Reviews for Garfield Kart [Playfire]


Almost the same as mario kart.

Freako | Jan. 8, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

I personally feel this game is almost the same as Mario kart. Firstly, it's quite obvious from the name. But no complains to be an exact clone. This game garfield kart has it's own uniqueness. Love how the characters are modelled, they are not made small size so that they fit the car. It's kinda funny seeing the characters in their actual size in such small mini cars. I kinda like the game but will prefer Mario kart instead. Still great game.


Another good arcade racing game

lok0812 | Dec. 15, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Kart racing games like Mario Kart that is only available on the consoles are great games to play especially with a bunch of people. For the PC, we also have Sonic All Star Racing and that was the most likely the best kart racing game for the PC. Now we have another option with Garfield, while there aren't as much racers to choose from compared to other kart racing games it is still a very attractive game to play. In addition the modes are similar to other kart racing games with the main championship mode, challenge mode and versus mode. There is also a multiplayer mode via online to play with other players and race together. Overall, another good option for this genre.