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I don't think we're in Tomb Raider land anymore

lconanl | Jan. 3, 2016 | See all lconanl's reviews »

The 2013 Tomb Raider reboot is a game vastly different from its previous iterations, with lots of action, stealth and exploration and good story-telling. The game is heavily combat-focused, though the multitude of collectibles would lead you to think otherwise (they do play a part though, especially if you're the kind of player that likes exploring). While I don't want to make spoilers, I guarantee that you will at least be intrigued by the story, even though its quality may not be absolutely consistent. The few existent tombs in the game are not particularly challenging, but are a nice touch. If you enjoy Uncharted type of games or big budget games or both and want to find out more about the origins of Lara Croft (though they may not be what the original creator had in mind). then go and play this game. It's definitely a memorable experience!


Short, simple, decent

Sulfie | Oct. 28, 2015 | See all Sulfie's reviews »

I played this game with low expectations, the trailers and gameplay looked like Uncharted with a female protagonist, and after completing it, that is exactly how I would describe this game. The combat is your typical third person shooter with chest high walls scattered around, the combat controls are pretty good though. You also get to acquire a few weapons, a bow, a shotgun, an assault rifle, and a handgun, which can all be upgraded. It's not a huge selection, but it's still better than being limited to only two. The puzzles / tombs really let the game down imo, extremely short and easy to solve, the puzzles are mainly in the tombs, and only took me a minute or so to solve. The tombs are generally just one room containing the puzzle and a chest with some material you use to upgrade your weapons. The story was actually a lot better than I expected, though the ending was rather obvious. Most of the characters were also either uninteresting or annoying. I really only liked one of the characters, Conrad Roth. Overall it's a decent game, but not as good as the old ones.


Actually quite good

ibookworm | Oct. 16, 2015 | See all ibookworm's reviews »

Wow. Got this on sale and ended up enjoying it way more than expected. I’ve never been a fan of Tomb Raider. Lara Croft’s sex-symbol status makes her a boring character, and the tank-like controls were a real turnoff. And when I heard that a “gritty” remake was out, I just rolled my eyes, since it seemed like yet another misguided attempt to save a floundering franchise by Chris Nolan-ing it up. The reviews talking about how Lara quickly becomes a killing machine didn’t help my perception. But dang, this game is actually good. The best part of it is the island. It’s wonderfully realized, and becomes almost a character in its own right: harsh, malevolent, but with a stark beauty and mystery. Lara is actually a likable character, too. Yes, she becomes a killing machine too quickly, but the writers made it as believable as they could within the confines of a game that is largely about combat. I know it’s SUPPOSED to be about exploration, but honestly there’s not a lot of free exploration here. There are environmental puzzles and a steady progression instead. But the story itself and the way it unfolds make you feel like you are exploring and delving deeper, so in my book it’s a win. Lara feels vulnerable without being exploited, and I like that even while she’s kicking butt she’s not portrayed as a kick-butt character, but rather a desperate person trying to survive. She’s relatable to the end. It probably helps that she keeps all her clothes on. Combat is satisfying. Didn’t try stealth, so I can’t comment on that. But the controls are right. Platforming is surprisingly good, too. On the whole a great game, and it has me looking forward to the sequel.


A new better Lara

Corax_E | Aug. 15, 2015 | See all Corax_E's reviews »

Tomb Raider introduces a new, younger and more inexperienced Lara Croft. Compared to the previous games this one has less of a focus on platforming and more on stealth, combat and story telling. It looks fantastic and the game is really perfectly optimised which means it should run great if you pass the recommended specs. Unfortunately the tomb puzzles are not particularity challenging and replay ability is really low because enemies doesn't respawn making revisiting old areas for collectables quite dull.


Fantastic Series beginning

Demadizz | June 16, 2015 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

Fantastic reboot to the franchise and series. I look forward to playing the next one in line. The visuals were stunning the game play was tight and fluid. Tons of actions and lots of destruction all around. Lara seems to be accident prone with disaster and mayhem in every aspect. Solid game all around with tons of collectibles and side activities. Upgrades and level trees, it's all you could ask for in an action adventure game. 8/10


New elements on a new game

Castro0001 | June 10, 2015 | See all Castro0001's reviews »

A new approach on an old series the reboot of Tomb Raider share lots of similarities to the Uncharted series, but with more rpg elements and less platform exploration. The visuals are amazing and the story is very good. It's extremely violent what can be a good or a bad thing depend on your taste.


Lara is back!!!

madkingdom | June 1, 2015 | See all madkingdom's reviews »

This new era for Lara bring the oldest playability, and known features for old and new players. Let the adventure begins: Tomb Raider is a 3D action game with platforming and puzzle-solving elements, in which players control Lara Croft from a third-person perspective. The camera follows Lara as she climbs, jumps, and swims through detailed environs overcoming environmental obstacles and deadly fauna. Moving through levels often involves finding spots where Lara can climb, looking for spots where Lara can use her acrobatic ability, and sliding blocks and pushing levers to solve puzzles and open passageways. (And hunting!!) yes...! Lara is armed with twin pistols with infinite ammunition, but she can pick up higher caliber weapons to take on deadlier human opponents. Lara also comes across restorative health packs and has a compass with which she can orient herself. Lara’s opponents include animals, gunmen, as well as primeval and supernatural beings. Careful explorers can also find secret areas and avoid traps. For me is a WIN_WIN for gaming and price. Do not hesitate in get this game and add to your library. U wont regret it.


Uncharted did it better

trumpsuit | May 27, 2015 | See all trumpsuit's reviews »

Now,I'm well aware that Uncharted borrowed heavily from Tomb Raider in terms of basic content (treasure hunting and whatnot), but playing through this game all I could see was the blatant ripoff of Uncharted's mechanics and cinematic styles. The way Lara is beaten up throughout the cinematics of the game as well as usual gameplay might as well have been copy pasted from uncharted with a new character added in. That being said, I love the Uncharted games as well as Tomb Raider so the marriage of the two is pretty fantastic, but I'd choose Uncharted over this.


Substandard Movie, Boring Game.

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

It's barely a game, really. Most of what you control is running and quick-time events. Much of the action is played out as cinematic cutscenes. You get to do some decent problem-solving puzzles, but that's about it. It's an action-platformer with emphasis on taking away both the action and the platforming. The cinematic-centric nature would be ok if the "movie" aspect was good. it's a very uncreative "strong female protagonists are still new,right?"approach and it's brutally dull and predictable. You know she's going to get caught, and almost immediately escape. Sometimes you can even guess exactly how it'll happen. It looks nice, but who cares if it isn't fun or creative or enjoyable, or barely a game?



PlayTyrant | May 7, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

At first I was hesitant. I saw videos, didn't like what I saw. As a fan of TR for years (since the first one that came out), I'd say that this is not a Tomb Raider. So if you're looking for the old TR experience, you won't find it. Seriously, if you change the name of the character and the title of the game, nobody would think it's a Tomb Raider. No puzzles, no creative climbing, press a button and you'll see where you have to go, a lot of 'push forward and jump from time to time' scenes... definitely not an old school TR game. But on the other side, I have fun playing with this. The environment is gorgeous, the graphics are really great, there's a lot of extra items to find. The story takes place in Japan, which is something I was expecting in TR. Another game I bought in both PS3 and PC, and I enjoyed a lot of hours playing it. But again, not a Tomb Raider, call it reboot, call it 'next gen', but not a Tomb Raider.


A great reboot

covinentkiller | April 19, 2015 | See all covinentkiller's reviews »

This tomb raider is my favourite for a few reasons. The major reason that this had become my favourite version is the combat. The combat just really flows well and most weapons work well on all enemy's with a few enemy's being weak to different types of weapons. The other two reasons is the design of the levels and the writing. While the writing is a little weak it is still a fully complete story that keeps you entertained. My only knock against it is that there is little to no tomb raiding going on in a game named tomb raider but that doesn't distract to much. The game of the year edition is pretty good because for just a little more you get an extra tomb which only take a few minutes but has a few good puzzles in it. You also get all of the outfits so that you can change what Lara looks like. which if you don't like here current out fit then there are some good ones in there. my favourite outfit was the archery or marksman one. I really recommend this game to everybody as it is very captivating. PS: I started playing it at about 8 at night and ended up staying up all night until about noon the next day to finish the game as I liked it so much and didn't want to stop playing


Gorgeous and Exciting Adventure

FaketoastFT | April 1, 2015 | See all FaketoastFT's reviews »

Tomb Raider is an excellent game overall. The game is incredibly visually appealing, though depending on your rig some adjustments will need to be made as this game can be very taxing on your gpu. Gameplay and controls are tight and give a solid 3rd person experience. I was not a fan of the somewhat large number of quick time events, but that aside it provided a very exciting action adventure experience.


A survivor is born, for the beginning of a journey

SparksStones | March 20, 2015 | See all SparksStones's reviews »

Tomb Raider is a great franchise, one of the best in his genre. In 1996, we met Lara Croft, a brave woman that like to travel the whole world searching for relics and treasures, killing wild animals e fighting against supernatural powers. For 17 years, we followed this "tomb raider" in your quests. In TR 2013, we can see the beginning of Lara's journey and how she decided to follow his father's path. Lara is traveling on an expedition to find the lost kingdom of Yamatai when the ship is struck by a violent storm, causing a shipwreck and leaving the survivors stranded on an isolated island. Lara and the others will have to survive in this strange island and his unfriendly people. Graphics are beautiful and the physics is amazing (the TressFX technology make the move of Lara's hair be like no other seen before). The sound is gorgeous and the songs are very well chosen, playing on right moment of action and suspense. Now we have QTE's moments. In combat, the gameplay is a bit different of the previous games, but easy to learn. The game has a kind of RPG system, with an skills tree, where you can upgrade your habilities and your guns (by the way, Lara's Dual Pistols are not present in the game, this time your friend is a crossbow, which can be upgraded too). For that, you need to hunt animals and find fragments hidden into trunks in the scenario. In short, this is a great reboot and need be played by every fans of Lara Croft. It's my second favorite of the series by now (1996/Anniversary is still my #1).


Rise of the Adventurer

KingTed | March 11, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Tomb Raider's story could have been titled "Lara Croft Origins" because that what it is down the line. Lara woke up on a deserted island after her boat got caught in a storm. But she is not alone. Some of her friends have survived and there are a lot of bad guys here too. Visually, the game looks amazing and Lara's new design is great. However that's the game sole originality really. The gameplay contains element from different games. You've got your typical stealth and shooting sequences like in any AAA action/adventure game. There is a skill tree to upgrade Lara's abilities (And it's a bit dull and disconected from the narrative like "Yeah you need a skill to retrieve the arrows you’ve shot into an ennemy!". Lara needs to unlock a special skill to do that!). However, while the game feels a lot like the Uncharted series, Tomb Raider still has some sequences where we explore the island just like in the old games. Also, like usual with that type of game the AI is dumb, almost deaf and blind. There are also a few level-design issues (Enemies that are here because the developers needed to put on a gunfight in that place even though the bad guys have no reason to be here). The game is still entertaining. It just doesn't try to be original or to be a bit more clever than the others and that's a shame.


Tomb Raider raids tombs, Tomb Raider GOTY raids your wallet

MadDemon64 | March 10, 2015 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

If I were to judge Tomb Raider based on its single player campaign, I would say that it is a very good game. The story is excellent, Lara Croft is well realized and for once not sexualized (90% not sexualized; the less you talk about the mods the better), combat is responsive, and the puzzles can be downright devious. Luckily the puzzles are mostly optional so you don’t have to do them if you don’t want to, but there are always walkthroughs if you choose to do them but not think through them. The multiplayer, however, is just bad. It is functional, but it is literally every other multiplayer mode ever, a shooting arena with regenerating health where strategy just completely flies out the window and will probably only keep you entertained for a (short) evening. What does this have to do with the Game of the Year Edition? Most of the DLC is just extra weapon and character skins for multiplayer and multiplayer maps. There are some character skins for Lara Croft in single player mode, but they are just fluff. The only thing worthwhile is a single optional explorable location, but it is questionable if that is even worth the extra money. Tomb Raider is a must buy, but stick to the regular version and skip the game of the year version; your wallet will thank you.


GOTY Edition Indeed

emptyhaven | March 10, 2015 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

By all accounts, Tomb Raider was the much needed revitalization of an old and classic franchise that desperately needed that revitalization. The game needed a fresh breath of air, and the new Lara was a strong gust of wind. From her more realistic body to the gritty "human" struggle of surviving the island, Lara Croft seemed more real to a lot of veteran players, and it was a nice way to introduce Lara to a newer audience. Tomb Raider is an awesome game, and this edition is the best one to get. Included in this pack are a lot of DLCs that greatly enhance your play sessions. The multiplayer maps and singleplayer challenge maps add a lot of content by themselves. It really extends the life of this game such that you will keep going back to play this. If you want to buy Tomb Raider, don't settle for anything less than this. The GOTY Edition is the best you can get. Highly recommended for all.


The best Tomb Raider, EVER !

garocco | Feb. 6, 2015 | See all garocco's reviews »

Impossible to analyze Tomb Raider without making mention of the first games of the series , particularly with respect to the main character of the game , the famous Lara Croft . I think Tomb Raider managed to please both novice players of the series, as the oldest like me. The soundtrack in general is very good ! The sounds of the explosions , the environment and character are very noticeable at all times in history, helping to bring the most realistic picture possible of Lara and his enemies. One of the bad points of the game for me is how to update the character and weapons , as it takes a lot to get enough points . The campaign has perfect graphics and excellent gameplay. The story of the game is engaging and interesting , which makes the player want to play more and more. I recommend this game for everyone , from people who have never played the games in the series to lovers of Tomb Raider.


Lara will get you hooked

paperfalcon | Jan. 9, 2015 | See all paperfalcon's reviews »

I bought this having never played a Tomb Raider game before, so there was no disappointment about the "essence" of the franchise. This is also to say that I didn't expect much. Didn't expect to be so blown away though! Like some reviewers have already mentioned, the story is simply OK. Personally, what I found to keep me going was the characters. A few of them are rather flat, but I think it's specifically the character development of Lara that I loved. In this sense, it was really nice to see a video game character who actually had qualms about all the violence they tend to take part in. Her evolution into a character who does NOT have these qualms is a really fascinating journey. Also, the art is beautiful! The picture GMG decided to showcase in the background was a place I personally hung out at for about 5 minutes just to admire the view. About 20 hours worth of play time if you're not OCD enough to collect everything and play every dungeon. At the end, like any good book, it certainly left me a bit empty in a good way. That's how much I enjoyed this world.


Just short of a masterpiece

NucularS | Dec. 30, 2014 | See all NucularS's reviews »

Tomb Raider is an excellent game. Gorgeous main menu with a convenient benchmark and breathtaking first few levels, in terms of visuals, audio, writing, and overall atmosphere of constant peril, leave only the best impression. Unfortunately, things mostly go downhill from there as automatic weapons and skill upgrades quickly make Lara overpowered even on the hardest difficulty levels, and no one seems to bother taking away her weapons when captured. Some of the optional collectables like GPS caches and maps turn out to be a mostly useless, mostly tedious chore. The ending feels rushed, and unfortunately a disappointing cliché. I also wish there were separate settings for the game and the cut-scenes, because while the game ran smoothly on the highest settings, cut-scenes were noticeably lagging. This may sound overly negative, but only because the game could have been a masterpiece, and instead it is just excellent.


Great game, Different Raider..

anticerber | Dec. 19, 2014 | See all anticerber's reviews »

Now I must admit I have never been the biggest fan of Tomb Raider...It's always felt a bit clunky to me, even up to Legends. But here we have a fresh reboot which not only changes our Lara, but all the game mechanics as well. This is where it gets tricky as some will love this, and others will hate it. To me the game now feels like Uncharted with some Assassin's Creed mixed in. I know most people say Tomb Raider paved the way for Uncharted, but I personally feel Uncharted did right what Tomb Raider never could. Now it feels like Tomb Raider is riding on Uncharted's back. Everything about this Tomb Raider feels more fleshed out, refined, and smoother than all the other Tomb Raiders. It has a decent story, fun gameplay that will keep you from beginning to end. The only thing I would say is it doesn't have much replay value....Here is the only issue I have with this game as a Tomb Raider game....with so much hardly feels like Tomb Raider to me...It feels like the new adventure game with Tomb Raider's name pasted on it...Is this bad, is this good? Everyone will see it different.


didnt expect this much, but wow

deeraal | Nov. 30, 2014 | See all deeraal's reviews »

The story of this game added a lot of depth to the character development. It had stunning graphics that utilized the entirety of my gaming engine. So much can be said about the detail and setup but what really had me going were the constant high pace parts of the story where Laura found herself in deadly situations but somehow escapes in all of them. I knew this game was going to be good, but this game is REALLY good. especially with the sale price, i dont see any reason to not buy this game. best game of the year for me.


Great, But Not That Great

shad0wriderz | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all shad0wriderz's reviews »

Okay, let's start with this. Tomb Raider (this one) is a TR game through and through. It's got great visuals, good combat, and that cinematic juice running through its veins. Runs great on PC in terms of optimization, options, and controls. The plot itself isn't amazing, but it's good enough to keep you hooked into this story that they have created surrounding Lara and this island. There's not really any side content other than doing a couple easy puzzles, collecting GPS caches, documents, and relics. One 100% play-through should only take about 15 hours. You can collect salvage and parts to upgrade your weapons, also gain enough points to upgrade your skills. Of course that's all pretty basic and offers no customization. HOWEVER, what the game does is give you enough content and progression systems to carry you from the start of the game to the end, which is fine considering how well they've done it. If you buy this thinking there will be some kind of endgame or time-consuming side content aside from the story, you'll be slightly disappointed. Of course, I was pleased that they put in the effort to make the game's world much more open to allow for more exploration and more gameplay opportunities. The DLC is pretty much pointless and I suggest buying the base game over the GOTY edition. All DLC are cosmetic (a few outfits in SP, and I believe a number in MP) or are weapons for multiplayer. Multiplayer is dead and isn't even worth considering. Even back when the game was released, multiplayer was just a extra feature that they crammed into the game rather than further developing and adding further improvements to the much more significant single-player. I don't enjoy the fact that they felt compelled to spend time and money creating multiplayer modes just to give the impression that the game has more content, when their main focus should have been on single-player (the core of the TR franchise). All my ranting aside, Tomb Raider is a solid game. You can't really complain a whole lot about the single-player and it really is one thrill ride from start to finish. Re-playability..well, the game is worth a second play-through on hard or whenever you feel like you need to immerse yourself in a cinematic story. It's not perfect, but it's a damn good game no matter what kind of quarrels I have with it. Base game is $20 now and often goes to $5 during sales, definitely worth it.


Worth the money spent

yunodie98 | Oct. 8, 2014 | See all yunodie98's reviews »

Got this during sale,and I can say it's worth every penny I spent. It comes with almost all the dlcs such as the Hitman DLC guns which I heard is quite overpowered in multiplayer. I would recommend getting this title.


Excellent game, especially when it's a great price!

waffleman | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all waffleman's reviews »

This game play reminded me quite a bit of the newer batman games, a lot of action good story line, kept me going for a good amount of time for game play. The voice casting was just ok, I found Lara losing her British accent from time to time and one of the end villains wasn't too hard to beat. There could have been a few more puzzle style stuff in there but over all it was good solid game for last year.


Flawless game Lara returns and kicks ass

Demadizz | Oct. 6, 2014 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

Fantastic reboot to the franchise and series. I look forward to playing the next one in line. The visuals were stunning the game play was tight and fluid. Tons of actions and lots of destruction all around. Lara seems to be accident prone with disaster and mayhem in every aspect. Solid game all around with tons of collectibles and side activities. It's all you could ask for in an action adventure game. 8/10


Fantastic reboot!

Selona83 | Sept. 17, 2014 | See all Selona83's reviews »

When the first uncharted came out in 2007 it was clear Naughty Dog took a lot from the old Tomb Raider games and did it really well. When this game came out last year, Crystal Dynamics returned the favor by taking inspiration from Nathan Drakes adventures in the Uncharted series. And my opinion they knocked it out of the park. Sure, the game have a bit to many quick time events. But the great writing, fantastic setting, fun gameplay, stunning graphics makes up for it in spades. This game is on the graphics side just awesome. If you have a good GPU, crank the settings up and enjoy one of the best looking pc games to dates. The gameplay is really fun (a warning to sensitive ppl. Cause its quite violent. Both the kills you do and also the ones Lara suffers). Am psyced for the sequel late next year. And am hoping Crystal can make the same leap Naughty Dog made from Uncharted 1 to 2. But this is a fantastic start!


Simply Incredible

ElLindo | Sept. 13, 2014 | See all ElLindo's reviews »

Tomb Raider has never impressed me before as it has just done. This game is absolutely magnificent. I purchased the GOTY Edition (Game of the Year) when it was 75% off and I must say I have never been happier with a game purchase. Tomb Raider has great puzzles and luring mysteries that entice you throughout the entire story-line. You create bonds with the characters and are heartbroken when some die. Tomb Raiders story-line not only is perfectly put together, but is very long, so don't expect to finish in one or two days. My Rating for Tomb Raider is (9.5 / 10)


Incredible adventure game with a major disconnect

bibboorton | Sept. 9, 2014 | See all bibboorton's reviews »

And I loved it. The magical elements actually surprised me a bit, but I may be just ignorant of the franchise's roots. But overall, it's a great 10-hour experience with lots of fun to be had. There is a glaring complaint to be had here, though. The combat started off great. It felt like you won't have to do a lot of fighting, which honestly would have been a welcome change from most everything else I've been playing lately. Lara was very hesitant to kill even just one guy. Then, by the end of the game, you're taking out hordes of enemies. What? Seriously? The game happened over the course of like 3 days. She became a killing machine in the span of that time? But that doesn't detract from the great experience that this title offers, and it is a highly recommended game to spend your weekend playing. Just suspend your disbelief and you'll find a well-realized action-adventure RPG.


Worth it

dilosan | Sept. 7, 2014 | See all dilosan's reviews »

Tomb raider is one of the best games out there,The story is very interesting.When it comes to gameplay we can use bows or guns which is really fun.The atmosphere and the areas around the islands are astonishing they look super awesome.Voice casting is also done well.GOTY edition will provide with some DLCs such as hit man absolution guns which we can use in multiplayer,new skins and maps. Multiplayer is good too. Over all the game is pretty awesome and worth the price.


New Lara

Obsessor | Aug. 17, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Not only Lara. Whole game is nothing like the Tomb Radier games we're used to. And that's not bad, because what we get here is an intense single player experience. There are some inconsistencies. Like for example - At the beginning of the game Lara cringes from killing a deer, to feed herself. Twenty minutes later she kills her first man and is all sobs. Sixty seconds after that she's a killing machine, shooting and strangling everyone in her path. But if you get over it, like I did, Tomb Raider is an amazing action game. Everything's crumbling around you, explosions wreak havoc on the environment. Goons are shooting at you. One misstep and you're dead(fortunately checkpoints are numerous, so you will not have to repeat huge chunks of the game). And death... Some animations are more than suggestive. Outright sadistic. Either it's the enemies dying, or unfortunate Lara suffering a fatal accident(at one point you swim in a rushing river and if you're not fast enough Lara will end up with a metal bar, sticking through her skull). As many people say - GOTY's not worth the price. I bought it because it was on sale, half the price of normal edition. The DLCs aren't anything special. But the single player campaign. It's worth every penny.


Fantastic Game, Well Worth Your Time

DBOT187 | Aug. 15, 2014 | See all DBOT187's reviews »

Tomb raider is a fantastic reboot of the series, overall it is about 25 hours long, the story is good (if a little cheesy and somewhat of a disconnect between scared lara in the movie clips and then a murdering rampaging lara in the game) Be warned some of the death scenes if you die can be a bit gruesome, but besides that a top game. Don't bother with the single player extra tomb its 5 minutes long at best and not worth your money.


Creation of a Legend TombRaider

yngdr | Aug. 14, 2014 | See all yngdr's reviews »

The latest version of TR has got great graphics, music, and controls. Playing and watching Lara develop has been a real pleasure. GOTY edition garners you everything with a lower price tag. AI scripts seem well done with bad guys ducking and dodging attacks and yell at you to scare the little girl. Crafting system allows players to play however they want, ie mod bow for silent killing, mod guns for blast'em up style. The puzzles are not hard enough to take days to solve nor easy enough to solve in a min. and the battle interact with puzzles swiftly and smoothly. Great game at a fair price



kurfgiez | Aug. 14, 2014 | See all kurfgiez's reviews »

In a time where it's popular to make terrible reboots that miss the point of the original series, Tomb Raider is one of the few that actually improves a series. I would of liked to see more puzzle and jumping elements like the original games (though they are still core to the game), but nearly every other aspect of the game has been improved. I really liked exploring the environments and finding all the hidden items and improving your equipment and skills, however I would of liked the skill tree to have more meaningful choices (the amount of unlocks required to unlock the next tier of skills means you will get pretty much be getting everything anyway).


Sad to be a Croft

NestorSaliven | Aug. 4, 2014 | See all NestorSaliven's reviews »

I know the developers wanted something new for a reboot, but honestly this is not Tomb Raider at all. The quick-time events really doesn't fit for tomb raider, not to mention that there aren't really tombs nearby just a jungle if you dont have the dlc-s. And those are also really small areas where you don't really need your brain only your gear to unlock. You can run around and kill animals and people, explore the area and search for stuff...well thanks... The combat skills are nice and really useful and I really liked when it first appeared in a TR game, you can kill someone without a gun and stealth and stuff...but...this is not a Thief nor Dishonored nor....It doesn't really have a challenge at all. The enemies always know where to aim even when they don't see you. I think they have x-ray vision. No hard puzzles which we loved in the previous games, no hard jumps, no timed open doors nothintg what makes Tomb Raider really Tomb Raider. Yeah a chick named Lara Croft but really thats all the connections we have. And here what broke the RE series either, developers made an action game like the other 500, of a game we loved just the way it was, an adventure game.(In RE a surival-horror) The action part really bored me. And the quick time events. I really hate those. Also...No swan dive... It has potentials and great ideas, but they erased all the earlier things which were awesome. It is really a nice and beautiful game though. The environment are really pretty. The combat elements are great, although Lara always ducks and none of those nice side jumps while shooting. No backward somersault. No feature like acrobatics. And I still think the last AC game has more of the adventurous exploring and tomb raiding than this game, but you should give it a try. Still a nice action game which somehow have a girl in it called Lara.... For a TR game: 65 For an action game: 95


Awesome Lara Croft Game

lajvjjajajaaaa | July 30, 2014 | See all lajvjjajajaaaa's reviews »

Tomb Raider is awesome thirds-person shooter game where you play with Lara again. It's very long game so prepare for the long night. It kinda similar to open world game but sadly it isn't. You begin in a island with almost nothing to fight the bad guys and as you progress mo and more weapons and upgrades, claim the mountains shoot, sneak kill and burn you enemies alive. Sometimes it can be scary if you play it late. The graphics are amazing. There is a lot of ancient temples that give the game a lot of good experience. It don't have much stuff to tell you how to play the game you need the figure it all by your self with makes it much better then a lot of games out there.


Game of the year? Maybe. But don't bother with GOTY edition.

PersusNine | June 29, 2014 | See all PersusNine's reviews »

As many have said this is a pretty radical reboot but in my opinion it is all to the good. Out with the frankly quite weird (and not in a good way) akimbo uzi tiger shooting and in with something a bit more sensible but with a good deal more heart. There is a good bit of cover based shooting but it works, it works thematically and mechanically and it rarely feels completely locked in that cover based shooting is the only way forward. Attempting a more stealthy method or using your acrobatics to flank is generally (although admittedly not always) an option. Most importantly it fits Lara as a character. Deliberately jumping about in the open dodging bullets is for superheroes and madmen. The plot and characters never gets that involved because this is an action game not an RPG but goodness, Rhianna Pratchett (the lead writer) has packed a lot of subtle character into a few cut scenes and diaries. Every character is believable in a way that you sadly just don't see that often. This incarnation of Lara Croft is one of the most human videogame characters I've ever played. The nuances of animation is jaw dropping. Don't worry, she is very much still a bad ass but now she is a rather more believable one. This is the game that takes Lara firmly out of the embarrassing late ninety's teenage boy's fantasy and finally fulfils her potential of the character. The GOTY edition though, yeah... don't bother. The single-player additions are extremely minimal. One tomb that takes quite literally five minutes to investigate and a few character skins that don't fit with the single player story so chances are you won't want to use. The rest is multiplayer focused. Buying multiplayer content for a singleplayer game over a year after release? I can't see that working out too well for you to be honest.


Different.. but AWESOME

ramios | April 20, 2014 | See all ramios's reviews »

When I first heard about new Tomb Raider I was sceptical, but when I played I was pleasantly surprised. Story is developing nicely, showing how Lara become strong and brave. I not really like how increased amount of combat and decreased numbers of puzzles are changing the series, but it keeps a climate of the island at least. Over all it is one of the best games I played and I recommend it if you like puzzles and shooting.


Go for normal instead of GOTY...

WraithFluX | April 17, 2014 | See all WraithFluX's reviews »

Tomb Raider is one of the most brilliant game to come out in 2013. It was a sleeper hit for me. I went into the game hoping to play another okay-ish game (considering the history of Tomb Raider games, its not so far-fetched an idea). While the starting half an hour is slow and full of quick-time events, it gets better as soon as she gets a weapon. Slick, fast-paced combat. Great, and i mean GREAT environment set-pieces and locations (the mountain village is one of my favorite places in a game!), decent story and strong main heroine all make up for a good 11-12 hour romp (14+ if you want to 100%) BUT, before buying the GOTY version, think twice. Almost every DLC is multiplayer-focused (except skins and one optional 2-minute tomb), and MP is as dead as it can get. Its barren. And its NOT fun even if you manage to get in the game. Buy the normal game, there is nothing missing in it.


A Fun Adventure but Short Lived.

Nat3r | April 16, 2014 | See all Nat3r's reviews »

Many people were skeptical when Tomb Raider was getting re-branded. If you can ignore the fact that Lara is a little girl about everything then you should have a great adventure. It's a pretty linear game, but there are some collectibles to find. The multiplayer isn't anything to run home about, but it can be a neat little side attraction.


This is How to Reboot a Franchise

cedarson | April 15, 2014 | See all cedarson's reviews »

I was one of the most devout Tomb Raider fans back in the day. When I bought a PS1, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider were the primary reasons. So my standards for the Tomb Raider franchise are always pretty high. When I heard they were doing a reboot, I was a bit skeptical, but I decided to give it a shot. Man, am I glad I did. I love just about everything with this game: The pacing, the realism, the combat, the puzzles. It's all here. The sense of adventure is here, too, thanks to the wonderful environments. This is how to reboot a franchise. In fact, I might just fire it up today after beating it a few months ago after writing this review!


Uncharted for PC gamers

spycid | April 15, 2014 | See all spycid's reviews »

You have heard about Uncharted before but you haven't played it? Then this is the game for you. Finally Tomb Raider gets a reboot (not that it was required) since it was long overdue for a new Tomb Raider to get out. Tomb Raider is one of the best action adventure game of 2013. With a wafer thin storyline, the gritty gameplay, beautiful graphics and amazing set pieces, this game definitely deserves a goty award. It's a must play for all Tomb Raider and Action-Adventure fans. This is the best deal out there right now, although it has most of the cosmetic dlcs. Still it's worth getting it now as the price is not going go down anytime soon.


Great in all Aspects

peshmi | April 15, 2014 | See all peshmi's reviews »

This game doesn't try anything revolutionary, it doesn't gamble. However, it has a very solid base. The graphics are great, the gameplay is ordinary but well done and fun, and the story is interesting. There are also a lot of extras that are interesting. Some inform on things such as WWII and history, which I personally found to be interesting. When compared to the original series, I am unsure if a player would find them similar. They have their similarities, but I feel like this is a significantly different game. I would definitely recommend it, though. It's well rounded and just fun to play. It's an AAA game done right.


New to the series

wooglah | March 25, 2014 | See all wooglah's reviews »

I never liked Tomb Raider. I know, it's a classic and everything and I've tried the first three games in the series back then when they were published... and later, gave it another chance with Underworld... But it was not my thing. I do not like games where *hard puzzle* means that camera is glued to your back so you can't see where to jump next. While there are some lame moments in this game, like all the quick time events, it's actually pretty fun to play. I had some free time last summer and managed to play and finish it in 24 hours straight, then went to sleep for another 12 hours. While that may sound insane, it does say a lot of the game, because I can't remember the last time that happened... Maybe with Sea Dogs back when I was below 20, and that was a decade ago. So, yeah, there's an interesting story, nice maps for exploring, a lot of action, some easy puzzling, beautiful graphics and sound, and a lot of optional stuff to collect if you like that. Get it sometime, you will not be sorry.


Excellent restart to the franchise

krimhorn | Feb. 20, 2014 | See all krimhorn's reviews »

It's no secret that I was hesitant about the reboot of Tomb Raider. Comparisons to Uncharted made it seem like it was more about the shooting than about the platforming and puzzles. On the one hand that's correct, there's more shooting and fewer puzzles than most previous games in the series. On the other it's so, so incorrect. This is one of the most well built, presented games that's been made. It's a third person platformer with elements of Metroidvanias. It has a believable progression for Lara from a normal, unskilled college girl to her first steps as the Tomb Raider. TR was my biggest (pleasant) surprise of last year. Heartily recommended.


The Most Polished Game Of The Year

upandatom786 | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all upandatom786's reviews »

Tomb Raider was made with a specific goal in mind: to reboot a classic franchise for the modern age of video games. The development team succeeded tremendously in this goal. Although the game doesn't really tread any new ground, it's a really fun game to play, and it's obvious the high level of craftsmanship that went into making it. This is a smooth, smooth game. The controls are perfectly calibrated and tested, the graphics are immaculate, and voice acting and story are professionally done. This isn't the most exciting or innovative game of the year, but you'd be hard pressed to find one that's more fun to play.


A fun adventure

xgatto | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all xgatto's reviews »

I used to play a lot of Tomb Raider back in the day, and I can tell you that at least from my perspective, this doesn't feel that much like a Tomb Raider game, it feels you're playing a silly girl instead of Lara freaking Croft, you don't even wield dual pistols. Might as well call it Tomb Raider Origins. But aside from the feeling, it's a pretty good game. It's fun, it's one of those games that try really hard to be a movie with action packed quicktime events and everything. Puzzles, well there aren't many, I wouldnt call putting a barrel on a platform a puzzle but if you count those well there might be some puzzles in there. Graphical wise, the game is pretty nice, awesome textures, and if you have a powerful enough PC you can try out Tress FX hair simulation, which makes Lara look even better, but if you don't you don't need to panic, as the game is very well optimized and will run on lower end systems too. All in all, fun casual game, you play the main story once, get the experience, and you're done.


They should have called it-Island Raider

DarkSparda | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all DarkSparda's reviews »

I have been Tomb Raider fan since time immemorial. This Tomb Raider reminds me back of the roots of the game in 1996. You can spend a lot of fun time while playing it. Sometimes this game reminds me of the Batman series. However, there is not a lot to choose as you play this game. It is prettly linear. The creators also managed very well to put RPG element in the game though it is not meant to be RPG at all. The action survival mode is quite engaging, but shooting and sneaking elements are not inventive. Although the story of the game is immersive it doesn't offer new elements to already similar game stories in the past. And thank God they put tombs to raid. It is of no coincidence that the game is called-Tomb Raider. This time they should have called it-Island Raider. I think that in some moments the actress that plays Lara has struggles in reading the script! All in all, good work guys! Wonder how will Lara look in the next-gen consoles!


Solid Game

Daknee | Feb. 7, 2014 | See all Daknee's reviews »

I enjoyed playing this game from start to finish. I have never played any of the other games except a little bit of the first one god knows how long ago. So I wasn't really burdened with expectations however I really enjoyed this game. I found myself rooting for Lara all the way through. I can't really fault the combat or the exploration aspects of the game. The weapon upgrades are fun and going back to solve problems is enjoyable too. I can't think of any gripes I had about this game. However I have no idea how a purist would view it. I have actually recommended the game to a friend who also enjoys it.


Good story

IDprofile | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all IDprofile's reviews »

This game is not for everyone. There is a great story with great voice acting, amazing graphics, and great cinematography. The constant cutscenes, and quick time button mashing events can make it feel like you are barely even playing the game. Half the time you are just sitting back and watching a film. However if your are looking for an easy laid back game with an immersive story then this is what you are looking for. An example of one of the moments that really bothered me is that there are quite a few times where your avatar Laura is hanging onto the edge of a cliff and one of her hands slips, leaving her single handily dangling. You must quickly press a button to swing her dangling hand back onto the ledge or she will fall to her death and you will need to restart the event. However one of these moments happened again and so I started quickly pressing the button to save myself but no matter what I did she still fell and I discovered that it was all just part of the story as she fell and slid down the hill. This really broke my immersion making me feel like I had no control of the game and was simply watching already decided events take place. I got the game on sale so I still think it was worth it to play.


One of the best games in 2013

vladigeorgiev85 | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all vladigeorgiev85's reviews »

As a fan of the TR series I was a bit doubtful for this one... Just too many years have past sinced the last good Tomb Raider game. But Crystal Dynamics pleasantly suprised me. I will say this once and I hope the next game will be even better: This is the best TR game ever - Period!! Graphics: As everybody expected from the trailers,the game is a beauty. It is well made and works on semi-decent GPU's quite well too(I use Ati Mobility Radeon 5600 and it doesn't hurt that much the beauty of the game on normal settings) Gameplay: It is quite fun from the beggining - pure Lara experience....shooting,jumping,getting beat up...etc. I do hate a bit the QTE moments,but you can live with those. Audio: Amazing as always. Square Enix/Eidos are always great on the sounds/background music in their AAA titles,so no suprise here Overall: 9/10