Reviews for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Digital Bundle (UK)


Full Chaos

vipe_1 | Feb. 9, 2015 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is the sequel to LOS, and is also after the events of the platformer Mirror of Fate. Lords of Shadow 2 is both the same and different than it's predecessor, and this might put some off in both camps, but it really is a fun, action packed event from beginning to end. Unlike the first game, there is little mystery or slow buildup of abilities/powers. The point of the game is apparent very early and you will work to that end. Gabriel is nearly as powerful as he ended the last time you played as him, but there are still some abilities to unlock and detailed moves to master. This game forgoes much of the puzzles and platforming aspects of the first game, but instead offers plenty of areas to explore and secrets to find. Action is fast paced, and the amount of higher level "character" enemies and bosses significantly ramped up. All in all, Gabriel is extremely capable and all of this is very entertaining, if shallow. Also, the game looks good, and plays extremely well. The camera is much improved over its first iteration. Controls are tighter, and no appreciable technical issues are apparent. While some may be turned off by the lack of depth in this sequel, it accomplishes the main goal of game anyway, as a fantastic piece of entertainment.


Great sequel to great first game!

DARKKi_NZTi | Dec. 28, 2014 | See all DARKKi_NZTi's reviews »

allright so i just finished the main game in 14 hours. what i think about it? let me first tell you that i have played and finished both Lords of Shadow 1 and Mirror of Fate, so this would be a great and useful review as i can compare this installment to the others. first the negative part: 1 - the game is a tad shorter than Lords of Shadow 1 but it is longer that Mirror of Fate. 2 - this game is easier than LoS 1 and MoF, but the last boss is such a pain.. 3 - not many puzzles, if any it will be a kid's puzzle. 4 - story is weaker than LoS 1 but somewhat alot better than MoF. 5 - the modern city is not very interesting. now the positive part: 1 - graphics are very very good. 2 - combat system is simplified and it is more useful than LoS 1, no longer you have combos that are useless in combat. 3 - great story, still not as good as LoS 1. meaningful and relevant to the previous installments (LoS1 and MoF) 4 - no crashings, no freezings and no technical issues what so ever. 5 - amazing design of the Dracula's castle. 6 - Great soundtrack and voice acting, still i think LoS 1 was a bit better. 7 - rotateable camera angle in-game, which was somewhat painful in LoS 1. 8 - so many secrets and playablitiy, just like LoS 1 and even better than that. 9 - great boss fights and boss designs. 10 - state of the art character design, level design, theme, atmosphere and off course bosses. frankly i dont get why on earth metacritic gave this game a 58 out of 100. if i would to give LoS 1 98/100, then i would give this game at least 85/100. i strongly recommend this game to you, defo worth the price and time. do not look at the metacritic score, it is an amazing game. i hope my review was useful to you guys, all the best and enjoy this astonshing game.


Great sequel to the first Castlevania Lords of Shadows game

Qwertyfour | March 4, 2014 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

This game actually stirred up quite some controversy. The reviews gave it very low scores but don't trust those reviews. If you played and enjoyed Lords of Shadows 1, then you'll most definitely enjoy this game, because this game is almost entirely a direct sequel. If you're looking into this game without playing the first, then I'd highly suggest for you to pick up the first, because this game might be very disappointing otherwise. The combat from Lords of Shadows 1 is retained, but you're now playing as Dracula, so instead of the light and shadow magic states, you have the Void Sword and the Chaos Fist which, while mechanically idenitcal, add much needed variation to the combat because you can now upgrade those to have different animations which are actually quite neat. Some complaints against the combat are that it's God of War-esque, which, while true, is not a valid complaint. Since you can control the camera now, you have much more leeway over what you can see, so the standard spamming of attacks that are inherent to the Gods of War series are not a valid strategy. You have to really learn how to block and counter attacks, in addition to dodging when the opportunity is right. In addition to that, you'll really maximize your damage output when you recognize how to string together combos and single enemies out in fights by throwing them in the air, like a spectacle fighter, or disable entire hordes of enemies. The combat is a lot more dynamic than people give it credit for, but you have to know how to take true advantage of it. The number one legitimate complaint right now is the stealth sections, which definitely are very linear. I personally had no problem with them, but others might find them to be a complete drag. The graphic design is very fantastical and inspired, though the modern settings you'll often switch to can be a bit drab in comparison. Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2 is a very enjoyable game, and I've had fun with it, but only because I enjoyed the first Lords of Shadows game.


Decent story, but...

KaiHiryuu | March 1, 2014 | See all KaiHiryuu's reviews »

If you're a fan of Lords of Shadow, or even LoS: Mirror of fate, I recommend you play this, as it puts a nice bow on the entire series. I felt that the controls and story were both different enough to keep the series fresh and at the same time similar enough to make you feel like you were still in the same series of games. The main story is interesting and puts a neat twist on Dracula's situation. The reason I slapped a 65 rating on it boils down to one thing, the Kleidos Challenges. I really think you have to rate a game as a whole, and by the time you get to doing the challenges it feels like, "Why is this even here?". There's nothing really to earn, be it different skins for Dracula or his weapons, an extended ending, and it's not even tied to the main plot. In the first game, the challenges made some kind of sense to me, as they were inserted into each chapter. Here's the situation: The Challenge "Mirror" is in the shop. Great. That works, if I run out of items I can just exit to restock. Unfortunately, the only health and magic "fountain" are about a 2 minute jaunt through an area with baddies and some load time, which wouldn't be too bad if the magic item you can use wouldn't drain empty the tank at the end of its duration. The challenges themselves are a bit of a mess, there's one challenge in particular involving a sort of mini-boss and three heavy knights. What's the challenge? The mini-boss has to destroy the armor on the three heavies. The problem? The mini-boss' AI is dumbed down so he refuses to attack at all, and when he does, so do the damageable heavies. And the rub is since there's a "Complete all Challenges on (insert hardest difficulty name here)", that means you may as well just wait until you unlock it and give it all one go. Thinking back on it, I feel like the whole thing was a horrible troll device meant to make you loathe the game entirely. So if you want the story, and don't care about acheivements, give it a go. Jut stay very far away from the Kleidos Challanges. You have been warned.