Reviews for Hitman: Contracts


Third time's a charm... not so much in this case

lconanl | Oct. 16, 2015 | See all lconanl's reviews »

As hinted (not so subtly) in the title, Hitman: Contracts doesn't live up to the standards set by its predecessor. It doesn't have much of a story (thus not adding almost anything to the hitmanverse), the remade missions from the first game (which take up at least 40% of the game's length) aren't really improvements to the originals, the sound is not as good as in the previous game (it's still great though; nothing that comes from Jesper Kyd's creative genius can be considered bad) and the difficulty level isn't quite up to par. Overall, the game feels like an expanion to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (by the way, notice how this isn't Hitman 3: Contracts; I'm sensing the "Valve can't count to three" syndrome is contagious). Still, that doesn't mean the game is a failure. On the contrary, the atmosphere is at least as good as before - the game takes place entirely in flashback mode (save for the ending, last mission and between-mission cutscenes); we actually see how 47 remembers the contracts, thus explaining why the weather is so gloomy all the time) -, the weapon collecting is back and revamped along with better training level(s) and a huge batman-like hidden base, and the voice acting is excellent (David Bateson IS Agent 47 for all intents and purposes). I may be forgetting important things, but hopefully that won't stop you from adding this game to your collection (preferably on a sale), especially if you're a fellow Hitman fan.


Everything Blood Money was, but less so.

sycomantis1991 | May 26, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Contracts is still a great, polished Hitman game. It takes everything great about Blood Money and rolls with it. The problem is that it feels like more of the same, just a little less. The environments aren't as varied, nor are the missions. It looks about the same, plays the same, but it's not as immersive and feels a tad less creative. It's just not AS amazing.


Good idea, bad realization

smilzoboboz | March 19, 2015 | See all smilzoboboz's reviews »

This game has no technical advantages over "Hitman: Silent Assassin" (Hitman 2), more like an expansion with new missions, and at least on half of the missions the game gives you more freedom than Hitman 2. Also they took some of the best and challenging "Hitman: Codename 47" missions and reworked them to fit the new system. Still the game is far worse than Hitman 2. In hitman 2 achieving Silent Assassin rank was often harder than other "methods" (a bunch of times it was the easier but well...), in Hitman: Contracts it's all about knowing where your costumes/weapons are, after that it's a piece of cake, and this is bad because there is no challenge. I just took a screenshot of a small unguarded room with tough costume, sniper rifle and remote bomb inside... this total lack of realism doesn't encourage you to continue, actually it does exactly the opposite. As wrote before Hitman: Contracts features half brand new missions and half "Codename 47" remake ones. It is disappointing to see that original "Hitman: Codename 47" missions were actually extremely more complex and involved a lot more "puzzle-solving" than "Hitman: Contracts" ones where whole parts have been stripped out like it was nothing. Not to mention that there is no plot in this game, it's just meaningless flashbacks and such. Gameplay aside, graphics and sound/music are at "Hitman: Silent Assassin" level or maybe even less detailed, which means fairly good but at least 2 years behind. So, to recap, the idea of "porting" the best "Hitman: Codename 47" missions with the brand-new Hitman 2 mechanics was extremely nice, but the overall realization of the game/missions was really not good. Recommended only if you're not a die-hard Hitman series fan, otherwise just buy "Hitman: Silent Assassin" or even Hitman: Codename 47" instead.


One of the best stealth games ever made

LSD | Dec. 20, 2014 | See all LSD's reviews »

Contracts is something of a remake of the previous 2 Hitman games, with some levels being completely re-made locations, and others including characters or targets from the other games. Though the game's around 10 years old, it still stands up well for modern audiences. The stealth is top-notch, and the number of ways to approach each missions is both varied and detailed. Contracts also retains the difficulty of previous Hitman games that Blood Money dropped, meaning the missions require a lot of thought, and even some planning in order to succeed. Interestingly, this is probably the darkest Hitman game to date, and that's not just because every mission takes place at night (with most of them being in rainy whether, which creates an incredible atmosphere). The first level involves escaping an asylum filled with corpses (the same asylum as the first Hitman ends in), and other locations are just as grim: without spoiling too much, there's a girl kidnapped and held captive in a slaughterhouse hosting an S&M-themed party, a boy kidnapped by an aristocratic family to be used as sport for a group of hunters, and a modern hotel with a closed-off wing that was host to a gruesome murder.


Mixed feelings

Obsessor | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Yes. That's in short my review of the third Hitman game. Here we get something totally different. The gameplay is more or less the same, but the story... Felt like the developers were content with what they got so far. Not keen on inventing more at the moment. So we get to replay some missions from previous games. Sure there are new moves, new ways to eliminate your targets. It's just I expected something brand new, not flashbacks. Don't get me wrong though. I loved the game and I recommend you add it to your collection.


Excellent stealth game

jasonwsc | May 20, 2014 | See all jasonwsc's reviews »

The title says it all really. Yes, the graphics are outdated, but don't let the screenshots fool you. Gameplay is excellent, and it has all the characteristics of a hitman game. It isn't worth the normal price, since the newer Hitman:Absolution is often on sale around this price point. Get it on a discount instead.


Absolutely amazing

aarongroh1 | Feb. 2, 2014 | See all aarongroh1's reviews »

One of the best in the stealth genre. Definitly worth the money, this will entertain you for hours on end



vaseroth | Jan. 29, 2014 | See all vaseroth's reviews »

If you were a fan of the other series then this is the game for you. With improvements to the AI and better control handling this game is defenetly worth the price now days. This game comes after the events in the Agent 47 and Hitman 2 games. Once again you are presented with obstacles to achive your "objectives" and it is up to you how to carry them out. Most of the time you can either stealth thru the whole place and not alert anyone. But hey, if you are like me, then sometimes its just more fun to go guns-a-blazing. Just be warned the combat in this game is not that friendly towards you if you are playing on high settings. (who plays on easy anyway?) Over all i loved this game and would recommend it


One of the best!

MauroR | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all MauroR's reviews »

Hitman franchise hold that kind of games which offer a lot variety from a gameplay standpoint and the approach to complete objectives. Are you a killing machine type guy? You can do it. Do you want to move in the shadow and remain undetected while completing your objectives? You can do this too. Also consider that this particular instalment features some flashbacks from the original "Hitman 47", the title that started all, this means that you'll find yourself playing some of the original missions which you've played in the first title, it's this particular thing that makes this title special, and it's one of the best of the franchise also, together with the sequel which I'll review in the appropriate page. This game has everything for everyone, it's up to you if it's the game right for you or not, but just follow my suggestion, grab it, it's just a few bucks for tons and tons of fun. It's a though game for though people, are you up to the challenge?



parazitu91 | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all parazitu91's reviews »

Hitman Contacts is darker in mood and atmosphere compared to any other Hitman game in the franchise. The story of the game picks up immediately after the ending of codename 47 and the majority of the story are flash backs of Agent 47's missions in the past. These flash backs include some revamped missions from codename 47. So if you ever wanted to play missions from code name 47 with updated controls, AI and graphics, this game should satisfy you. Hitman Contracts has a much better AI system then Hitman 2. I found myself able to run in this game and not be shot at randomly. Note that the AI could act unfair sometimes but not as often as Hitman 2. Also the sneak/crouch is much improved. I feel that Hitman contracts has some of the best missions in the franchise. Two missions that I consider that have the most replay value in the franchise is the Meat kings part and Hunter and the Hunted. If you were to pick up any Hitman game I would recommend Contracts or Blood money. Both games have strengths and weaknesses over another. I give Hitman Contacts a 9.9/10. I am very pleased that the game has made its way to steam.


Personal favorite

abelegu2 | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all abelegu2's reviews »

I remember when I played Contracts I thought it was the best Hitman ever. After playing Silent Assassin it felt like it was a better Hitman experience than the aforementioned. It has interesting missions, even some similar to the first game of the series only longer, adding to nostalgic elements and just making the game feel filled with content. If you've played Hitman games you can't miss this one, as it goes back to the origin of Hitman. You don't want to miss out on the story. I'm glad they finally got it back, I was looking forward to buying it. If you've played other Hitman games you will definitely like this one!


A must have for stealth enthusiasts

sonicchaos | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

I am glad to finally see Hitman Contracts finally released for digital purchase. I've been waiting a lot to see this happen. It may not be my favorite Himan game, but it definitely is the most interesting, at least plot-wise. The story follows Agent 47 as always and starts off with a strange cutscene that beautifully unveils as we play through our main protagonist's flashbacks featuring the events of the first game. In many ways, this means Hitman Contracts can be considered a reboot of the first game, although I disagree. Yes, we have the same locations, some of the enemies we've already encountered, all nicely improved with the new engine, but Contracts stands on its own with the original plot that engulfs all those events. It's gritty and even presents a much darker side of Agent 47, but at the same time the tragic faith he cannot escape. Visually, it's much prettier then the earlier instalments, but not noticeably beautiful, and certainly not the most graphically advanced when it came out in 2004. But it still has nicely detailed textures and elements and it's gorgeous enough to give it another chance at any time in the future, without having headaches watching edgy graphics. Technically, Contracts retains most of Silent Assassin's gameplay features, but clearly improved. The AI is better, although not by today's standards. The stealth mechanics are very intuitive, even with the inconsistent AI. Shooting, aiming, peeking around corners, garrotting enemies with the fiber wire, dragging them and taking their clothes, it's all there and it really absorbs the player in. The missions take place in huge and varied sandbox levels in which you can get lost, make use of clever environmental assassinations or do it your own way, find weapons to use in future missions or try them out in the training (tutorial) mode. Gameplay wise, this is truly a good example of how not to hold players' hands. The soundtrack is fantastic. It features award-winning music by Jesper Kid and highlights the mood of the story and gameplay in meaningful and immersive ways. Hitman Contracts has replayability, has a strong atmosphere and is one of the best stealth games of its time. A must have for any stealth enthusiast.


Better Now

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

They took forever to get this one out because of a legal issue with the soundtrack, then they finally release it just. There was one problem with it though...there was no SOUND! I mean, how are you going to release a game with no sound? They got it fixed, so it's better now. Aside from that little problem, this game is just like any other Hitman game. It's just great. I obviously haven't finished it since it just released like this past week or so. My rating's just going to be based on what I've finished so far in the game.


Contracts finally re appears on the PC

iaincmet | Jan. 22, 2014 | See all iaincmet's reviews »

After problems with a certain audio track in the game Contracts vanished a few year ago. Square Enix have now managed to sort the issues out and get this game released digitally. The game itself is the tried and tested original Hitman formula, large open play areas with plenty to see and numerous ways in which to take your target out. This game being set out the way it is and with events that it shows during the opening cinematic takes you through what can best be described as Agent 47's greatest *hits*!!! You get new material and also a few of the levels from the very first game redone in the newer engine and with larger playing areas. Visually the game is nicer looking than the first 2 games, looks more like the visuals on Blood Money. Sound has full voice over, and awesome music throughout. The game itself I think was for the fans and new people to the franchise at the time, hence the inclusion of some of the hits from the first game, kind of gives you a previously on Hitman type feeling. It is not the strongest Hitman game, that lies firmly with Blood Money and the newer Absolution but is a worthy addition to the franchise. There was an issue with music and voices on its release on Steam, however, IO / Square Enix fixed it within a few hours of release so good to go. If you like the older Hitman games or just want to experience Hitman for the first time this is a great way to do it before venturing into Blood Money and Absolution. Well worth it for the asking price


Happy this finally made it on GMG/Steam

DonVercetti | Jan. 21, 2014 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

Up until this date Hitman: Contracts is still one of my favorites in the Hitman Saga. Some might not/no longer be attracted to it due to it's outdated graphics and mechanic, but for me as I try to put aside nostalgia this is still one in the Top 10. Somehow this way of being the Silent Assassin 47 really intrigued me, it's contract after contract. Knowing the Hitman storylines and history, this would be a perfect portrayal of "The Life of a Hitman" as you spend all your time completing various contracts


The darkest Hitman

Speed4Runs | Jan. 21, 2014 | See all Speed4Runs's reviews »

Hitman: Contracts is a very dark and "sad" Hitman game which features a gameplay similar to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin's, but improved. You can use a sedative syringe which works just like the one in Blood Money, so it's a replacement of the anaesthetic in H2: Silent Assassin. Like in Hitman 2, after finishing a mission you won't get any money reward, but you will get special weapons instead (for SA ranking). Graphics are the ones featured in Hitman 2 but updated, although they look "dirtier". The plot is nice, but not deep or with many twists. There are some cool easter eggs. Many missions are just Hitman: Codename 47 missions revisited, in a darker way, and some are totally new. It's really cool to replay older Hitman missions with new graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and totally remade maps. Graphics/performance: 6.5 Graphics are improved from Hitman 2, and they're pretty good, although they're not impressive. HL2 surely has way better graphics, but these are still nice. The best thing about Hitman Contracts is its dark atmosphere, which is really amazingly done even graphically. Performance is very good, I remember I could play it without any problems in a VERY old computer. Gameplay: 5.75 The gameplay is very good, but it doesn't have any particularly impressive innovation than the older Hitman. It just feels like Hitman 2, even the gameplay mechanics. Plot: 5.25 Basic but nice plot. You will enjoy it throughout the game asking yourself what is actually going on in the game. Longevity: 5 It's a bit under the average. For some people it can be short to complete and for others it can be a long game, but it has anyway not too many missions and there's no possibility to play any custom missions or something like Contracts mode in Absolution. Yet, you can make the game last longer by recompleting it trying to score SA on all missions (this can make it last a lot). Sound: 7.25 Awesome sound which really fits the gloomy game atmosphere and very good voice acting. Final score: 60/100 Definitely a must have for Hitman and stealth fans. Really good and fun (to play) game. Given the (very low) price, I would recommend this game to anyone.


Great Hitman Game

Sganotak | Jan. 21, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

This game is pretty much a remake/reboot of the original, so if you didn't play the first Hitman, Contracts is the ideal starting point for the series. It's an old game however and you will immediately notice a lot of issues, like the lackluster AI or the terrible controls. The graphics engine is pretty dated as well and the game is not optimized for modern PCs. I am pretty sure there are mods out there though that will potentially fix that for you. I also didn't like the pre-mission briefing since it is presented in a very static and unaesthetic way. The gameplay is the classic Hitman Sandbox Stealth. There are not many gameplay upgrades from Hitman II, and the environmental variety is not as good as Silent Assassin's but the game is still a blast to play if you enjoyed the original Hitman gameplay formula. As I said before, the narrative is a main focus for this game and it is an origin story. Another very strong part of the game is it's brilliant soundtrack composed by Jesper Kyd, who is responsible for the soundtrack of all Hitman games. It fits the game's gritty and dark atmosphere perfectly and it also dynamically changes to fit the action or add more suspense Right now, Blood Money is the definitive Hitman experience. However if you played Blood Money or want some more background on the Hitman story and characters, Contracts is the game for you