Reviews for Steel Storm: Burning Retribution - Complete Edition


Good shooter

Demilisz | March 24, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Steel Storm represents twin stick shooter genre. It is good, not the best, but enjoyable. Player controls a futuristic tank and has usually one goal - to make it safely from point A to point B, destroying everything that stands between. During mayhem player can find several upgrades and power ups that will be a great help. So while Steel Storm doesn't add much to the genre, it is still a good representative. There is also a good community that provides additional content (shame this game lacks Steam Workshop support), so completing the game doesn't mean it is finished. Complete edition comes with DLC and currently has a fair price, so I can recommend this game.


Decent package

mkolp0 | Jan. 27, 2014 | See all mkolp0's reviews »

While I actually adore games such as Raiden and I eat them up like crazy, I just couldn't get the same appeal from this game. Sure, it has similar mechanics and overall the gameplay is the same, but it doesn't have that feel that you can compare to a lot of other games of the same genre. You play games like these for the challenge, at least for the most part. But later on, you become quite overpowered, not exactly because you've gotten better, but more likely because the game hands you weapons that completely destroy your enemies in an instant. It is nice that this package comes with all the dlc, but to be honest, they don't add a whole lot to the game. I feel that you could do without them, though I guess they do "enhance" your experience. I feel that multiplayer could have been interesting, different than what we're used to, but definitely something good, but it is absolutely difficult to find an actual match, and when you do, the experience doesn't live to some expectations. Overall, it is an alright game, decent in some ways, but I enjoyed a flash version of Raiden more.


A lot of fun at a reasonable price

Sganotak | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

This is a casual pick up and play top down shooter with a good value for money. The combat and levels are pretty repetitive but the DLC bundled together with the game adds some variety. The gameplay is smooth and easy to get into, best enjoyed if you own a gamepad, but keyboard and mouse controls are pretty solid too. However, there are two overpowered weapons that you obtain towards the end of the game that are stupidly overpowered and completely ruin all the challenge that the game is trying to offer. The overall length of the game can be about 8 hours if you invest time in challenges and try to complete the DLC There's also 16-man multiplayer which is a nice addition, but a lot of time lobbies and matchmaking will not work. Also if you get into a game, you will soon realize that almost all players will hunt for the overpowered weapons which can be frustrating. There's also a robust level editor that offers you many tools to create and share your levels with the community. So if you're into modding Steel Storm will certainly leave you pleased The graphics are pretty and the use of cel shading for the game's models is clever and fits the gameplay perfectly. The sound is also ok, but number of tracks is limited. To sum it up, a lot of good silly fun can be had with this game. Add multiplayer and user mods to the mix and you have a great deal for your money. For the price it's currently offered on GMG there's no reason to not pick it up