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Classic adventure game

elwismw | July 3, 2014 | See all elwismw's reviews »

If you like classic adventure games, you should try this one. I know, it's a slogan widely used as a start of the review, but it just fits here perfectly. If you remember games like e.g. Broken Sword, and you enjoyed them, then you should find same type of fun here. No QTE, which I personally hate in adventure games. Graphics look like taken from the 90's game, music as well. It's not a problem though, because they are not the most important in this game (still, music selection is quite nice) What's the best in this game are plot and quite difficult puzzles. I really struggled with some of them, but that's what these types of games are about, so I guess it speaks positively about The Shivah. The only problem I see is that it is quite short - 2.3 hours maximum. But for such a small price it is still worth trying.



juxtaposed_j | Dec. 12, 2013 | See all juxtaposed_j's reviews »

How many games do you get to play as a Jewish Rabbi?

The story goes like this- You play a Rabbi in NYC who owns and runs a synagogue; however business inset going too well, then an old member has died and has left lots of money available.

Your job is to investigate further this issue…

This game is interesting and the fighting/combat is fun while some of the tasks bought into question make you think about your subsequent actions and morals.

Definitely thought me new things about Judaism! :)