Reviews for Batman: Arkham Asylum - Classics Edition


An almost unerringly focused experience

Elfangorax | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all Elfangorax's reviews »

Everything about this game is tight -- the controls; the camera; the story; the skill progression; the costume... ahem. In all seriousness, it really does hit the nail on the head in all those areas and more. With the number of corridors on offer, traveling from area to area should feel limiting and linear, but instead it feels focused. All in all, I'd say the only thing detracting from my experience with this game was the collectibles. They're obviously optional, but when I see one all I want to do is work out how to get it, which detracts from the game's otherwise impeccable focus. This particular point is very subjective, though, and if you like the sound of the occasional plot-extraneous puzzle then these will likely add to your experience, rather than detract from it. Without a doubt, this game is definitely worth playing.


Superb combat, tone and story!

averagestudent | Jan. 5, 2014 | See all averagestudent's reviews »

My brother bought this game for my birthday, and I regret to say I didn't play it for almost a month afterwards as I didn't think it looked that exciting or fun to play. However, I wish I hadn't waited so long to play it as as soon as I got through the opening credits (playing throughout a scene where you escort the main antagonist through the asylum) as the visuals and 'feel' of the game were amazing. The combat is varied and simple for those who just want to play the game through, but is also rich and complex for those who want the highest combos to get the highest points. As you work your way through the game you earn extra upgrades and weapons which can all alter how combat works as enemies also become tougher with better weapons. The story is fairly good, although it is not massively imaginative and many of the boss battles are similar uncreative- often relying on you seeing the 'flaw' in the boss and exploiting it over and over again. I think these are small negatives against a game with an atmosphere as consistent and excellent as this one, a game with controls as tight and precise and this one and a game as fun to play as this one. For achievement hunters and 100%ers there are also plenty of collectables and secrets hidden around the game that require you to re-explore areas and use new gadgets to access, providing a challenge and a reason to replay the game.