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A Great Indie Adventure

Sciazs | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all Sciazs's reviews »

There's very little premise to set the baseline of a story for a protagonist having no memory. It is a tale that has been done over and over to the point of cliche however Primordia does well to avert itself from the dying breed of distasteful and bland storytelling. This game employs (the ever growing) point and click with left clicking actioning your avatar to interact and right click to examine. Simple yet sufficient. The art style is a reminiscent 16 bit direction that effectively references earlier LucasArts games in this genre. Primordia is a wonderful, witty and loaded with human personality which is only let down by its short narrative just as when you're emotionally ready to fully explore what the world has to offer in all of its beautiful creations. A solid form of story telling and one I would recommend to others who place this above complex gameplay.