable to run this game on ultra like mine. This game is fun to play alone or with friends. The sound of this game is truly unreal as you can hear the screams of people dying or the sound of arrows hitting their target. This game has a decent AI but sometimes they will do something stupid. I would totally recommend a friend to buy this game


A true sequel to Shogun

Antix | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all Antix's reviews »

Shogun 2 is a fantastic game. Some fans of Total War came away disappointed because it doesn't follow the formula Rome and Medieval 2 had, but instead takes the first Shogun as its inspiration. You have less unit and building types, with an obviously smaller area to operate in. However, the guys at Creative Assembly did a fantastic job of bringig the classic up to date. Lots of effort went into the art design and keeping the often comical FMVs from Shogun. The province resource metagame, the best AI in the series and the balanced factions makes this Total War more interesting then ever. Not to mention how gorgeous the game is. The new Avatar multiplayer is also very addictive.


Total War: Shogun 2 - review

carlyle | Jan. 1, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

In Shogun 2 Japan was divided into several provinces, each of which has a principal and several smaller cities in which to develop the resources, modeled on the Empire, and through the various menus you can access the control of the finances, of diplomacy, of its characters and agents and law and order, to the study of Eastern filolosofie, which take the place of socio-technical research of Empire and they recycle system. The units are very trainable many, so many that it is difficult to be able to try them all, also because some are special for certain clan or certain religions. Diplomacy was again enriched options, including for example the exchange of hostages, even if the majority is trying to equip the computer with an AI worthy of the name and to develop political and diplomatic strategies consistent. On the battlefield, each unit has different capacities, from arson attacks, finally no longer merely aesthetic, in particular training, ability to fight on foot rather than on horseback, until real skills as strike fear into enemies or courage in their companions, creating different variations tactics firsts for the series for the first time and focusing attention on the management of the units as well as the army, trying to create a synergy between the various components of its army. As for the naval battles, they are of course still present and balance the paucity of vessels present we think the same positive aspects that make the experience enjoyable on earth: the micromanagement of the various skills of the ships, the perfect harmony between the classes (boarding , fraying, merchant) and the influence of the game environment, such as dry or counter-currents on the yield of field units, and of course a visual wonder that his own best in the representation of coastal environments and games of refraction on surface of marine waters.


A Must Have

Narazumo | Dec. 28, 2012 | See all Narazumo's reviews »

If you are a fan of Total War games this is a must have. Forget any mistakes made with Empire Total War or Napoleon Total War, this a return to form. As one of 8 clans, or more with DLC, take feudal Japan and unite it under the your Shogunate. The game is stunningly beautiful in both the campaign map and the battle maps, with the ability to zoom in on individual units that have great individual appearances. The combat is as tight as ever and the units are responsive and the post patching balance is spot on. The campaign is just as fun and provides a new player and a veteran anything they could want regarding Sengoku Era Japan.


Strategy like no other

Angeluzian | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

Total war shogun is a game like no other. It's hard, it's intresting, it's a game that I spent countless hours on because of how it is. It's really nice strategy and it sucks you in fast you be stuck for countless of hours. Everyone should play this game. I recommend it :)


Big game!

Moneyman | Nov. 27, 2012 | See all Moneyman's reviews »

This is an enormous game and will consume your sparetime. You buy one game but it's more like 3 games in one. One where You battle like a normal strategy game, one where You plan Your attacks on a world map and this is more like Civilization, and one where You fight like a normal game except at sea. The game takes a lot of time to play but if You like strategy games then hours will be minutes. The fighting is very well done and You have to plan Your attacks well or else Your troops may die against an underpowerd enemy. The sea battles is for me a bit complicated since it was very many ship to identify and everyone had a special abillity making it more suitable for a certain situation. Overall this game is a must for every strategy gamer out there, and for thoose like me that only play strategy games then and then this is very fun but a bit too complex maybe, but if You give it chance You'll atlest complete it on easy, and maybe normal. I know I did.


Amazing game

celdiruen | Nov. 24, 2012 | See all celdiruen's reviews »

Shogun 2 is everything that is good about a Total War game, done right. It is historically accurate in the units, areas, shogunates, etc. It has fantastic graphics. It has incorporated some new twists on the Total War formula, and is a great sequel to Shogun. The premise is that you are attempting to take over Japan and become its next Shogun. To be honest, the game doesn't have major, glaring flaws. If you like Total War games, strategy games, or this historical period, you should definintely pick this up.


Best Real Time Strategy game.

DukePaul | Oct. 18, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Total War: Shogun 2 is my first experience with the Total War series and I can say it is my favourite strategy game now, I like a lot the Feudal Japan culture and this game recreates it perfectly, the graphics are top with thousands of samurais and warriors in the battles making incredible sieges, I never see a strategy game that you control so many units. The game has an awesome tutorial to learn the basic and advanced moves, I learned a lot and thanks to that I can play online without being totally destroyed by other players. I love the campaign but it takes a lot of time because you have so many options and choices to decide before battles, and the battles are very hard but the good thing of the campaign it has Co-op and you can share your strategy thoughts with a friend. I recommend highly Shogun 2.


Awe Inspiring Game

Brudagon | Sept. 30, 2012 | See all Brudagon's reviews »

While there are a fair share of bugs and glitches, this is to be expected with any Total War game. The multiplayer alone has consumed hundred of hours of my time, and the single player is just as great. This is one game that you need to have.


Become the greatest warlord in Shogunate Japan

schroff | Sept. 14, 2012 | See all schroff's reviews »

Just 5 minutes into the game you can tell it is a labour of love by the studio. It wouldve been even better if it had more development time. It's the classic turn based Total War game and does everything by the book. The graphics are gorgeous, the ai challenging and has an engaging multiplayer. There's even an encyclopaedia if you're so inclined! One technical issue, it still uses only two cores of your CPU. Knowing how hard it hits the CPU I don't know why it still hasn't received improvemt in the muktitgreading aspect of its performance. Still, that is only nitpicking as it is a great game!


Yo-ohoh Yo oh!

Xibalba | Sept. 3, 2012 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

The best with Rome of the total war series. Stunning graphic support the dx 9 and 11. with this game we are now in the Sengoku period, was a time of social upheaval, political intrigue, and nearly constant military conflict that lasted roughly from the middle of the 15th century to the beginning of the 17th century in Japan, we can choose all the major clans of that period like Oda, Tokugawa ,Uesugi ,Takeda and much more. use the deadly ninjas and the lethal beauty gensha for help to raise your clan among the other. turn- based campaign and real-time resolution of the conflicts with large amount of units in the battlefield


Great game

MidnightWolfie | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all MidnightWolfie's reviews »

I have never actually loved any Total War games untill i met Shogun 2. This game is just great and i just can't get enough of it. It's a bit still too over priced since its over a year old, but it's totally worth all the money. Everybody should get it :)


Shogun 2 is greatness.

Xgoesrawr | Aug. 22, 2012 | See all Xgoesrawr's reviews »

This game is great and has good music. Multiplayer quick battle matchmaking: Its very punishing on new players because of veteran units gaining more stats however if you keep at it you'll eventually have those veteran units. I've played this part of the game the most as its very fun. Only thing I wouldn't recommend is having a normal Shogun 2 army fighting a Fall of the Samurai army. Single player campaign: Takes quite a few hours to complete a single campaign. Realm divide is just plain annoying and wasn't expected the first time I ran into it and sadly the higher difficulties aren't as enjoyable because you're stuck defending the whole game. If you don't mind preparing for realm divide it can be fun. Co-op Campaign: I've only completed maybe three of these. You can share units with your friend in battles so they have something to do other than watch the fight which is nice. Only real complaint about this game is the loading times. (An example of this is the start up load screen takes about 2 minutes every time.) Other than that its an amazing game and I recommend it.


A great strategy game typical of the series

Mikester7 | Aug. 20, 2012 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

Shogun 2 is the next installment of the original Shogun Total War game. All of the Creative Assembly Total War games are all very typical of one another allowing fans of any games to easily pick up and play any other game from the series. I find the Total War games a perfect series for players to pick their favorite part of history provided they are interested in that kind of stuff. I thought I would not enjoy Shogun 2 as the others, being focused on Feudal Japan which is personally not one of my favorite periods of history. I was surprised however, primarily due to the overhauled campaign system with a new co-op mode. The campaign still stays true to all of the other campaigns in the series, so old Total War veterans can still jump into Shogun 2 straight away and know what they are doing relatively swiftly. In my opinion the addition of Co-op campaign was the selling point for me as I have another friend who is a big fan of the series as well, so we could finally both play the same campaign. The co-op campaign was implemented almost perfectly, with the other player able to observe or participate in battles with their friend. Aside from that, the combat and strategy on land or sea is still EXACTLY what you have come to expect from the series, awesome obviously... Once again Creative has used historically appropriate music and artistic styles for the menus and interface as well as loading screen quotes and other little things that go a very long way. It is just simply a well executed game and I can't wait for their announced Rome Total War 2.


Best Total War since the first Shogun

TG_Judgement | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all TG_Judgement's reviews »

Set in Feudal Japan,SHOGUN2 covers the "Segoku Jidai" war,or the war that had those famed samurais in it. In the campaign you play as one of the dozen or so of clans,and the objective is to become the titular SHOGUN.On the campaign map,you get to develop your cities,deploy agents,or deploy your army and engage others in real time battles(campaign map is turn-based)Battle maps act as your standard RTS affair,with rock-paper-scissors components & tactics defining how it plays out. In multiplayer,you can either play pre-defined battles,custom battles,Campaign co-op (or drop-in into battles on other people's campaign) or develop your own custom made MP general and fight others in a special MP campaign map. Graphically,it looks pretty great,and runs on even a minimally modern machine.It's also the only game I know so far that supports both DX9,10 & 11.


Samurais are the best

EneSanyi | July 25, 2012 | See all EneSanyi's reviews »

Shogun 2 is a really good real-time strategy game of the 16th century Japan. The Clans strenght are a little bit different, and it makes you want to play with another clans. I always liked Total War games, not because of the real-time fighting, but the feeling that " I am the leader of this clan an I will be the Shogun." The game looks gorgeous with 10000-20000 soldiers on the battlefield. If you liked the other Total War games or you just like Japan, samurais and strategy games you won't regret buying this game.


Total War classic

IganX | July 22, 2012 | See all IganX's reviews »

Another Total War game which lives up to expectations. Fun gameplay, interesting story and factions, nice variety of units, and Japanese theme for those who like it. Updated graphics may require a decent PC to run at maximum graphics. Really worth the price.


Welcome to Feudal Japan

danteveli | July 13, 2012 | See all danteveli's reviews »

Total War is exceptional series of strategy games and Shogun 2 makes it even greater with on-line competitive modes. In the game we select feudal lord from one of many families with different units and special abilities. Our goal is simple reunite land lead by many warlords. We do this by diplomacy and fights. Every game can take many hours to complete and can turn out a bit different. Also we have option to create our Avatar and take him to on-line battles with new levels items and bragging rights while we conquer our friends and foes. Only thing that can be bother is the size of the game closing to 20GB and loading times that can be bothersome. first time I have run the game it took couple minutes to load. Still this is small price to pay for this offering.


I Love This Game

ROKET | June 18, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

Ive owned every Total War game since Rome Total War and have to say that this game is by far the best one so far. The other games were great but lacked campaigns and sufficient streamlining to satisfy any but the hardcore. That began to change in Napoleon Total War and came to fruition in Shogun 2. Not only is the game more streamlined but its also beautiful and features a wonderful main campaign that pits against all the other clans for control of japan. I wasnt sure about the setting at first but grew to love the combat style and naval encounters. I also love the technology trees and character upgrades. Agents and generals all earn experience and points to allocate towards specific helpful skills and man do they help out. Shogun 2 makes it thrilling to manage your empire and march your way to the capital of Japan.


Resurrected tradition at its best!

Finka_Karfein | June 17, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

I waited long years for this one. And Creative Assembly did not let me down. Total War: Shogun 2 is almost everything a Total War series fan may want from it. Stunning detailed graphics, atmospheric audio, cunning AI (well, rarely doing silly things letting it be killed easily), fine multiplayer, awesome gameplay differentiation when choosing another clan, well designed marine battles... It is really difficult to find flaws in Shogun 2 but there are some. Some minor bugs may be present here and there and vassals tend to attack you when you are strong. Allies like to attack themselves forcing you to break the treaty with one of them lowering your reputation... Multiplayer sometimes matches you with much more experienced people and there is no hot-seat as in Medieval II. Still, for all strategy fans, this is a must. You are going to love it.


The best Total War game

simonsix | June 15, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

the best Total War game yet, This game never gets boring and the plot twists are great and the ability upgrade yourself with augs is great to. The worst problem of the previous games, the AI, has been improved substantially. This is a defining classing of gaming, if you have not played it yet there is no excuse. get it!


Awesome game, long loading

MarredRabbit | June 14, 2012 | See all MarredRabbit's reviews »

Great gameplay, very similar to previous titles in the series. If you enjoy Total War games you will love Shogun 2. Could use some improvements to the inital loading as sometimes the game can take over 5mins to get past the title screen.


Best Total War game yet

RedTank4 | March 4, 2012 | See all RedTank4's reviews »

Being a fan of the series, I was unfortunately coming in to the game a bit of a skeptic. Total War has been, for years, a constant great showing for the strategy gaming genre. But Empire( the previous major entry to the series - Napoleon is more a stand alone expansion to Empire than a full on new title) has had a lasting sour taste in my mouth that it had, unfortunately, affected my hype for the game going in. Thankfully, however, The Creative Assembly proved once again that they're masters at their craft and that I'm far too pessimistic for my own good. Not only is Shogun 2 the best Total War game so far but it did what its predecessors could not- make multiplayer as fun as single player. Graphically, Shogun 2 is a masterpiece, if your machine can handle it. Details on each individual soldier is the best in the series. And although cloned faces are common, there's enough variety that it's more of a nitpick than an actual complain. The game is very aesthetically pleasing and the effort isn't limited in its little soldiers. The blades of grass, the details on the trees( keep in mind that variety) is nothing short of beautiful. In closing, Shogun 2 Total War is a blast to play for any strategy game lover out there. It's beautiful, It's fun, and with more focus on multiplayer this time around the game's replay value is through the roof.


Ever Wanted to be a Samurai?

shade1811 | Oct. 22, 2011 | See all shade1811's reviews »

Ever wondered how it is to be a samurai? Or Ever wondered how it is to manage diplomacy and politics? Creative Assembly presents you the chance. The chance to rule the japan and show your wrath upon those who dare to disobey.The chance to show your tactness and diplomacy. The chance to follow the footsteps of SUN-TSU.The chance to be a samurai. DON'T MISS IT!


Best Total War game yet.

nele25 | Oct. 18, 2011 | See all nele25's reviews »

After playing all of the Total War games, I could easily crown this the reigning champion. Its easy to admire the wonderful graphics and solid UI, but where it shines is in its subtle aspects (Historical accuracy, the way agents and armies/towns synergies, etc). There is a completeness to the gameplay that is hard to capture and present to an audience. Overall, Shogun is best at what it does. So do yourself a favor and get this one.


A Step Back In The Right Direction For TW Series

lightfellow | Sept. 18, 2011 | See all lightfellow's reviews »

The Total War series has always been great games. It is a CIV styled game during build/movement phase, with a RTS style battle phase, however with alot more realism and complexity such as moral. The series has always tried to keep the games historically correct, making it a must have for people who are interested in the era (in this case the sengoku period). The online gaming is extremely fun as well. you get to customize your own general and your own troops, building up experience and bettering their capabilities. If you are a fan of the series already, this is a must have as they have fixed many of the issues revolving Empire and Napoleon like the balance, complexity, and hardware dependency.


Hitting the Mark

lonewolf80 | Aug. 28, 2011 | See all lonewolf80's reviews »

Creative Assembly's latest iteration to the Total War franchise greatly improves upon their long history of grand strategy games. Set in the Sengoku era of the Japanese history, Shogun 2 allows players to control one of many ruling clans as they climb their way towards the Shogunate in the campaign mode. In addition, the co-op mode has been revamped, allowing players to work together (or secretly against) online or LAN to control Japan. The online matchmaking battles have been upgraded as well. With the new general avatar system, players carry over their set of army and generals as they gain experience from fighting other players. The game has been heavily improved for online play. Even while playing the singleplayer campaign, players may choose to allot the AI's units to another player playing an online matchmaking game, making for intense battles. Shogun 2 is a must have for anyone interested in the (grand) strategy genre. With beautiful graphics, animation, music, as well as complex battles, politics, and province management, Shogun 2 aims for the throne in 2011's strategy genre. A must-play!


Better Then Ever

faraany3k | Aug. 24, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

If you are reading this, there is a strong chance that you are already familiar with on of the finest strategy game series to grace the PC gaming. TW is a mix of turn base and real time strategy. Both aspecys of the game are treated with AAA quality and unmatched polish. Turn Base gameplay lets you control your game on a strategic battle with shrewed diplomacy, trade and sheer firepower. With the real time battles are epic historically accurate battles with thousands of soliders on the battlefield detail right down to there swords. This is the finest that PC strategy genre has to offer and TW Shogun 2 is no different. Shogun 2 is set in fuedal Japan a dramatic change from some of the previous Total War’s sttings featured in Napoleon and Rome.. This time the game features a lot more tighter experience, sacrificing some of the depth of continental proportions of Rome and Napoleon. Shogun 2 also boasts a much more improved AI in battle. AI now uses the terrain to its advantage more affectivle and explot your weaknesses. Graphics are absolutely gorgeous and looks even more amazing at higher DX levels. UI is also superbly designed and brings a distinct Japanese flavor. Game is exceptionally polished and a must have for any gamer who has even passing interest in the genre. TW Shogun 2 is the most refined TW yet. And a must have.


Another great total war game.

Xonus | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all Xonus's reviews »

Another great entry in the TW series, although this time in a smaller scale, both in terms of amount and variety of units, faction diversity, and land diversity. The positives include a similar turn based strategy + real time tactics system to any previous TW game, along with closer similarity to Medieval 2 and Rome than to Empire and Napoleon, mostly because of the era. The negatives include the fact that the Total War series is becoming less and less supporting of modding with every entry, this time only allowing minimal stuff (such as changing the realm divide settings which is another bad thing about the vanilla experience). Overall a great game with some setbacks preventing it from being better than M2TW.


Yes another gorgeous Total War strategy game

vanseters1991 | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all vanseters1991's reviews »

The Creative Assembly has without a doubt created some of the finest PC games ever, and Shogun 2 is no exception. The gameplay is quite similar to the previous Total War games, but the graphics are magnificent! The stunning visuals and weather effects add immensely to the enjoyment of the gaming experience. Highly recommend.


Total War: Shogun 2 - Review

mevidek | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

Total War: Shogun 2 brings the Total War series back to its origins, and simplifies the unnecessarily complex gameplay of Empire and Napoleon. With substantially better graphics and more fun gameplay, Total War: Shogun 2 - despite its fall-backs and annoying name (why turn it around?) - is perhaps the greatest Total War game around, including Rome Total War. Set in Feudal Japan, TW:S2 is not as large as the other games. Despite now having a more detailed, zoomed-in, 3D map, the game is a lot shorter than its predecessors. The game puts you in the shoes of a Clan leader, attempting to become the next Shogun, and expanding his clan's power and influence. This game is very different to the earlier ones. Also much better graphics than the other games, less units, but a better naval system are all featured in this game. You NEED to get this!


The Shogun

Rice77 | Aug. 14, 2011 | See all Rice77's reviews »

Shogun 2 is a follow-up to the already critically acclaimed Shogun: Total War. I must say that Shogun 2 improves on what was already good although there are still some cumbersome parts to it.The presentation of the game is top notch – the menus and especially the music adds to to the 16th-century Japan feeling of the game. While it battle the music matches the mood of the fights and the sound effects and views of the individual soldiers is excellent ear and eye candy for those like me who like to look for the details. Naval battles I believe are the weak point of this game. All around it is a FUN game that all TW fans will love.


The best Total War for years to come.

kafuzz | Aug. 13, 2011 | See all kafuzz's reviews »

This is the best, most beautiful and fun RTS that I've ever played. It offers tons of customization in multiplayer, and the campaign is awesome. Lots of re playability; you could easily spend 200 hours in this game. Set in the Sengoku Jidai period of Fuedal Japan, it will engross you in epic battles between clans and samurai. The diplomacy system is top notch, and the AI is smart and challenging. A must buy for RTS fans!


One of the best

newn | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

Total War - Shogun 2 is one of the best strategy games I have ever played - good graphics, great physics, amazing sounds, and what's most important - SMART A.I.! I especially loved the veteran system, which is kinda RPG style - it lets your units to level up. On the other hand, if you play against strong opponents in MP, you will likely lose, because they will have higher level units. But hey - you will be strong sometime too, and then you will own them. Revenge is sweeter than a victory, hehe. Also there is another small thing that I love - it's the 4-seasons system. It gives even more realism to the game and enhances the view. All in all, I'd say that this game is worth every cent. I definitely recommend buying it. I hope to see Medieval and Rome created using the same graphics, physics and A.I. engine.



vigotski | Aug. 6, 2011 | See all vigotski's reviews »

Fun. Addictive. Perfect. It has the best gameplay ever in the series, the historical period is very interesting and the graphics are very good. You'll find yourself playing it like a maniac, even dreaming with the battles and strategies of the game. This game is a must have!


Good fun but .............

Cronik2k | Aug. 1, 2011 | See all Cronik2k's reviews »

I wish they would do Medieval 3 or Rome 2 with the same game engine, features, campaign mechanics as Shogun 2. Shogun 2 is best in the series for how it works but I found Japanese Warfare and the campaign map very repetitive and small with lack of unit variety. The multiplayer was very annoying at the start as u have no good units, you have to unlock them which is horrendous cos every1 else has all the good units and u get crushed over and over as all you start with is Ashigaru units that just rout, I was finding it near impossible to even reach enemy lines before my units routed, but in the end I got a m8 to lose to me on purpose a few times to help me unlock the units. As a Total War fanatic I enjoyed this game but doesn't have the longetivity as others in the series but well worth buying and playing.


My thoughts on Shogun 2.

killerofear | July 31, 2011 | See all killerofear's reviews »

The game itself is very fun and well worth it. It is the best Total war game i have played. What i do not like is the unit vet system. If you are both lv 10 and one guy played for 100 hrs vs someone who played 200 or more hrs they have an easier chance to win in straight combat and some maps make that needed. vet units are a good addition but ruined it for me since i lose most of the time because my opponent has better units. Overall i recommend it but i warn you unless you play alot it is harder to win against players who play way to much


A return to CA's roots

wengart | July 28, 2011 | See all wengart's reviews »

Shogun 2: Total War is by far the best Total War since medieval. A slimmed down focus on just the island of Japan has yielded dividends. The AI is active and interesting, more than once pulling a MacArthur on me, and a real challenge not only on the strategic map, but on the tactical map as well. I also recommend that you check out Darth mod as it adds a lot to the game.


Total War at its Best

IganX | July 20, 2011 | See all IganX's reviews »

Having played Total War games since their start, I can say with no doubt that this game is one of the best of the series. Its not something which just goes down to graphics, but to an improved gameplay experience for the user, eliminating classes which seemed unnecesary in previous games and polishing the strong and weak points of each unit, giving you the chance of experiencing some real tactical battles. The campaign's difficulty has been increased, its management options have been improved, and the faction advantages make more sense. Overall, the Total War experience has been improved once again, and makes this game an absolute must have for any strategy gamer.



hotmando1 | July 11, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Shogun2 is way better than the previous games! It runs better and makes better use of youur system resources. Unlike Empire:total war where it simply lagged on higher settings, shogun2 doesn't. Graphics are amazing even on lower settings and the voice acting is superb. Watching units fight is now way more pleasing. However, there is still no blood as in all total war series. Bugs and glitches are few and hardly noticeable. Tactics and role playing is now more wide spread. From treaties to assassinations, they are now greater than ever. The campaign is now easier to understand with taxes and such. Hero units really make the game fun, it opens up another aspect! Multiplayer is now much better since you can now dress up your general. Custom generals make all the difference if your as shallow as me. Great game, buy.


The Best Total War Yet.

SIRSizzlebottom | June 29, 2011 | See all SIRSizzlebottom's reviews »

The Creative Assembly guys have revisited the very first game in the total war series to finally create the game they originally intended to. And boy, did they do one hell of a job. Featuring less units, the game now resembles more of a rock paper scissors type of game more than anything else now. Each unit type is specifically designed to have strengths and weaknesses. You really have to get down and dirty with your troops to succeed because this is one crazy difficult game. If you go into a fight poorly equipped and no knowledge of unit types, you will get slaughtered. The beautiful thing is that you can actually attack and defend strategically using the overhead map as well now. Laying out bluffs you can trap the enemy and put them right where you want them. This is when the game is at it's best. All in all, the entire experience has been funneled into a precise and concrete package that would be insane to pass up if you were a strategy fan. And the multiplayer campaign is just the icing on the cake.



satyakun | May 25, 2011 | See all satyakun's reviews »

Total war series always bring you to the total, fully experience of war. Set in Sengoku era, you will be given the role of a Daimyo, embark on mission to unite Japan under your clan. Of course, this mean you need to have an all-out war with other clan. The gameplay is great. There's no need to think about building and the other, just take your army and go war. The atmosphere it give is totally different from similar game, as you see hundred (or maybe thousand) of your soldier is fighting on the battlefield. The graphic is incredibly stunning. Buy it if you like the sensation of leading such a massive army.


An Honour to the clan

Crowface | April 21, 2011 | See all Crowface's reviews »

The total war series has been going for a decade now (I think) and has not at any point I know of faltered. This Game is no exception. The map is beautiful, like the graphics, and the interface simple yet effective. The ranged units are a lot more effective, and tactics a lot more complex. Unlike Medieval I and II battles aren't dominated by cavalry charges. My one problem with Shogun is that all the clans start more or less with the same units. I always loved playing as the odd factions who had different units to everyone else, but with this, the same units are avaiable to everyone. Apart from that, the game is fantastic and well worth it.


the real deal

pazmacats | April 6, 2011 | See all pazmacats's reviews »

First of all: I loved Shugon: Total War (the first one) back in the days and I was underwhelmed by anything thereafter. Shogun 2 made me love the battles and gameplay again. The battles are fast, violent and quite tactical. Generals now have some special abilities that can heavily influence the outcome of the battle. Flanking attacks can be devastating. Why is this game so good? + faster battles (faster movement speed) + better sieges (everybody can climb the walls (and die trying to do so)) + ruthless but not absolutely mental AI + japan has only 2 fronts (tube-like shape) + tech research (civil or military branch) + 3 interesting (read: non-annoying) support classes: ninja+monk+metsuke + no merchants! + hilarious voice-overs + no crashes, bugs, lack of polish, lazyness + "stand and fight!" The only thing bad are the loading times. And the 5(!) games that came out between Shogun 1 and 2 (which have been tiring me out genre-wise). Forget everything you knew about CA and they half-cooked products of the past: THIS is the real thing. THIS is Total War like it should have been the 5 times before.


This is an awesome strategy game, loved it!

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | See all wahidasoldier's reviews »

I just loved this game, its a great strategy game. The gameplay is great too, I like jow you have to spread your army all across the country and the units that you get are great. They put in all different kinds of units like cavalry and foot soldiers, and there are even gunman. this game is just incredible, the tutorial was good and the editor was great as-well, you get too make your own army and create the other army also. You can have up to 15000 soldiers in your army. If you are looking for a great strategy pc game I would definitly recommend this game.


Really good RTS

cra121 | April 5, 2011 | See all cra121's reviews »

A great RTS with both real time battles and a turn based map. During the battles you command your army that you recruited on the turn based map. The battles are the main thing in this game. They are really detailed, and everything from the soldiers to the landscape looks beautiful. The sound is really good too. Everything from sword clashes to cavalry rushing toward the enemy sounds good. I would recommend this game to people who like tactical RTSes.


Very similar to its predecessors

PharaohsVizier | April 5, 2011 | See all PharaohsVizier's reviews »

The similarities between Shogun 2 Total War and the previous two installments in the Total War series are undeniable. However along with a new era, slightly reworked systems and a whole new design direction, there are much needed fixes all around. First off, Shogun 2 Total War is a mix of real time strategy and turn based strategy. You organize your troops and diplomatic relations on a large scale map and you can choose to fight out all the battles in real time. The turn based strategy appears to be rather simple but in reality it is quite complex. Though perhaps not as robust as Civilization, it has its own style and can be rather deep. It easily holds its own against franchises that specialize in just turn based strategy. The real time battles are far different from games such as Starcraft or Age of Empires in which there is a building aspect. Since you manage your armies on the large scale maps, you enter a battlefield with a preset army. Odds may be against you and there may be zero balance in a battle, but you can use wit and cunning to gain advantages. Unlike the ever popular Starcraft 2 in which the focus in micromanagement, the units come in groups, so your focus in much more on positioning rather than making sure that that one guy on the battlefield is doing the right thing. The real time battles are arguably a lot deeper than competitors as well. Since the base building aspect found in almost all RTS games is wiped out, Total War makes up for it by making the battles themselves much more complex. You have to worry about morale, fatigue, routing units, positioning, weather, terrain. Just about anything you can imagine on a real battlefield is here in this game in some form or another. The graphics for this game is quite beautiful, though it isn't a huge jump from Napoleon Total War or Empire. In fact because it is using the same engine, it feels much the same. The animations are tweaked, and it is still one of the most demanding games I've touched. You best check the system requirements before purchasing. As awesome as this game sounds right now, there are a few issues that people often bring up, and I'd like to address some of them. The first is how Total War remains much the same game as before. It is unfortunately completely true. There seems to be a real lack of innovation in Shogun 2 Total War, it it obvious that they are afraid of alienating their customers and took a safe path out. However the one major addition to Shogun 2 that does make a significant difference is the enhancements to multiplayer. The previous Total War entries more or less had some form of multiplayer attached, but it was such a piece of junk it was useless. It wasn't organized, it lagged so bad the games never actually complete and basically no one was online. This was true right up to and including Napoleon Total War. I can't understand how they managed to fix it with Shogun 2 Total War, but somehow all the lag was gone, which makes me wonder why didn't they do this earlier. Multiplayer is a LOT of fun on Shogun 2 because not only did they fix the lag, they added so much to it that it feels like "enhancing" is the wrong word to use. We have achievements, clans, lobbies, battles, competitions, avatars, levels, etc. The most important part is that people are actually playing online, which will add a ton to the replay value of the game. Moving along to the other main complaint, the AI. The AI gets bashed by every review and I personally can't understand it. With a game this complex, it is inevitable to have the AI do one or two stupid moves somewhere throughout the game. I mean even I do stupid stuff when I completely forget about morale or something. The AI is good enough, it will trounce any average player and give a tough time to most. It's unfortunate that the most vocal about this issue are the die hard fans that have been honing their skills since Shogun 1, and reviewers that just like to echo what they hear on the forums. In all Shogun 2 Total War is a fantastic game that is well worth the price. There are a few shortcomings, and I felt they could have been more ambitious with this project, being the third game in the series to run the Warscape engine, but it is still perfectly respectable. I definitely appreciate their work on multiplayer though, which in my eyes more than makes up for everything else.