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Why is this a spin-off and not the new standard?

sonicchaos | March 25, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

What is it about? It's a great racing game as you're probably not expected. If I'd say this game is like Showdown to Dirt I would be close, but not fair. Why? Because WRC isn't exactly as good or as popular as Dirt, but they do like to pretend that it's much more simulation-oriented than Dirt's recent titles. Well, yes and no. I'm more inclined towards arcade, and I could never get into WRC the way I got into Dirt, but both franchises offer lots of customisations and control options. So, while the standard WRC games suck as much as Dirt Showdown does, WRC Powerslide shines as much as the classic DiRT. Enough with the comparison. How does it play? WRC Powerslide is an isometric arcade racing game (I hope that's accurate), with a great sense of control, speed and perspective. There are nice power-ups in the same style as Blur or Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing or Mario Karts, but with a pure rally twist. It is amazing fun. How does it look? The engine is obviously the same as the latest WRC, but if you change the perspective like that it really looks like a tiny game with huge production value. It looks great, it sounds great, and it’s superb Well, the real downside of this game is that there is no progression system other the same old racing game "race this, win point, unlock that and so on". But it's still a great value and lots of fun, a game that will make you come back over and over.