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Not bad Agricultural Simulator

segrand | Dec. 25, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

Half the battle is in fact cultivate the land and raise crops , the other - well sell them . Purchase prices of agricultural products in each of the sites are constantly changing - time to grow , time to fall. By collecting grain in silos , we are often forced to make difficult decisions . Every day we ask ourselves whether it is the right moment to with a packed trailer to move to monetize yields and earn funds for further investments or wait another two or three days, as the increase in prices, but the risk of a decline , resulting in halting further development of the farm. Low and unfavorable prices can persist for a long time - the better we can choose when to sell, the faster growing wealthy and developing. How many times a man wondered what it's like to have your own farm , own pets and your own business . Now we have it all . For some , this is the game extremely boring. In the end, what may be interesting in picking crops, selling them and making money . For others , however, this production is completely detached from the others, giving endless gameplay. It really is what to do in this game . Dear young farmers . Do not be afraid to invest in the production. Try this business. Maybe this is not a game for everyone, but it is worth to draw a little view of this , where does the bread and how you have to work to collect all the crops and then sell ! This is not a bad game . You can go ahead and invest .