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Interesting music, but not everybody's thing

mahon | June 17, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

The Sound of the Human Tanks is not everybody's thing. Don't expect a game here, as it is not a game. It's a large collection of music tracks, a soundtrack for War of the Human Tanks, and in fact it even requires the base game. The whole collection is pretty impressive, as it comes with ninety tracks, spanning over like 3 hours. And the music is well, pretty special. Definitely not for everybody. It is a good thing for somebody who either likes hip-hop or Japanese music. If you're not into either of these, why are you thinking about picking this collection at all? Try the game first and judge if the style is ok for you. It is interesting for sure, and for its price it offers a lot of music. Just be warned that it's better to try it (for example in the game) before getting the whole thing.