Reviews for The Chaos Engine Two Pack


Good old Amiga game!

michalmichal | June 23, 2014 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Chaos Engine is an old classic that some gamers may still remember from their 16-bit days, when the game was a big Amiga hit. Now we can relive the same experience, because the game is not a modern remake - it has the same gameplay, the same graphics and music. It feels like a 20 years old game but it's a good one. The gameplay remains enjoyable but the game cannot hide its age, as it shows from every bit of the game. Fortunately the game tends to be cheap, comparable in its price to many games for mobile devices. And in fact that's what it would be easy to compare this game to - mobile games. So if you're nostalgic about the 90s or want to play something that would easily belong to the world of mobile gaming, get the Chaos Engine and enjoy it! Especially that in the 2-pack the price of one copy is even lower.