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Just like the Tower of Babel.

sonicchaos | March 25, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

First of all, I have to mention that the developer is BulkyPix, as it says on the screenshots, not Bullypix. They are the ones also handling the 2D version of Babel Rising on mobile platforms. The description tells everything about the game, least the quality, and that's why I'm here. While I will compare this to the Android version (in my case), the PC version is a bit different, at least in that it doesn't asks you for money every time you fail. So how is the game? It is fun for a while. The character is funny, well animated, the environment is rich, detailed and still colorful, despite the understandable underwhelming presence of sand. How does it play? You have to avoid different obstacles, progressively difficult, like starting with jumping over rocks and on ledges, and more dangerous ones like crocodiles and lightning. Basically, you have to play as the puny Babylonian (?) in his quest to build the tower that will take his people to God, doing this one brick at a time... or a few more bricks, depending on your skill. But God doesn't like his defiance. So now you know what you have done to all those poor persistent people while playing Babel Rising. So, as I said, this is fun for a while, but it will fall rather quickly. Just like the Tower of Babel.