Reviews for The Kings Crusade


Another great RTS!

DeAdSeYe | Oct. 12, 2011 | See all DeAdSeYe's reviews »

It is an great RTS game, just like King Arthur. Price is very good, and for 20 euros, its really a steal! Too many people hate this game, because the problems and bugs. Well every game does have bugs these days, and there are patches that they released, even with 3 DLC. There are some fixes to bypass some crashes, I never seen an bug or crash. Units are beautiful and well balanced, a lot of variety on the battle maps, like cities, woods, deserts, mountains. When entering a battle, you will get tasks to complete, like build a catapult and destroy the wall, take over the city, or control a point and much more. It depends what campaign you choose. If you want to defend the holy land, then your tasks will be like, put archers on walls, build defences and many more. There are 2 different campagin. You can customize your army, and build/buy new ones. Battles are just like Total war series, but not better. But still alot of fun, a lot of variety that takes hours of gameplay.


Worse than King Arhtur

keeveek | April 11, 2011 | See all keeveek's reviews »

Remember King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame? It's another baby from the same publisher, but unfortuanetlly - that stupid one. Firstly, the game isn't much popular because one major thing - it's broken. Many people have crashes even in the very first battle sequence, and no patches have helped them. If you're lucky enough to avoid these bugs, you may actually enjoy the game! The units look beautiful (i like them more than in any Total war games!) because of their unique style. They are not really historically acurate, but heroes (leaders of the armies) look just so freaking kick ass with their big swords and shields, ohhh... The battle animation is not as good, though. Units seem to poke each other with their weapons while the others just wait for their turn! And one more time, archers are just way too strong, disrupting the balance. The world map is beautiful and you have a lot things to do on it - just like in the Total War franchise, but even more - your unit are able to level up, so as your hero (you can give him or her new weapons and stuff). Once again - if you're one of the lucky bastards that have no crashes (as me) then you might really enjoy the game. But i had to reduce the ratings because of the bugs and lack of tech support.