Reviews for War of the Human Tanks


A Bizzare Visual Novel With TBS Element

minoru09 | May 20, 2014 | See all minoru09's reviews »

First things first, this is technically a visual novel albeit not a pure one. It's a visual novel with a TBS element. As a visual novel this game is pretty text-heavy in which you'll probably spending more time reading through the text rather than in the actual combat. The writing itself relies heavily in anime tropes and stereotypes. Depends on who you are, you'll either like it or hate it. Though you can skip most of the text with a simple ctrl button. The gameplay however, is rather solid. It plays out like the good 'ol Battleship with a twist. You can have several different units in the battle with their own usefulness. You can scout enemy with your Scout unit or you can just sacrifice your kamikaze unit and bomb the hell out of several grids with the enemies. Both you and enemy units die in one shot so you'll have to plan your battle carefully. Overall the game is really fun and can be addicting to play. The story is rather bizzare as you can expected from a Japanese doujin game. If you like turn based strategy game and don't mind with long exposition then by all means do try this little gem.


A Turn Based Strategy Meets Story. Lots of Story.

Sciazs | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all Sciazs's reviews »

"Episodic TV drama style story with openings and endings changing by battle's progress" There is a LOT of story to get through. If you're like me who loves reading in between the action, this is a great thing for you but if you're someone who just wants to pick up a mouse and keyboard (or a controller) and get right into the game, then turn away now. The first real battle of this game is getting through the opening dialogue and the subsequent chatter to get to your first battle. War of the Human Tanks acts more like a Japanese Visual Novel with its artstyle comic feel. While all this talk of story, don't get me wrong, the gameplay (or combat system rather) is very solid incorporating a great mix of turn based strategy and action. The aesthetics and music are all within the Anime/Manga genre so this may not appeal to all, but for fans of the genre and the strategy game, this game is a great find. This is by all means, a VERY subjective 85.