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Fun, and a great story

Dadnaya | Sept. 5, 2015 | See all Dadnaya's reviews »

Thius game includes a great story, with action, shooting and killing. As well music, songs and enjoyment. There won't be any part when you just go without action, without killing things or destorying things. There are many weapons in this game, upgradable and many other options (you can choose buffs and other things as well to make this game fun).


A timeless classic

Meistrikt | June 1, 2015 | See all Meistrikt's reviews »

This little gem comes from a time when there simply weren't many commercially successful indie titles and contributed in the establishment of today's scene. Supergiant Games has swept the market, and these were the key features that allowed their title to stand out from the midst of standard ARPGs: -Narration and Music: Every step you take gains additional weight as you hear that soothing voice. It's an experience one should really look forward to, enhances the whole game, every single moment of it. The soundtrack is hand down, one of the best OSTs of all time. Just listen to a few tracks, those were the reason I originally bought the game (without knowing much about it, no joke). -Aesthetics and Story: The two together, yes, as their synergy really improves the core experience. Look at those pictures, you haven't seen anything like, ever. The question arises in the player: what on earth happened to this place? Without spoiling much: a whole lot. -Customization: You can have 11(and one extra for a certain level) different weapons in your arsenal, each offering 10 different upgrades ( you can choose up to 5 of these at a time). Sounds good? How about over two dozen of "special moves" (aka Secret Skills) to chose the one best for you? Still not enough? How about 20 different drinks (or rather: passive perks) that you can have up to 10 of? Amazing stuff, grants a TON of replayability and makes the character - your character. -Attention to detail: I've played quite a few games, yet I still can't name another one with this much "soul" in it. This is rather hard to describe, but hopefully you'll see for yourself what I meant, whenever you equip a new combination of weapons, talk to NPCs and view the enlarged Bastion in it's full beauty.


I will survive

KingTed | May 27, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Using cute visuals, Bastion is a very fun Action-RPG where we play the "Kid", sole survivor of the cataclysm that have just ravaged the region. You must rebuilt the Bastion in order to survive the next cataclysm and find out what caused it. There are a lot of ennemies to kill and items to loot. In that regard, Bastion seems pretty un-original. However, the Bastion management makes things more interesting. It's a short game but it's very immersive and fun.


The gamer saw the review

AkiMatti | May 15, 2015 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

It was about a game he had already tried - as a demo. It had left a lasting impression on the gamer, and now more was wanted. Something about the review sounded familiar but hard to place.. The gamer had vivid memories of a dark and ominous sounding narrator accompanying the player character in this game - Bastion was its name. Yes. A fine name to a fine game. Or so the gamer thought. And he wasn't wrong. The fights he'd had, the controls he'd felt, the world he'd explored. They all were of one accord: Game of the year, all the way. No hesitation was made. The gamer felt the joy of the full experience right after purchasing the beloved expedition, Bastion. How the name lingered on his tongue. Almost like the hammer of that boy in Bastion. That poor boy. He had no idea what was going on around him. Yet he still had to continue. But not alone. Not anymore. For now he was accompanied by - the gamer.


One of the best indie games ever.

MrAsterB | May 13, 2015 | See all MrAsterB's reviews »

You can make a game with great mechanics or visuals or sounds or plot and it will still be just a game. By combining all of those in harmony in tight package you make an art. But if you go further and make all of those aspects shiny, neat and interesting - you will create a masterpiece. Such as Bastion. Unique, pleasant visuals. Memorable and solemn soundtrack. Nicely chosen narrator voice actor. Great, interesting plot with twists here and there. You will even have a moral choice. Smooth and fluid controls. More than that - the game isn't 50 hours long, its mostly concentrated fun. Leaves you wishing more yet satisfied with what you had.. Overall: Quite a rare gem, must buy.


Don't under estimate indies

PhlyQ | April 10, 2015 | See all PhlyQ's reviews »

Bastion is an amazing game which came as a surprise to me. I saw this game was on sale and decided to pick it up little did i know that i was in for an unforgeable gaming experience. Bastion has some very fun and simple game play, you get a wide variety of weaponry at your disposal and while the game can get difficult at time it rarely managed to take away from the experience and made me want to improve my skill. The story in this game was also quite well done, something you have probably heard about this game is how wonderful the narration is and i can't agree more, the narrator comments on almost everything you do and moves the plot along, The narration brought the game alive and made things as dull as walking from point A to point B much more enjoyable and quirky. In conclusion i really enjoyed this game and recommend it to all gamers new or old it easily can retain your attention for the 6 or so hours the original campaign takes, not to mention the challenges and multiple ending which can add even more hours to an already amazing game. This game should not be missed out on.


A Little Indie With a Lot of Charm

faerie241 | March 9, 2015 | See all faerie241's reviews »

I was not necessarily expecting much when I started playing Bastion. Personally, I have never liked games that are from a top-down perspective, and I didn't think this game would change my mind. All I can say is wow, was I wrong about this. Bastion is one of the most mechanically perfect games I've ever played, indie or otherwise. Everything is balanced well so no one part of the game feels too hard or easy. There are no major glitches that cause people to tear their hair out, either, which is pretty refreshing considering how bug-ridden the modern gaming scene is. The game itself looks beautiful, and the narrator for the game sets the tone perfectly. There are numerous weapons to pick up throughout the game and put in your character's arsenal, which allows for endless tweaking and customizing to find your personal favorite weapons. All of this is accompanied by a sweeping and gorgeous musical score. In conclusion, get this game as soon as possible and you will not be disappointed.


Bastion - a landmark for indie games

mateidanut | Feb. 27, 2015 | See all mateidanut's reviews »

Bastion was the first indie game I ever played. As you can see from my score, it was an amazing experience. I discovered in some ways I like indies more than AAA titles.This game was rather short (4 to 5 hours) but I guarantee you will replay this immediately after finishing it the first time, both because the game has different endings and that you will want to finish your weapon upgrades. About those upgrades, I would describe the game as a Devil May Cry meets Diablo in a wonderful fantasy setting. It has a lot of weapons to try out (like in DmC) and the combat system is in a top-down perspective (like in Diablo) but it has a unique charm about it that neither of this game can provide with their grim gory atmosphere. In my opinion, the magic of this game comes from the narrator that gives you details about the world and the characters (the game is close to a book in that aspect) and from the music that fits wonderfully. It is one of the best soundtracks in gaming period. Therefore, I think this game is a masterpiece truly deserving of a perfect 100. Do not hesitate and buy this game!


Cute, Simple, Hack and Slash

jonathanrflores | Feb. 18, 2015 | See all jonathanrflores's reviews »

At it's core, Bastion isn't too deep; it's a fairly simple hack-and-slash/platformer. You'll pick a weapon and fight monsters for about four hours before finishing the game. But what makes Bastion interesting is the presentation; its style is worth a look. The animation and art style is nice and cleanly drawn. Settings and enemies are colorful and vibrant. If you haven't heard by now, the game has a narrator, which is actually a great style choice. The narrator is probably the only reason to play the game. He narrates your actions, as well as his dialogue, cutscenes, etc. Bastion's narrator has a smooth, deep voice that isn't just there to help you learn the controls - it's a big part of how Bastion's story is presented. If you're looking for serious gameplay with a deep combat system, then avoid Bastion (because Bastion has none of those things). Gameplay is simple, you'll be pressing pretty much one button the whole game for your battles. There are a lot of weapons, but they're all about the same in terms of effectiveness. The game isn't really that challenging or lengthy, either. But if you're looking for something stylistically interesting, with charming narrative, then maybe give Bastion a try.


One of the best indie titles I've played so far.

reginleifx | Dec. 29, 2014 | See all reginleifx's reviews »

Some people think a game needs stunning visuals to be good, other think what they need is a complex plot full of unpredictable twists. Bastion didn't need either of those. Its beautiful, kind of cartoonish graphical style, and rather simplistic plot are actually a part of what makes this game amazing. Bastion features loads of weapons, which kind of reminded me of some Hack n' Slash titles. A narrator, who actually narrates most actions done by the player. An amazing soundtrack, that suits the game almost perfectly. Fluid combat. A nice and quite simple plot. Its only downside is how short it is. Achieving 100% completion can make it way longer. This game is, in my opinion, worth its full price. If you think it's not appealing to you, wait until it's on sale.



amudhippo | Dec. 25, 2014 | See all amudhippo's reviews »

There is so much good to be said of this game. If it isn't the artwork or the story it's in the amount of depth afforded characters without really saying much about them. The game is fast paced but not so fast that you aren't immersed in each location. The narrator's voice is glorious in combination with your actions and can his message has the fit of, well, an unreliable narrator. The game gives you choices, and the ability to act on your own, to discover the world on your own, or not to, but I truly think you should with this hand painted set work, and all of the things you can see if you just look, it's worth it. The story that unfolds is binding, and with all the weapon choices and variety of modifications (shrines, secret skills) it can be modified to fit any play style.


Indies That Rule: Bastion

emptyhaven | Dec. 19, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

Narration is frowned upon in some games, as it leads to hand-holding and too much guidance in terms of how the plot is shaping up and where the story will lead to. It gives me the sense that developers don't think that their game could tell enough of a good story alone, that they need an often dismembered voice to explain things, and that they don't trust their audience to be able to understand and follow the plot. Narration in this game takes a different turn though, for while it does guide you through the story, it only leads you as far as the blocks that spawn ahead of you. It does hold your hand, but stops immediately, giving you free reign to go about and do your thing. The narration is snappy and smart, and it is a fun person to listen to. The music in this game is superb as well, giving the game that right of folk-y, country, and action-y feel that I expected—even surpassing what I expected! If you have a few dollars to spare, you should definitely get the soundtrack, it'll be totally worth it. I sometimes listen to it for hours. All in all, a wonderful game that shows you how to do narration right. Or at least one way of doing narration right. Visuals and gameplay are both spot on, and I have no further comments on them. Just this one last thing: GO BUY THE GAME.


Narration Alone Makes This A Great Game

mikenotcaptain | Dec. 5, 2014 | See all mikenotcaptain's reviews »

Bastion has all of the elements that an Indie game should have. It has a unique and beautiful setting, it has solid gameplay, and amazing soundtrack and voice acting. I literally could listen to the narrator of this game to lull me to sleep. The story of Bastion is great and the skill/item progression kept me engaged throughout its entirety. My favorite aspect of this game,other than narration, is the unique setting. The floating world that appears as you walk around makes for a world that has no other like it. Wonderful indie game that I would suggest to anyone.


A Bastion of good fun

yarkitty123 | Nov. 7, 2014 | See all yarkitty123's reviews »

I wasn't expecting much from Bastion by dint of the bulky, in-game character models alone, but I was pleasantly surprised. You really have to play it and get into the narrative to really appreciate the game, then maybe less than an hour in everything starts gelling and you get a lot of useful, clever assortment of powers you get in games like Metroid (not comparing genres here, just the quality and depth of powers you get). I highly suggest playing the game with the stellar gameplay, cool narrative, and fun powers. There is a lot of game/depth here, and it's one of the finest RPG experiences you can find on Steam. 10/10, would Bastion again.


Bastion - review

carlyle | Nov. 7, 2014 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Bastion looks like a stock characterised by simple mechanical extremely accessible and immediate. The player just continue along the path that is created in front of the boy, defeating all manner of creature until the discovery of the artefact useful for the reconstruction of the ramparts. This pattern is repeated substantially the entire length of the game, interrupted only by sessions to be addressed to raise survival "coins" and unique challenges that will allow us to get the materials to be used in upgrading of weapons at your disposal. Each unit collected at the end of a stage will rebuild one chosen among the six buildings that were once the bastions, an act that we can use to expand gameplay possibilities and customization of the equipment. The element that makes it stand out Bastion in the now abundant mix of video game masterpieces of independent matrix is undoubtedly the so-called "dynamic storytelling." From the first seconds of the game until the end of the adventure the male voice of the character of Rucks will not be limited simply to tell the story and events in their order, but in a different way every comment on your choice of action or habit. The environments inspired by the narrative engaging and breathtaking sound department create a great little work that will be hard to forget.


One of the best

madm0x | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all madm0x's reviews »

Bastion is an amazing game, filled with colorful art and a sexy narration that tells the story as you play as oppose to ripping the camera and controls from you so you can watch a 5 minute cut scene. I would love to play another game with this guy as a lead voice. Music for the game is also very good and fitting for this kind of game, somewhat somber at times.The game play is pretty fast pace and excellent, though has it's short falls. One of them is that you are given too many weapons, Unless you plan on experimenting with the weapon load-out, You will usually stick with what works for you. Same with secret skills, which I hardly ever used while playing. Overall, an amazing game that opens up for you the more you play.


Indie game worth some praise.

Strictnyne | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all Strictnyne's reviews »

I'll be fair and honest to say I've never been huge on the indie titles, but I picked this one up for a few bucks and thought why not. The game style is a bit different then I'm use to, but I've rather enjoyed my time with this one. It makes me think getting transistor by this company may very well be worth it. The soundtrack and art style seem to make you have to give the indie market a very series shot of your attention.


Well done

magierking | Oct. 13, 2014 | See all magierking's reviews »

Bastion is a good-looking action game with a very atmospheric soundtrack and gripping story narration.


A really good game

masterchieftoad | Sept. 25, 2014 | See all masterchieftoad's reviews »

Bastion is a well made game, it has a very fun gameplay, great soundtrack and a narrator which u won't forget. Only aspect i didn't like in this game was a lack of communication between characters, but it's not a big deal, this game is worth money spend and it's one of my favorites. Definitelly recommend!


What it is in the end is not what it was at the beginning

bibboorton | Sept. 9, 2014 | See all bibboorton's reviews »

The gameplay is perfect and the story is great. It could have been better, however. There are parts of the game where I feel like they wanted to make something more happen, but didn't have the time to actually implement it. It felt like a somewhat incomplete game because of these moments. It's hard to say anything else that hasn't been said up to this point, really. But it's a fine game that is worthy of your time, if you can stick through what feels like a padded mid-game.


Amazing Indie Game

ImSoAw3some | Sept. 6, 2014 | See all ImSoAw3some's reviews »

The best thing about this game is the atmosphere and immersion. The art is hand drawn, the music really fits with what you're doing, and the narration is just amazing. Everything you do is narrated, and there are so many different dialogues you won't be found hearing the same phrase over a over- which is something some games just do wrong. The story is a little mysterious because you don't have much information about "The Calamity" or "The Kid." But that's part of the reason it's so good. To top off the really good narration, art style, music, and story, the combat and levels are well done and are very fun to play even more than once. The different weapons and skills are all varied and are fun to play, however there isn't a huge selection of them. Overall, the game is great. The narration, art, music, and story really make the game stand out, topped off by solid gameplay.


A Very Notable Indie Game

darkrise | Aug. 12, 2014 | See all darkrise's reviews »

A beautiful top-down isometric rpg starring a boy of unknown age only called "The Kid" as he traverses through the remnants of a once proud and beautiful world rended by a cataclysmic event known as "The Calamity". The game features beautifully rendered and well detailed environments that truly fit into the category of a fantasy. You face creatures who now roam the pieces of broken land; utilizing a diverse arsenal of weapons and skills that can be customized to you're liking, all in hopes of uncovering the worlds secrets to build a Bastion of hope for yourself and survivors, if there are any. A highly recommended game for anyone who wants a challenging, unique gaming experience with a narrative that isn't quite what it seems.


A beautiful game.

THeTominater95 | Aug. 10, 2014 | See all THeTominater95's reviews »

As the above states bastion is a beautiful game with lovely art, backgrounds, character design... Every visual element is sumptuous and gorgeous. Fighting is difficult at times, I played through on normal with a higher and lower difficulty available, not really in the storyline parts but additional challenge-room-esque parts I was unable to progress. But still gameplay is fun and varied. The famous narration! Your actions are narrated by what initially seems an omniscient narrator which is an interesting gimmick that allowed you never to really feel alone and actions to be purposeful. I hope this is one element other games adapt. Story wise this game is weaker. Not that it's a bad one but compared to how excellently characters, background information of the world and the afore-spoken challenge-rooms provide further character details are implemented .... it's just there neither detracting from or augmenting the over-all experience. So an 85 for a wonderful experience. I just feel it simply can't be raised any higher without some impact on the player, through storyline or otherwise.


Gorgeous Hack and Slash

minoru09 | Aug. 8, 2014 | See all minoru09's reviews »

Bastion has it all: beautiful hand-drawn world, fantastic story, fun gameplay and the absolute stunning soundtrack. Of course, I must mention the unique narrator who narrates every action you take in the game. Very good game, definitely one of my pick for favorites indie titles.


Best narration ever.

Furrek | July 30, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

So before I played Bastion I did read this everywhere in internet: great narration, beatiful game, must play etc. Yes, I must agree, and probably everyone should too, that this game have a best narration ever that was in video games. Sure, there are plenty of great ones, but I think I like the one in Bastion the most. For this thing alone Bastion is worth buying and playing. Another thing that is great in Bastion is music. It build a really great atmosphere in game. When I'm talking about great things in Bastion, I can't forget graphics - it's simply beautiful. Those three things make this game worth getting. While narration, music and graphics are solid, the other things could be a bit better - I'm talking about gameplay mechanics. They are not bad, but it's a very action RPG game. Few weapons, not so many difficult fights. Sure, you can use special shop to make your game ever harder, but once you learn to use every weapon then nothing is gonna be a challenge. Still, this should be played by everyone. If not for gameplay, then at least for those three amazing things that I, and mostly everyone else, mentioned.


The badass kid.Bastion. Amazing indie game with amazing narrator

hateah | July 22, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

Ah.. Memories i remember how i finished the game and i almost cried at the end,it has such a beautiful art and narrator. As for the gameplay, you can unlock new grounds which gives u points and with those points your upgrade ur own town buildings. You can also unlock new weapons which are harder to unlock of course, but makes your life easier. You also have 3 lives and when you die you continue from the same spot. There is something like mini-boss at every ground you unlock. The last level is just amazing and the gameplay is pretty good for such a old indie game. It has a lot of choices u can make including of improving your buildings, which bonuses to unlock and etc. After the end you will want to play it again and again, the narrator which talks to you all the game just fits amazing. Chinese art as you know well is one of the best arts which is also used in Bastion, also being called during the game "The kid".I couldn't stop playing it until i finished the game, it's addicting once u get into the game. It has many different weapons which you can upgrade in ur ground or buy or unlock. Each weapon has 4(fourth) updates, which you can see in your ground's store. Calamity Cannon It is a ranged weapon whose blasts can cause area damage. Calamity Cannon is too unwieldy to lock onto targets. Galleon Mortar The Galleon Mortar acts like a Bombardment weapon which drops explosive bombs and wide area of effect. The range of the weapon is also variable. Fire Bellows This weapon resembles a flame thrower which spews a continuous stream of fire causing damage to anything that is in range. Army Carbine The Army Carbine is a high-power ranged weapon that can deliver some serious damage with variable accuracy but has a heavy recoil. Brusher’s Pike It is a thrusting melee weapon that has powerful medium range and can also be thrown. Duelling Pistols They are duel ranged weapons whose fire rate depends upon the user’s own speed. Scrap Musket It’s a ranged weapon with a wide angle. The knock-back effect will compensate for limited range. War Machete It’s fast for melee attacks. Throwing attack should compensate for its short melee range. Breaker’s Bow It’s a ranged weapon which is versatile in providing powerful attack and the attack is increased when the bowstring is drawn. Fang Repeater It is a rapid fire weapon that reloads automatically but you can’t move while firing. Cael Hammer It is a well-balanced weapon that can be used for melee attacks; stationery attacks are more powerful. You can upgrade the weapon in five stages.


Amazing, Beautiful, just a Must Have

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

I enjoyed Bastion a lot. The narrative story can give you the chills and excitement of searching for each shard in each unique zone. The art style is beautiful too. You won't be able to take your eyes off each animation because of how interactive each artwork is. The combat style is fun too and challenging. Your loadout is a bit limited to 3 specific weapons at a time but each weapon is customizable using mods and combinations. The game also lets you customize your difficulty to your liking using the idol system. New Game + is a nice challenge too if you're up to it. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good and decent length game to enjoy.


A complete indie game

matheusnovais | July 14, 2014 | See all matheusnovais's reviews »

Bastion is a great game which sees in each aspect. First of all, the soundtrack is amazing, with beautiful songs. The gameplay and controls are alright. The difficult can be adjusted through the tokens, that increase enemy's stats and give more xp and money as reward. But the narrator, ah, that voice is incredible. It act your moves and give thrill to the game. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, that voice is present every single time motivating your gameplay. Bastion is an all-around game and a must-play.


Must own it!

Nova4 | June 30, 2014 | See all Nova4's reviews »

Do you ever had heard about the legend of the Kid and how he survived the Big Disaster and singlehandle it rebuilted the Bastion? ...Same on you! This is one of the best stories ever seen in a video game! and ​​for only 15 dollars! That is a steal! (Less if you buy during a sale) The gameplay of Bastion is some kind of asymmetric RPG, with some touches of asymmetric shooter, but the game is hard to start, it's just practice and be the God of the game, the good thing is you can adjust the difficulty of the game anytime and recompenzan you for this. The art style of this game soooo is beautiful, this game is just surreal and I love it for that. It's story and narration is what really impressed me, many AAA games could learn a lot about how to present and narrate a story's... and the plot twist... oh man! Is so inespected! Seriously, it is very good. I give Bastion a 9/10, the only bad thing I found you is that is very short and sometimes kill you without giving you a chance to react, but it is not the rule of the game, this is a unique experience in the world of video games and recommended that you do not miss it.


Great Indie Title

TCass29 | June 24, 2014 | See all TCass29's reviews »

Bastion by Supergiant games is absolutely amazing. The narrator is incredible, it has lore and story that'll stick with you, and it gives you a lot of freedom as far as how you want to play the game. New Game + as well as "idols" you can invoke ramp up the difficulty for your second time through...and you'll want to play a second time through. Great soundtrack Great gameplay Great narration Great game


One of a kind and full of surprises

univarn | June 11, 2014 | See all univarn's reviews »

For all its wonder and awe inducing moments Bastion basically boils down to a one of a kind story telling experience that feels more dynamic than it ever has any right to be. Right off the bat the narration tells you this game is going to be nothing like anything you have ever experienced. The smoothness of the voiceover mixed in with the dreamlike nature of the visuals creates a sense of total immersion into this sometimes confusing and complicated world. The combat system is simple at first - just a whack a mole style - that evolves as the enemies do. Before long you find yourself hastily trying to create unique combos between your weapons to maximize your damage giving, and taking capabilities, as well as balance your defense and offense. If at first you are not taken with the world, you soon will be. My one complaint with the game is that it sometimes feels a little rushed at points. The need for them to tell their story while keeping you entertained with high speed action means you'll find yourself saying "wait, what just happened?" more than once... and right up until the end. But even then you'll never feel like you're just killing time by taking unnecessary quests. Stripped to the bare bones this game has everything you need with little fluff... even if by the time it comes to an end you wish it had more.


One of the best games of the generation

Jomy582 | May 31, 2014 | See all Jomy582's reviews »

After completing 3 playthroughs I have to say that this is my favorite game of all time. First, the combat. It is good, not amazing, but very good. It works as a hack n' slash and you can change your two primary weapons as well as a special skill. The Idol system allows for increased difficulty if that is your thing. Second, the soundtrack. It is just... amazing. No game has come close to this level of amazing in their soundtrack. Third, the story. Wow. Just wow. At the beginning I saw the story as a stepping stone between levels, but boy could I have been more wrong. About an hour and a half into the game the story picks up and will keep you engaged. It is also narrated by a man who should narrate every single thing in the world because his voice is that good. If you don't have this game now, go get it! Your missing out!


An indie showing how its done

drakso | May 15, 2014 | See all drakso's reviews »

Bastion, a game that really captured the moment of every gamer that played it. And rightly so, the game has a phenomenal story, a really good crafted world and ASTONISHING voice acting. Trough out the game you will be guided by a narrator of sort who will always comment on the current events and also lead you trough the story. The combat system is really great and the variety of weapons and upgrades are also satisfying. The difficulty is regulated in a very cool way. The player can adjust the difficulty just at some points like enemies health or attack bonuses or knock back bonus depending on what he is prepared to take on, but also get rewards and extra xp for doing so. The music is also very very well made and I recommend this game to every gamer to try it.


Decent, but not worth the money. Great soundtrack though.

toshexy | May 7, 2014 | See all toshexy's reviews »

I'll include the summary first in this review, and then add the details: It's not worth the money, wait for a real good discount and maybe then buy it. Or better yet, save your money for "Transistor" from the same game makers. This game is decent fun, has nice art and an amazing soundtrack. But the gameplay is not that much to my taste mostly since the control of the character is kinda weird (can't explain it real well, you have to try it to know what I mean) and that really subtracts from the overall experience. The narrating is good and cool, but becomes ridiculously boring after a while. Seriously, it bored me to the point where I muted it. All in all a decent game, but I think had it been a platformer it would have been even more fun.



OverkillerlSRBl | May 1, 2014 | See all OverkillerlSRBl's reviews »

This game wil suprise you in many ways, as it has fairly simple stylized graphics, and not too complex combat and movement yet it has that "something" which will just blow you off your feet. My wild guess is that the story and atmosphere made me feel like that, and actually they are both great, but i am not sure whether that gives the game that feeling i expirienced. It is in its core an action rpg with different weapons and spells, all of which are really fun to use and will give you that satisfying feel, the combat itself is very well done too. I absolutely recommend it to everyone, this little guy packs a big punch, and i loved every second of it!


Exiting, engrosing, and immersive experience

cricketspike | April 24, 2014 | See all cricketspike's reviews »

Ever wanted to get into, or introduce a friend into indie gaming? This is definitely one to start with. The game has the visual, game play, and especially sound aspects down to an art. The narrators smooth yet gritty voice interactively guides you through a decimated yet still vibrant utopia, in a voice that challenges that of Morgan Freeman as the games soundtrack,which is good enough to bought on its own, sets an appropriate mood for any occasion, greatly enhancing the adrenaline rush of fighting enemies in the endless dream mode. The panic you feel as you rush through a level in a desperate search for an exit or health items, and even your curiosity discover new details of the lost civilization and its interesting back story. The game's combat is fast paced, requires planning and decently quick reflexes, and allows for many unique styles of play with a choice of 2 of around 10 weapons, which can be upgraded by proficiently using them in the related challenges. You can also add re-playability by adding bonus challenges in the form of idols that can increase enemy attack, or turn them invincible at random intervals. The game is one hell of an adventure up until its brain twisting ending and I would easily recommend it to any one, though I would personally suggest for it to go on sale as it often does during steam sales usually for more than 50% off.


Phenomenal Artwork and Soundtrack; Good Story

SonoDaten | April 20, 2014 | See all SonoDaten's reviews »

I had played Bastion for all of about five minutes on a friend's computer some time ago and enjoyed it. The basis of the story is that the protagonist, a little boy, is a survivor of a cataclysmic event known as The Calamity that has wiped out virtually everything of the city he once lived in. The boy travels to the Bastion, the designated destination for survivors of such an event if it were to occur. From there, the boy much travel to different places and collect cores in order to expand the Bastion and rebuild while finding other survivors along the way. Throughout the entirety of the game, the beautiful art and soundtrack was what kept me trapped in the game's grip. It strikes a nice balance between being naturally beautiful while also keeping the theme of post-apocalyptic city-scape (where appropriate). This allows it to mirror the boys journey: in the face of untold destruction and despair, there is yet a reason to hope. The camera is locked in a certain position, but it allows the player to see almost all of the field. The only problem I encountered was when going behind some objects (which become translucent upon doing so) or going around them, I misjudged how much space I had and fell off the map. It should be noted now that I played the game while using an Xbox 360 controller, and I have not played using the computer controls. With that in mind, the controls were fairly simple: two weapons, one controlled with the X button and the other with B; a special skill that corresponded with one of these weapons controlled by RT; and a shield that could be used with either LT or the LS. This does give the game a hack-and-slash/button-mashing feel to it, but the variety of weapons both long- and short-range allow the player to mix-and-match for their preferred style or for what they're going up against. The monsters in each level do change depending on your environment, which makes levels feel unique. In comparison, the story seemed a little slow. It picks up considerably near the end, but for the bulk of the game the player is left wondering exactly what has happened and why because not much is explained outside of what the objectives are or what the endgame of it all is, though all are revealed in good time. Personally, though, I am the type of player who prefers to squeeze as much current information out of NPC's as possible so as to know as much about the world as possible, so this naturally put me off just slightly (However, I could also see how this was appropriate considering The Calamity had destroyed most of the world!). All in all, Bastion was a fantastic game that literally reduced me to tears by the time it was over. It is hands down a game that any person interested in RPGs should definitely own and I would highly recommend it.


A Phenomenal Title

Pwnclub | April 16, 2014 | See all Pwnclub's reviews »

This game is a really great action/adventure experience. I found the soundtrack to be absolutely fantastic and the game play mechanics are solid. The art style is one that I personally really liked, and the narrator did a really good job. So is it worth $15 or less? Definitely. If you are looking to have a great time playing a great game, go pick this game up. You won't be disappointing.


Beautiful, gorgeous, but awful storytelling.

Funtaine | April 15, 2014 | See all Funtaine's reviews »

This game is amazing, it's art. It's beautiful to the eye and to the ear. It's graphics are charming and the soundtrack enchanting. However, I felt the way of the story being told, with our main character having little to no personality, was quite boring. The characters weren't given their own voices, but rather narrated by a single old man narrator. It could work but somehow him telling us every single piece of information grows trivial and annoying, making many of the characters seem one sided and boring. I can't give it above 60 because of the storytelling. It is a beautiful game with fun gameplay but the storytelling is simply dreadful.


A beautiful game

damodarko | April 9, 2014 | See all damodarko's reviews »

Bastion is one of those rare games that comes along quietly and knocks you off your feet. It's simplistic play style makes it easy to flick on for a fun smash and bash, but the level design, the narration and that soundtrack? Every time I sit down to play this game I am absorbed into it's beauty. This is a game that plays well and invokes all the right emotions. A small tale that pulls you in and immerses you in a deep story while the vibrant designs and quirky game play keeps it nice an light. A special mention has to go to the original soundtrack to this game. I rarely buy music separate to the game, but I have bought this game and soundtrack multiple times just to spread it among my friends. This game is for everyone and should be played by everyone.


Wonderful game, fantastic soundtrack, touching story

radenthefridge | March 27, 2014 | See all radenthefridge's reviews »

I absolutely loved this game. The gameplay was solid, the narration (despite me not being a fan of the guy's actual voice) was excellent, and the soundtrack was stuck in my head for months. The story did turn out to be much darker and sadder than I expected, but it also stuck with me for a long time.


A wonderful story-driven experience

pickelsurprise | March 21, 2014 | See all pickelsurprise's reviews »

I love a game with a good story. Bastion may not have multiplayer or too many extras to tackle, but for a gamer like me, this little game has it all. Solid gameplay, great visuals, and some downright beautiful reactive narration. While the story of the game doesn't necessarily change based on your actions, the narrator's dialog will actually respond to what you do and what happens to you. While this does little to advance the plot, it makes the game feel so much more immersive. On the whole, Bastion is a great ride from start to finish. New Game Plus mode adds to the fun, letting you play through the whole game with your favorite weapons and skills without the need to unlock them. Some may say this makes it too easy, but for someone like me, it lets me experience the story again without having to worry too much about the difficulty. If you're looking for a smooth, stylistic action game with some light RPG elements, and above all, great storytelling, this is definitely a buy.


Bastion ------> Buy it or Not?

koticpaxx | March 6, 2014 | See all koticpaxx's reviews »

To jump right in, Bastion is a work of art. A unique style on taking on a game, Supergiant Games has truly created a brilliant master piece. In the world of Bastion, you play a character simply known as The Kid. As him, you fight to discover and retrieve the lost world which has been destroyed by ancient invaders. So let's start with the presentation. The graphics are amazing, and though it's not in a realistic point of view, it has an astounding artwork. The voice over, only presented by the Narrator, is top-notch. He narrates simple little moves you make as The Kid, which adds the element of profound storytelling. The actual voice of the Narrator is soothing, in a mixture of a Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson kind of way, which is quite awesome. The gameplay is great, with the view of the camera in a unique spot. This can sometimes get annoying, as it allows you to misjudge narrow paths where you can end up falling to your death. The game is kind of a hack and slash, with different levels and enemies to make each one unique. All in all, Bastion is a hands down BUY. It is a must have with it's unique style of story telling, and its great gameplay.


An Amazing Experience

XiPaRiSiiTeiX | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all XiPaRiSiiTeiX's reviews »

Bastion is a game that although may look a little off by triple A games standards at first glance is actually thrilling masterpiece. The art style of this game is very pretty I was very pleasantly surprised how beautiful the game looked when I was playing, with environments ranging from the lush green bastion to the dank murky darkness of the wall. The soundtrack is a thing of wonders that will be stuck in your head for days, one song in particular stuck with me as I wandered around the bastion taking a break from dispatching enemies with my hammer, and the best thing is there is a record player so you can kick back and relax listening to the amazing soundtrack while browsing the wares of one of the many unlockable buildings around the bastion. The gripping narrative is something of a spectacle in the game also as the narrator's calm, deep, soothing voice made me play the whole game over just to hear him again, telling a tale of a young boy on his quest to find out what exactly had happened to the once beautiful world they lived in. I wholeheartedly recommend this game, actually, stop reading this review. Go buy it, go on!


Can't hold back the feels...

damienjameswebb | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

Ok, so when i fist started playing this game i was like "ya cool, its a brawler". you try to get through the level filled with monsters to find crystal pieces to save the world.... NOPE instead your thrown into wonder as your trying to figure out who you are, how did you survive, why did this happen, and who was responsible. Lets just say that this game could have easily been a paperback book that i read in junior high for book report week. As thought provoking as the story is (which i am trying really hard not to give away), the real drive for this is the classic throwback to the iso beat-um-ups of old. The gameplay is smooth and you really feel like your having to work at defeating your enemies (even on the easy settings). The best part by far is the narrator, who literally talks about everything your doing as your doing it, and not just the main story line... if you decide to stop for a minute and start breaking pots, he'll say something about it. if you leave your game running and say go and get a drink from the fridge, he talks about how your character has stopped to stare into the oblivion that is the eternal abyss... the only downside i have for this game is the leveling system.i didn't like how limited you were with ability stacking, and that you had to change your weapons at the hub rather than on the fly (you only get 2 weapon slots). however, this ends up being a plot point so.... i'll forgive them. All in all, Bastion is a great game. It was like a good book that i never wanted to finish, but would defiantly read again.


An amazing experience

gforcesa | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Bastion is a game you should not miss.It's basically a one of it's kind.I really don't want to spoil the experience for you so i wont talk about the story.The narrator of the game is so awesome to listen to, mainly because his voice reminds me of Morgan Freeman's voice which is pretty rad.I really like how the developers have told the story of the game and how the narrator is, well, narrating everything you do and that's fun.The soundtrack of the game is really good because it's so relaxing to listen to and never gets old.The game is around 4 hours to beat but its well worth the price for this awesome game.


A magical game

bourdoulas | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all bourdoulas's reviews »

Stunning hand painted graphics with an even greater OST and a narrator that will remain in your head for quite a while after you finish the game. Recommended to every action RPG gamer out there. The duration could be longer but fortunately you can replay the game again and again on "New Game Plus" mode.


Just buy it now

KalGoran | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all KalGoran's reviews »

Bastion is one of the games on my person list of standout games in recent years. With a beautiful and unique visual style, an excellent and involving story, fantastic music and the beloved narrator, it is a real gem of a title. There are "moral choices" though I say that with a caveat--there are only two, both at the end of the game, and they aren't "moral" in the sense of right and wrong. Both possibilities in each choice can probably have equally strong arguments, they simply give you a choice on what you want to do, and they're surprisingly impactful. The gameplay, while not necessarily unique or revolutionary, is fast paced, moderately challenging, and fun. There is a solid selection of very unique weapons that are fully upgradeable, letting you experiment and create very different play styles. The visuals never disappoint, the music is just beautiful, and the narrator is awesome--a great voice that really brings you into the experience, and very well written. It's a great hook for an already great game. Buy this now, if it appeals to you at all, and you won't regret it.


Great All Around Game

TheBarcaShow | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all TheBarcaShow's reviews »

Everything about this game seems pretty well done. The first thing which you have to notice is the artwork, as the images above show you, it is hand drawn/painted and gives the game a fairly unique feel. The narration I think is pretty famous for this game. It can be a bit repetitive but to me it was never boring. The narrator uses a deep tone which reminds me of some movie narrations. The gameplay is great. The controls are simple enough, WASD keys with the mouse to aim with hotkeys for potions. There are a vast array of weapons, upgrades and challenges which can make each playthrough a bit different than the one before. There are also a vast amount of enemies, as well as boss battles which can be a bit of a challenge. If you've been on the border with this game, if you see it on sale, you should definitely get it, you will not be disappointed


A classic game counted differently dyes

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Bastion is a great game . Of the best indies in recent years . Note that it is a job done by a few people , but you have much, much pampering . Note that it is a small study, a humble project , because the game is short ( about 10 hours in my case , increasing the difficulty as you become more powerful ) . GRAPHICS : the care with which the game is made by paragraphs like this is noted . Everything is hand drawn with a taste and a sublime palette of colors. The art section is a high level. The scenarios are varied enemies , too. You can interact with many objects in the scene. TECHNOLOGY : It is not your strong point , nor intended. It is a game that could be technologically previous generations. Playability : Very worked. With a learning curve and difficulty appropriate . It is an action- rpg, with touches of hack n 'slash . The combat never becomes monotonous , despite the few available actions ( attack , guard , dodge , heal, and special attack ) in part by the large number of available weapons , each more spectacular and effective , and the variety of enemies and when you think you 've seen all and know their attack patterns , new enemies begin to appear with different behaviors. SOUND: The music is without a doubt MASTER . From the best I 've heard in a video game in recent years . You had heard praises me this before the game, and not exaggerated . It is a shame that many issues have not ( between 10 and 15 items equally). Marry perfectly with the game. The sounds are good , nothing more. INNOVATION: I think this game will be remembered mainly for innovation that has led to the inclusion of an omniscient narrator, a voice who explains us not only what it has to do with history , but it often makes comments about the things we are doing at all times. Surely the significance of this narrator gameplay is not great , but gives the game a depth and complexity that would not exist without it ( I must say that everything he says is right , witty, and also has a voice in English , that 's cool that you shit ! :) otherwise it is a game that does not innovate in any section. BEST: - The gameplay , which grows as the game progresses . - The music, impressive as very few . - The novelty of the voice of a narrator , which gives the game more complex . WORST: - It is short , though to be an indie, approx 10h can be considered long even - Sometimes I get the feeling , it's a wasted game, with pillars and ideas that revolve around the history of the game , too ambitious for such a small study


Fall in love with the narrator

Coolicy | Dec. 17, 2013 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

the art style is more cartoony, and the fighting isn't as robust as Torchlight, but these are all not reasons why you should be playing Bastion. The combat is slower paced, but takes a backseat to the story. You explore a charming world with a strong progression system, making you attached to your character. Moreover, it's the narrator that narrates your every move that makes the game so charming and endearing. His witty descriptions, comments and snark remarks is really what makes Bastion. I have this on steam, and it's great to have this added to GMG's backlog. If you haven't tried this game, definitely give it a shot when it's on sale (and maybe even throw in one of GMG's vouchers). IMO, this game really proves Warner Bro's as a solid publisher. This and the Arkham series shows to me that they invest in their game and want it to be good. This is an indie game, but the amount of polish really shows. This game is highly regarded by gaming critics, you owe it to yourself to try it out.