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Aliens vs Predator - review

carlyle | Jan. 11, 2016 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Alien vs Predator, set on the planet BG-386, it tells the story of a rookie Marines, an Alien and a Predator in three campaigns that will take place in the same locations, but each time in different situations. It is certainly the history of the marine, the most fascinating and successful, a classic fps accompanied by the sound of our motion detector, which will warn us of the presence of other forms of life through a series of audible beeps, giving us the position indicative of enemies thanks to a small radar, present in the lower right on our screen. With the Alien the game is directed more to stealth than the other: the aliens have the darkness their most valuable ally, also has a strong natural talent visual that allows him to see well even in the absence of light sources. Unlike the other two races, the predator can rely on a range of amenities that will make a real war machine. It will be able to combine its strength in the melee, helped by the two pairs of blades found on his hands. Alien vs Predator is a stock recommended to all fans of the saga, but also to all those who seek an alternative to the usual standards fps. Three different campaigns, offer an interesting gameplay for each of the playable characters, never banal and well structured, which reaches its climax with the marine, able to keep the tension at the highest levels.


The true and ONLY AvP game..

GatsuRage | March 26, 2015 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

This game does so many things right.. the Predator is amazing, the ALIEN it's great.. and even the Marine feels a complete new and fresh experience to FPS games! For newcomers to the franchise, and those who don't know, this is a total reboot of the franchise, there was 2 previous AvP games before this one, which are pretty dated... first one was revolutionary for the time it came out, 2nd was somewhat O.K but very standard shooter. So in short, you don't really need to go back to the old ones, you can totally play this one instead! Graphics are so well done, I wouldn't think this game is this old, is clearly made with future vision in mind when it comes to graphics, the game looks gorgeous! Regarding gameplay you will be able to play the humans (marines) and as well aliens and predator. Each class feels right, from the powerless humans, to the alien's agility, up to the overpowered PREDATOR! The only bad points with this game is that online gameplay is dead.. you won't find anyone in the lobby to play with.. but hey, you can always sync with some friends to play the co-op missions which are pretty well done, and are a lot of fun. Anyway, even if you never get to play multiplayer aspects of this game, the single player experience is totally worth your time! ♦You will feel terror when walking through out the dark corridors being a human, knowing that the aliens could jump at you at the next corner... ♦You will feel agile and with a lot of blood thirst when you put the skin of an alien... ♦You will feel like a real HUNTER! while you haunt your pray being one of the most overpowered being in the galaxy, know as the PREDATORS! Final score 100, worth every penny of your pocket..


Not as bad as they say

KingTed | March 4, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Aliens vs Predator is like one of the oldest cross-over ever made. Back in the days, when Predator 2 was released, everyone was amused by the cameo of the Xenomorph skull. After all, Yautja and Xenomorph are the two deadliest creature in the Universe, it's natural to try to figure out which one is the best. Aliens vs Predator is a fair decent First Person Shooter. Its main strength lies in the fact that there are three whole campaign to do in single player mode. Playing as a Xenomorph is a great (and gruesome)experience with good stealth mechanics and climbing. Then comes the Marine. He's the more classic of the three but it is also really fun and scary. Unfortunately the Predator was not that fun to me but I have never really appreciated this campaign in any of the AvP games. The presentation is quite good. Nothing jaw-dropping here but it does the job right. The sound design is also excellent. Aliens vs Predator is fun and that's all we ask from it. It's not the game of the year but it has solid gameplay and presentation, AND it's far better than Aliens Colonial Marines.


Excellent Gaming Experience

Shaide | Jan. 23, 2015 | See all Shaide's reviews »

Incredibly fun game! In fact, this is my second favorite AVP game(The first being AVP2, which unfortunately isn't available on steam) The graphics are incredible and each of the three single player campaigns are quite long, and let's you choose to play as either Alien, Predator or Lunch. In fact, each is like a game in and of it's self! My favorite Campaign is the Alien's ALWAYS the alien campaign! In fact, if I were told to find fault in the game I would be very hard pressed! The game is very well polished as far as FPS titles goes. It's very well fleshed out, and I am quite pleased! I guess though I would like to see the game more active in the online area. However I am more interested in the SP aspect of games, the Multiplayer capabilities is just an added bonus(unless it's a co-op mode...i love those). If you love Aliens(or Predator), and love a solid story driven single player experience, then I highly recommend this game! If you are only interested in Multiplayer then you might want to reconsider due to the few people who do play online.


Surprisingly Good

vipe_1 | Dec. 2, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

Aliens vs Predator doesn't seem to get a lot of love, or seem to be well regarded by those that haven't played it, but the game is surprisingly good, with a few great moments. From a value standpoint, AVP is worth it. 3 different campaigns, utilizing the Marines, Predators, and Aliens gives the player variety and helps move the game along just before it may get a little stale on the current missions. The Marine campaign is the longest, and possibly less-gimmicky of the bunch, but the others are very unique. Graphics in the game are good, but lacking some fidelity and some needed AA. Sound is what you would expect, with everything matching up well with what you remember from the movies. The game is all action based, with good gunplay, acid spitting and Predator beat downs. AI is average, though mostly interested in rushing you en-masse without taking cover or using other tactics. The game is suitably terrorizing enough on the Marine campaign, while offering the role of aggressor on the Alien and Predator missions. Overall, AVP is a good game that you may have overlooked. It certainly beats Colonial Marines in every respect, and is well worth a look for fans of either series.


From marines side, as always... GAME OVER MAN!

Pit_52 | Nov. 29, 2014 | See all Pit_52's reviews »

There is no greater terror then playing as marines in avp games. Always screwed up, xenomorphs on your tail, predator preparing some plasma stuff or mines or sending the spear right in your chest from a shadow (or tree if you like)... Game is outstanding in many ways. 3 unique races, people and the guys from the title don't have to be introduced cause everyone know who they are right? Each race unique gameplay, both story and multiplayer. While marines campaigne remains long and best, the monsters have far too short singleplayer mode in my opinion. There is not very much chances of enjoying the executions and great combat mechanics for both alien and predator. But fortunately there is multiplayer mode, wich means endless fun and playing both alien and predator how much you like. Grab a weapon and become a hunter, survivor or a prey, it's up to you.


Enjoyable game.

PrimalHunter779 | July 31, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

If you were burned or disappointed by Aliens: Colonial Marines, then I'd highly suggest picking up a copy of this game. Aliens vs Predator is a solid, polished shooter reminiscent of the original game from 1999, and is guaranteed to thrill and surprise you. The player experiences three different campaigns; predator, alien and marine. Each campaign has a different playing style, and I'm very impressed by the way Rebellion has managed to polish each style so efficiently. Firstly, the marine campaign. Probably the best of the three, you use classic weapons from the Alien films and comic books such as the pulse rifle, smartgun and double barrelled shotgun. The shooting is surprisingly tight, and you'll get into a nice rhythm of blasting and reloading. The darker levels are great at creating suspense, and the xenomorph models are beautifully animated. They take you by surprise and can swarm you very quickly, which creates moments of panic that I haven't felt in a shooter for a long, long time. You also fight other enemies like Weyland Yutani androids, who are unsettling in their own way (probably those creepy voice recordings and expressionless faces). You can also experience classic movie moments like blasting the Alien Queen out of her egg sac, which is awesome to just about anyone who has seen Aliens. Secondly, the predator campaign. As the Predator, you'll attempt to stay stealthy and pick off enemies using the range of tools at your disposal. You have a plasma caster, a spear, throwing discs and of course, the classic wrist blades. Much like the Batman: Arkham games, you'll navigate high vantage points and isolate enemies with x-ray vision until you are able to safely dispatch them. However, the game will also make you fight Aliens in close combat, which is frustrating and clunky; this consists of repeatedly mashing buttons while aliens continuously leap at you, which makes for a frustrating experience. Also, while the execution animations are quite awesome, they also take a long time to complete and make you vulnerable to damage, which is extremely annoying on harder difficulties. Finally, the alien campaign. Playing as the alien also focuses on stealth, and you'll climb over different surfaces while attacking with your claws, teeth and tail. The wall climbing mechanics mostly work, though they can be confusing and hard to use at times. The constant movement of the alien is also quite dizzying, and is especially noticeable when traversing the inside of buildings. Whilst this campaign is still fun in its own right, the confusing wall-climbing and lack of interesting attacks means that this campaign is the least interesting of the three. The game looks fantastic visually, but all three campaigns take place in the same location, so it can get quite repetitive due to the re-used locations. Despite this, it is fun to see where the other species has gone after completing each campaign. For example, when playing as the Predator, there is a level where you find the dead Alien Queen after the Marine segment where you kill the Queen yourself. Overall, Aliens vs Predator is an awesome game that doesn't disappoint. The three entertaining campaigns are immensely satisfying, despite odd design choices and irritating game mechanics. 8 / 10


A worthwhile game for fans of the franchise

eduardXD | July 26, 2014 | See all eduardXD's reviews »

A very entertaining game.Despite being rather linear, is very enjoyable. Good variety of weapons and options that make a good gaming experience. It has great gameplay and the possibility to play the campaign with every character (Human, Alien, Predator) makes you see what is happening from different perspectives. Graphically it is quite impressive, being their lighting effects and high resolution textures the most remarkable aspect. The duration of each campaign is short enough to make the entire game not heavy. Totally recommended for those who want to experience the franchise with a game of acceptable quality


A Fantastic Homage to Two Legendary Franchises

BLUEKOOLAIDMAN7 | June 25, 2014 | See all BLUEKOOLAIDMAN7's reviews »

Aliens vs Predator is an underrated gem the highlights the best parts of the Alien and Predator franchises and blends them into a First Person combat game. Aliens vs Predator delivers major fan service and a great experience in campaign and multiplayer. If you are fans of either franchise you will recognize all the sounds, movement and quirks of each class. Aliens hiss and click, move at break neck speeds, in contrast to predators which feel strong, can jump to far locations and posses many of the gadgets seen in the films. The last class is the marines, which perhaps captures the feeling the best. Playing as a marine in multiplayer you feel vulnerable and worried to confront enemies alone, so sticking with squad-mates is a must. Finding squad-mates may be this game's only problem. It is very difficult to find a full room, the game has largely been abandoned online, That said the single-player campaigns (one for each class) are decently interesting and provide different experiences through the eyes of the 3 classes. Aliens Vs Predator is a great game, and even better online if you can find enough players.


Get it if you are an Alien or Predator fan.

Zazutuu | June 13, 2014 | See all Zazutuu's reviews »

The game is really great.You have 3 campaigns:Marine,Predator and Alien.Each one of them has its unique story.The graphics are decent but I really liked the sound.The gameplay is pretty good too since each character has its own abilities.Don't expect to have too much fun on multiplayer just because there are a few players left.If you really want to have fun bring your friends and play,because the servers are dead.If you are an Alien or Predator fan then you should really play it.Since I like Alien and Predator so I really liked the game


Under-rate awesomeness

KQL1N | May 21, 2014 | See all KQL1N's reviews »

The first thing to say is: I'm a big fan of the Aliens series and the Predator series, so this game is a natural choice and while expecting a very average game, I instead got what became one of my favourite Xbox 360 games to date. The single player campaign features three separate campaigns that run parallel to one another. One for the human marine, the Alien, and the Predator, but to me this game is all about the experience of playing as the marine and fighting against the Alien nasties, so I'll start with the marine campaign. The story begins with a cut scene of a small drop-ship above a planet, communicating with a larger warship, the 'Marlow'. A predator vessel then uncloaks and destroys the Marlow. Your character (simply referred to as 'Rookie') is then knocked out by a falling box during the journey down to the planet, where you have intermittent flashes of seeing most of your team die. You awaken and follow the instructions of one of the team members, and so being your Alien burning fun! The reason I love the marine campaign so much is that it isn't just a typical crudely made marketing ploy, exploiting a popular franchise (*Ahem. Modern James Bond games*), but a genuinely excellent representation of the universe and style from the films. The interior decor is made up of steel shutters, warning signs and chunky metal boxes. Angular bulwarks, girders and thick panelling; the fairly grim vision we expect to see coming from the Alien franchise. The hive section features the glossy black organic resin structures that are excellent renditions of the original art by H.R Giger. But as you progress further through the game, you approach a jungle and several ruins at which point you begin a transition into a Predator-style environment where you are eventually faced with a sort of boss battle, in a one on one fight with the predator. In terms of gameplay, the atmosphere is perfect for a game of this genre, with fairly lengthy periods without combat that allow you to simply survey and enjoy the surroundings, or perhaps fire off a few rounds of your pulse rifle just to enjoy that sound effect. The level design as well as being ideal with its art and presentation is also just right in terms of core gameplay with tight dark corridors and flashing warning lights and then large open areas that give you and your eyes a break from the constant search for threats. The music used in the game in simple, ambient, atmospheric music that doesn't really interfere with the sound effects and allows you to slowly follow targets on your motion tracker with that iconic blip...blip...blip. The music also throws in occasional string stabs that are used during shock moments, even when there are no enemies around. This use of fearful music helps to add to the game's atmosphere, and when you hear the string stab, you'll be spinning around searching for an enemy that might not actually be there. It is also worth noting that during the scene early on in the game where you go to investigate a night club, the loud club music comes on unexpectedly when the power is restored while you defend yourself for a short period. This is one of my favourite moments from any game, ever. Now, the other two less intricate campaigns follow roughly the same series of areas as the marine campaign and as you play the campaign ones after another, it is interesting to see them all tie together. The Aliens campaign follows a captured drone in a Weyland-Yutani test facility but at your Queen’s command, you break free and go and kill all the poor little scientists. The Alien gameplay is a fun stealth experience, hiding in shadows and destroying lights to remain hidden, and then pouncing to impale some poor guy on your tail. The wall-climbing and high-speed running is great but can be fairly sickly since you’ll be running up and down walls at blinding speeds, with an off slightly panoramic vision. The predator campaign's story is just that you are a predator, so go and hunt some Aliens. The problem with the Predator missions is that against marines, there's really not much threat. You turn invisible and then back-stab for silent kills or you can just run at them and stab them, or fire plasma, spears, and frisbees of doom all over the place without much fear of dying. Fighting against the Aliens mostly involves just blocking and slashing with your wrist blades and the campaign overall is my least favourite of the three unless you want a random relaxing sessions of killing things. The multiplayer for this game is entirely online, with no offline elements. It features your standard team and free-for-all death matches along with point capturing but what makes this multiplayer experience more interesting than other games is that in place of perfectly identical team of completely balanced players with the same weapons, you instead have three very different races with very different equipment and play style that overall leaves the marine slightly under-powered but gives the gameplay just that little bit extra character. Of course the only issue with it nowadays is that so few people play this game that there are next to no ranked matches available without prior planning amongst friends. Overall, there are no major flaws in the game and everything runs smoothly without bugs or glitches. The art and design of the entire game is Aliens and Predator perfection and while the marine campaign exceeds the other two in design and gameplay, the Alien and Predator campaigns are still well worth their salt.


A Rewarding Experience

Azrael360 | May 6, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

First, if you are a fan or just enjoy the Predators or Aliens series, you can't go wrong with this game. Here you will experience 3 different campaigns, and each one from a different perspective: A human Marine against Xenomorphs using the firepower of arms; as a Xenomorph using speed, stealth and close combat to kill; and as a Predator using mainly stealth. The campaigns are short (3 to 4 hours long each one), but since they are 3 of them plus once finished you get the whole picture of the story, you should have a lot of fun playing differently each time for a not-so-short game in the end. As for the technical qualities, the game looks really nice and very vivid. Although, the animations are a little stiff. The effects are great, especially when playing as a Predator. The sound is excellent and very true to the movies. The game also supports a gamepad (an Xbox 360 controller), even though it doesn't say anywhere. I think anyone should have fun with this game, because there's something for anyone here... Good game.


I had some fun

Jokin93 | March 30, 2014 | See all Jokin93's reviews »

I’m not sure whether this game is honestly enjoyable or if my expectations going into it were were so low that I was able to enjoy it. The story is based around 3 campaigns(that may or may not be interlocking, some parts seem that way while others don’t), one for each race and each with their own separate playstyles. The human campaign started out really creepy, like something taken straight out of Alien, but then quickly became a really fun shooter. The alien campaign was the least enjoyable of the 3, in theory it should have been really fun because it has you climbing up walls and running on the roof but it is really disorienting. The predator campaign was also enjoyable but the stealth elements were pretty much useless good thing the melee combat was enjoyable. It flirts with outstaying its welcome and it is almost too tedious but it ends at a good point and it’s not too dragged out. Overall I feel like this was a fun game, nothing close to amazing but enjoyable.


Great Multiplayer Fun with Friends

Highlander9782 | March 29, 2014 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

There are three different single player campaigns, one for Marine, one for Alien and one for Predator. The campaign will help you beef up your skills for these characters when you get to multiplayer where its mayhem. The coolest character to use is the Predator, he's got all the cool gadgets like the shoulder laser blaster, some ninja type throwing stars, a spear and claws. The three characters all have different advantages and disadvantages when playing multiplayer, like Aliens are quick and can jump and climb upside down in areas, while the Marines have radar on there guns to detect nearby enemies and can get a auto tracking gun to shoot enemies down. Disadvantages of the Predator are that he's harder to control moving around since you need to choose where you want to jump before you do it, so its not automatic. The graphics of this game are still good compared to current gen games and this is a much better Aliens game than Colonial Marines. Definite buy if you're a fan of the Alien or Predator movies.


Modern rendition of a classic

AkiMatti | March 21, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

When I knew only the 1999 version, it was the ultimate Alien game for me. Especially the Marine campaign was very thrilling and scary. I had high hopes for this game, especially since the developer was Rebellion like with the original. Unfortunately, this game didn't fulfil all my expectations. The aliens are not as fast in this new version, which made the first one so thrilling. I still hate the face-huggers, though. The game can be pretty demanding of you machine which is not good for a fast paced fps. Still, it is pretty well done, all in all, and the campaigns feel like good takes on the characters. You can get a load of enjoyment out of this if you don't expect too much but take it as it is.


A Fairly Decent FPS Game

rianankaa | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all rianankaa's reviews »

The best part of this game is how you can play as three different species, each with their own uniqueness. The Aliens with their speed and close combat characteristics; The Predator with a more stealhty, cautious approach; and the human as the most "tradiotional" FPS character. It might take a while to master the three species--especially how you can also employ the environment for your advantage. Unfortunately, sometimes the environment design proves to be very challenging and tedious to be utilised. The single player campaign itself can be played in a relatively short duration. Thus, anyone expecting this game to be a single player time-killer will be dissappointed. The strength is in the multiplayer aspect.


Last Decent Alien Game

AirborneOps | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all AirborneOps's reviews »

This game was developed by Rebellion who made the original Aliens vs Predator. The game is solid and the campaigns are very atmospheric and enjoyable. The multiplayer can be fun but tedious. An example of this is that marines can easily knock back aliens which gives them room to take them out which removes from the atmosphere of the game, aliens can also be difficult to control. I would recommend this game just for the single player campaigns. The multiplayer is pretty much non existent now.



rafan | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all rafan's reviews »

We have before us an interesting bet , we have a shooter every year of these creatures , despite anything , certainly offer an alternative to what we are accustomed. We have the opportunity to limit ourselves to handle the Marines , which would be the more traditional view , firearms , first aid kits to suit and infinite funk. Being an alien will give us the feeling of being the bastard mother f***er who has bore the universe that loads everything moving his disgusting and smelly imagine race through the universe . Instead, the predator put you in the shoes of Ezio hyperspace , a stealthy , meticulous and ruthless murderer that kills everything armed or that attack you . As a fan of the predator movies , the first thing I grabbed was the predator , what a creature , Petite sensations when you picked it up , but after a while you get bored a bit and realize that the gameplay is actually somewhat coarse and repetitive. Invisibility is basically useless in 70 % of cases are limited to superjump where you tell the little circle ( a test of skill in this regard would have been luxury ). In short , we are the predator , we kill a lot , we have super technology , but we have to kill with stealth the Marines. Ultimately , however neutered they are, everything is pretty consistent , you jump with one button, you become invisible in another ( thermal sight you use it a little), you want the charges with your favourite weapon . If you run out of ammo , nothing happens, a clean knife should do . In short, the game suffers from the same, good intentions that stay on a good but ultimately you just tired result , best of all , the sound makes up a little more funk .