Reviews for Kings Bounty: Warriors of the North - Ice and Fire


Solid DLC!

MauroR | Feb. 7, 2014 | See all MauroR's reviews »

If you've enjoyed the advetures of Olaf you surely will enjoy this DLC who brings the main protagonist in a small island covered by Ice and Fire (hence the name of the DLC). You have to help ice spirits and snow elves to face these changes in the climate and I'll stop here with the main plot since, surely, you don't a review spoiling the entire game story, a thing that you want to experience by yourself. If you didn't play the previous games of this franchise I suggest to try them if you're into this genre because these games have a pretty solid and awesome gameplay, this is me saying this, just think also that this genre wasn't my genre at all but I've changed my mind when I've started playing the King's Bounty franchise titles. Even if you're not in this kind of game I suggest you to at least try these titles, you won't be disappointed I assure. And they are also quite long, so you'll get your hard earned money spent worth the purchase. Happy gaming :)


That's how DLCs should be made

Shav | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all Shav's reviews »

There are plenty of turn-based RPG/strategy games lately. Banner Saga, Eador, Blackguards, to name a few. Kings Bounty however is pretty well-known series, and Warriors of the North is definitely my favorite part of the series, as I just love tales of vikings, set in a snowy areas. Ice and Fire is a great DLC to this wonderful game, and it is exactly what old expansion packs used to be. It is not just a DLC pack with cosmetic updates, but it adds two new factions, new story, and new skills. Also, the addition of Snow Elves is pretty surprising, as this is the race that was usually associated with forests, and magic, not some snowy hills. Ice and Fire is a perfect DLC for all the people that likes King's Bounty: Warriors of the North and want to spend more time in wonderful world of Endoria.


Valuable add-on for a great game!

curta | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all curta's reviews »

Iincluding additions to the main storyline and new quests this DLC promise to give adds about 20 hours of gameplay...Based on the durations would seem an expansion rather than a simple dlc. In addition to new missions for the reckless Olaf, the package adds a new nation of elves, the Snow Elves, and even a dozen new creatures including a new species of the undead, the Necro Lizardmen. Icing on the cake an improved skill system for the creatures and new unique objects to collect.So there's really a lot of irons in the fire that makes this DLC highly recommended for those who love the world created by 1C and wants to return to the north of Endoria, for others better wait for a discount.