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Not that bad as you may have guessed

Shav | Jan. 31, 2014 | See all Shav's reviews »

Judging by the screenshots this game seems like Splinter Cell rip-off, but after giving it a go I have to say, that it is actually a pretty decent title. Of course, you shouldn't expect much, as it is a budget game, but still, it can offer some enjoyment. Even the graphics and audio are pretty good, considering a low budget. The gameplay is a stealth/shooter game, set in an era of Cold War (who would have guessed?), and it REALLY reminds of earlier Splinter Cell games. As the protagonist, Matt Carter you will have to spy, shoot and stay in the shadows. What was funny - the main character seems to be a perfectly-trained assassin, while being a journalist... Also, keep in mind that this game DOES NOT have automatic saving... I will repeat myself - it is not a bad game, especially with that price.