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Try the base game first

mahon | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

If you enjoyed Dungeons, you will want to get this DLC pack for sure. It adds more of what you already know from the game - new items, new maps, and even one campaign map. If you are not familiar with Dungeons, I recommend that you better try the base game first, and only get the DLC if you like the kind of game. It's not everybody's thing, but if you like dungeon adventures, like Dungeon Keeper or old dungeon crawls, you should enjoy it. For a modern gamer, used to fast action and flashy visuals the game may seem a bit boring, but in fact it only takes some getting used to. And if you find the game enjoyable, get this DLC pack, because it will extend the gaming time and replayability by many hours.