Reviews for Rift - Digital Collector's Edition


A great alternative with a bright future.

Rzepak01 | Aug. 10, 2011 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

Rift is a fairly new mmo. It follows the trend that has plagued the genre for the last few years, but at the same time it is by far the best mmo to come out in recent times. It takes the route that WoW once took and borrows elements from various mmos and refines them. There is little inovation here, but sometimes thats not a bad thing. The main draw of this game are of course the titular Rifts, portal that open up and release hordes of enemies from a given plane for groups of players to destroy. Its by far the best and most succesful attempt to get players to group up and do something together. When a Rift opens up players from around the zone almost naturally gravitate towards it and the game automatically puts them into large raid groups thus giving the players fun group gameplay without the usual hussle. Graphically the game is one of the best looking mmos while at the same time being very scalable allowing even older PCs to handle the game. Though it must be said that during events where raids of players duke it out with giant bosses while fending off invasions of elite mobs, there is bound to be some lag and slowdown. The good thing is that the developers put out patches at an amazing pace and do a great job of learning from there past mistakes. Almost every month since the games release there has been a large conent patch along with an event, and each was better than the previous. The game also has your typical PvP battlegrounds, but they are made more interesting by the other feature of the game, its multiple souls and skill trees system. Without going into much detail its enough to say that in Rift you can have some amazing class combinations since each character can choose from three souls and an additional PvP soul to craft the toon they always wanted. Overall I believe the game to be a great success although like I said it does not innovate. The PvP is standard fair as is the crafting system. The dungeons are great fun and of course the best way to get the best gear. A nice feature is mounts at pretty low levels. The world is pretty big, the zones are distinct without feeling disjointed, the fast travel system what youd expect. A great start for a new dev that has quickly become one of my favorites because of their bug fixes, conent patches and understading of what the mmo gamer wants.


The only thing better then rift is the collecters edition!

thomasgjj | June 25, 2011 | See all thomasgjj's reviews »

Rift is one of the best MMORPGS I have ever played. The graphics are stunning, the plot is good and the gameplay is great! The only this is that is that you need a high end computer to play the game in the ultra setting! From the second this is game is downloaded you are in thick of combat. This game had be hooked from the beta and I have to say I keep coming back. It has everything you want an MMO to have. The dungeons and battlegrounds are accessible from lower levels and the guild questing system is very good. I would recommend this game to the most casual to the most hardcore of gamers! The only thing which can make rift better is the collectors edition allowing you to use a mount from the second you find a mail box which is actually very useful!


Better Than World Of Warcraft and £19.99 is a Bargain!

pjcnet | June 5, 2011 | See all pjcnet's reviews »

If you enjoy World of Warcraft, then you'll love Rift. Initially however Rift looks and plays so similar to WOW that I'm surprised Blizzard aren't considering court action, but it also means that WOW players will pick-up the game immediately. The controls are identical, many features are identical and even the settings screen looks almost the same. Once you start playing Rift however you'll soon release that the game is considerably better than WOW in various ways. They've made the game much more dynamic and exciting with special events (Rifts) that can suddenly occur anywhere, Rifts are often also exceptionally good at getting people to work in co-operation with each-other, even if you've never met them before. There's many more extras that are not found on WOW including a much better abilities system with 3 different soul trees per character that gives masses of different combinations. The graphics are excellent and much more up to date than WOW which was first released back in 2007, yet the minimum system requirements are still quite low for people without super powerful PCs. The only bad thing is Rift is currently only about the size of WOW without any expansion packs along with a relatively low level 50 cap, compared to WOW's latest expansion Cataclysm that has a level 85 cap. I'm not saying that Rift isn't big enough however as there's plenty to keep players occupied for a good few months at least, especially with the many PvP features, but there's certainly room for future expansion packs too that are bound to eventually appear in my opinion (obviously at an extra cost). £19.99 for the Digital Collectors Edition of Rift is a real bargain and it includes 30 days of play time, but as an extra bonus, game time is also cheaper here at just £7.49 for 30 days or £14.24 for 60 days. If you're unsure about paying £19.99 straight away followed by your game time payments, then why not try out the 7 day free trial as you've got nothing to lose except your bandwidth for a 7GB+ download? There's truly no obligation and I didn't even need any credit card or payment details for the trial (I signed up on Rift's official site, but the free trial is also available here too).


Worth a Buy, even if only for a short while

Jamiman | June 3, 2011 | See all Jamiman's reviews »

I started out in this game by playing the trial.....after only around 4-5 hours of playing on that i was hooked. I decided to buy the collectors edition for the bonus' in-game; Boy they are worth it! Anyone who wants a new MMO, then definitely try the trial on this game. It's fantastic, and from talking to other people in-game, most of which have come from WoW, this is superior! Worth a buy for all MMO fans :)


one of the best MMOrpg'S out there

kuevyubh | May 23, 2011 | See all kuevyubh's reviews »

Many people compare this game to WOW, and while its true that rift is similar to WOW, its doesn't mean this is a bad game, on the contrary, this game is in my opinion one of the more polished and "ready to go" MMORPG'S ever released. this game offers alot of contact, quests, unique skill system, that basically lets you pick from huge number of skills, and then change it at any given point, also there are alot of "raid" like dungeons that you can go with a party, and kill bosses and such, also this game has something called RIFTS, basically, when you see a RIFT, the sky opens up and monsters come out of it, and it order to close it, you need to kill them and the bosses the come out of it, the rifts are random, and they make the world very dynamic. from the graphics aspect, they are beautiful, very colorful, and the art design is the fantastic. pvp wise, the game is also pretty balanced, since you can manage with all 4 classes, of course there are balance issues that needs to be looked into, but overall its not that bad. overall, its a great game, i defiantly recommend.


Not revolutionary, but fun way to pass time

Zahpeter | April 22, 2011 | See all Zahpeter's reviews »

On the shortage of MMORPGS that World of Warcraft has brought, Rift has appeared as a game that takes pretty much everything that is good in other games, while offering little in the aspect of innovation. The selling point, the actual rifts are there, and yes, are great fun. Once again you feel as a part of something great, not as a lone wanderer until max level. The graphics are indeed state of the art, while also not extremely demanding on older hardware. PVP on the other hand is mostly confined into tiny spaces, and Trion in my opinion has failed to deliver on the promise of bigger and better world pvp. Also quests are a VERY low point in this game, as most of them are just plain boring, and while somewhat related to the story, feel like a side quest in a RPG.