Reviews for Settlers 5 Heritage of Kings


Classic strategy game with a lighthearted soul

sonicchaos | Jan. 31, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews ยป

What is it about? About the story, as I usually pay less attention to that than a monkey in home school, I barely made it through the first cutscene. There's a narrator talking about something and then there's this guy who loses his mother, from whom he learns that he might be the rightful king of something and that's our motivation. As the player, we use a set of heroes, each with different skills, to settle towns, grow armies and beat the bad guy's army so we can avenge the deaths of our protagonist's mother and crown his gentle head. The trouble with the game is that it's trying too hard to mix a whimsical sort of start and silly characters with a serious plot, but it sort of fails. It might have worked for the Fable games (which I must agree have nothing to do with this game) and they kind of found a good balance in the sequels, but this one just falls flat. However, the presentation, the visuals and sound are still nice, thanks to the guy who had the bright idea to make everything look so cartoony. So yeah, points for that.

How does it play? At its core, the game is a classic real time strategy, and I really see a huge resemblance to Age of Empires 3 in particular. You have your usual buildings management, you create small armies formed of various troops like swordsmen, spearmen, archers and such, and it's all color-coded for your convenience. From that perspective, the game is great. It plays out exactly like you'd think it would, although today it might seem old and overused, back then this was still fresh and enjoyable, so I can't judge the game based on that. However, the gameplay is slow and the campaign isn't really that intriguing. You won't get any StarCraft here, but if you want a good ol' fashioned RTS, I wholeheartedly recommend it.