Reviews for Recovery Search and Rescue Simulation


Hilariously Bad, So Bad that its Good. Or is it?

Sciazs | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all Sciazs's reviews »

Ahhh Simulation games. You are like a massive car boot sale. You can plough through so much junk and amongst all of them, you will find a few gems if you're lucky. Recovery Search and Rescue Simulation is that one find you get in a car boot sale where you're not so sure about anything. At all. The game is exactly as titled (as with all other simulation games) where you play as a new recruit as part of a Search, Rescue and Recovery team to locate valuable objects and/or missing persons. The game's aesthetics are one of worst I've ever seen in a game for the past 5 years and the dialogue is so bad at times that you just have to laugh and think that its somewhat intentional. Look past all of that and you still get a dull and mundane game. Not quite your Euro-truck simulator.