Reviews for Pro Riders Snowboard Extreme Edition


Too short, glitchy and unplayable on webcam mode

chrisfromsoup | Dec. 30, 2014 | See all chrisfromsoup's reviews »

When I saw the screenshots, I thought that I would be able to play with my touchpad or webcam. "Cool!" Then I started the game which begins with a long list of unskipable credits and "this game uses this tech" screens. After getting through these, I chose to play the game in webcam mode. This requires a calibration screen and it's difficult to find a spot where you can stand far enough away from the screen. Finally, I found a spot that would work (sort of). Then I started out... Sometimes it would recognize where I was going and sometimes not, but quite often it would ask if I wanted to resume and I would have to take form shown to resume. Unplayable for me... I played then with the keyboard. Now, I was able to control the snowboarder better, but often I would wreck on invisible items or maybe I was at the sides of the boundaries. I don't know because they aren't visible, but it certainly looked like he shouldn't have crashed there. The graphics aren't horrible, but just okay, sometimes the snowboard would be completely invisible in the section before the race showing the guy stretching. It's not clear that you are supposed to press escape to start the race. Not enter, not any other button... The resolutions to choose from in the setup don't include 1080. Once I had adjusted to all this, I found the races to be short and there are only 3 tracks: easy, medium and hard. There is no series of races on easy, no progression, nothing... Just 3 short tracks. Ugh, wasted my money and time on this crap.


This is a great snowboarding game.

Freako | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

I feel this game just needs a little polishing and it will be great. There aren't much snowboarding sports game in the market now. Even if there are they aren't up to expectations. Snowboarding sports game are not really HOT in the market but i will say this. Snowboarding games are when you have time to chill from other games like action games or puzzles game. Pro riders snowboard extreme is just great because it cuts off lots of stress it's easy to do stunts but difficult to get all the achievements. Graphics are fine and gameplay is not too bad i must say. Definitely a worth to buy when on sale.