Reviews for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014


PES 2014, Best Football.... on the field

jkstokes22 | Jan. 18, 2014 | See all jkstokes22's reviews »

Once you get past the retro interface and the unlicensced sometimes bland playstation 1 era esque music, there lies a deep and rewarding football game waiting to be played. PES 2014 offers the best experience on the field, and this coming from someone who enjoys Fifa quite a bit. Where the two differ is in the fact that while playing Pes I feel like I am playing a soccer match, each math. Some times its a shoot out, 3 and 4 goal games per side. Some times it is a possession battle and as soon as a goal is scored that team must go on the defensive to ensure it's lead is sustained. And other times it's a slow paced game that hits a spurt of goals and slows back down to end 2-1. This is the biggest difference from Fifa, where too often the game falls into a shootout and becomes less about soccer and more about lofts down the field, holding turbo, doing trick stick moves, and shooting. Too many goals kills the anticipation of actually being in range to score a goal.

Where PES can learn from Fifa is in the menus, the music, and the depth of career and myplayer type modes. These seem basic, and while they get the job done, one is right to expect much more in this day and age of sports games.

EA has bought out most of the teams and leagues rights so Pes features a bland set of teams with fake players. Though teams like Man U, Barcelona, and Real Madrid are present, not much else is. Pes also has the rights to the UEFA league, so that is a plus.

This is where PesEdit comes into play... I played over half a season using the default bland base rosters. I put in 25 hours using that base. I just recently added pesedit with a fresh new and most importantly real roster of teams, leagues and players, and this game looks beautiful. It now arguably features better kits, stadiums, and balls than Fifa.

While the interface may throw you off, as will the bland base roster, this game offers a lot and most importantly offers it on the field, where most of your time will be spent.


PES is back....

juxtaposed_j | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all juxtaposed_j's reviews »

While after a long absence of playing Pro Evolution Soccer I felt right back at home with this, the new Fox Engine graphics makes animation smooth and the graphics like-like from the authenticity of the players down to certain designs of football stadiums.

Matches are very realistic form the players movements and the ball physics, while possession play is built up- it is usually hard to score lots of goal in a game.

Definitely worth checking out if you want another realistic football game instead of FIFA.