Reviews for 6180 The Moon [Playfire]


Minimalistic, yet very fun

Shav | Jan. 31, 2014 | See all Shav's reviews »

This game is very specific. As you can guess from the screenshots and some gameplay videos, graphics are almost non-existant, and it reminds games from original GameBoy, however this monochromatic style is pretty cool, and it fits the game perfectly. The game is a puzzle platformer, with an unique twist, as you can jump through one side of the screen to another - pretty hard to explain, but take a look on gameplay vids and you will figure it out by yourself. Music is charming, and fits the minimalistic style without being annoying, which is a big accomplishment if you'd ask me. As the game is really cheap, and pretty long (hey, there are 100 levels!) you should get it, if you are a fan of experimental, yet great games.