Reviews for Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Game of the Year Edition


Dark graphic novel feel

Shaide | Feb. 21, 2015 | See all Shaide's reviews »

This isn't the BEST point and click adventure, nor is it the best episodic point and click adventure....Heck, it's not even the best Point and Click adventure from Jane Jensen, but it's still a fun and enjoyable experience. In fact, I would suggest ALL point and Click fans pick this up. It has a similar dark Graphic Novel feel like Jensen's spectacular Gabriel Knight game, except this features a strong female lead to have a man use a shovel to dig a whole, because she's so frazzled that she can't focus on the incredibly difficult task of using a shovel on loose dirt to dig..what looks to be half a the rain. Erica Reed is an FBI agent that has the power to see into the past! Which admittedly sounds a lot less amazing than it is! She's chasing a serial killer and that's all I can say without tossing out spoilers. I didn't encounter any game breaking bugs...A few lip sync fails, some poor modelling(in fact early on in episode 1 where Erica looks less like a human, and more like a frog human hybrid)


Excellent adventure with mediocre graphics

michalmichal | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Short version of this review could say: Cognition is excellent, get it if you like adventure games. But to explain it a bit better, let me say that the game is the kind of adventure games which made the genre so popular. Great story, which could easily be used for a TV series like CSI or a movie, reasonable and well designed puzzles, and enough content to put many other games to shame. It's not that the game (four episodes) is like for example Telltale games with their short 2-3 hours long episodes. Every episode can keep you busy for like 5-6 hours, so the whole game will offer 20-25 hours of great fun. I could only wish the graphics was better. It looks very indie and quite unprofessional. But don't let it distract you and discourage from playing this excellent game.