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A Must Have for Retro RPG gamers.

robinvanvooren1 | April 17, 2014 | See all robinvanvooren1's reviews »

First off these games are from the best RPG era and the graphics reflect that. The graphics are not like they are now but are very good. The sound is ok. It works good except I did have to do some changing of settings to get Might and Magic 1 to work. These games have wonderful storylines, that make sense. The combat is easy to learn. The skills and such are well thought out. There is a variety of classes and races to choose from. This is no monty hall game. You want gold you work for it. It a lot of fun. I found that the games worked well, no crashing, no glitching or lag. The sound was also good. It is such a value for all you get 6 classic fun retro RPG games!!